No Way Out 2012 Predictions

Welcome to my predictions for the first No Way Out pay per view since 2009. The selling point of the show is Cena v Big Show, which will both take place inside a steel cage and culminate in someone being fired. Without further ado, let’s get into the point of the article!

Divas’ Championship Match – Beth Phoenix vs Layla (C)

I have one question about this match: did anyone else know this match was happening? This one seems quite simple. There’s no reason for this rematch; Layla already pinned Beth clean. So the only reason this match is happening is because the title will switch hands.

Prediction: Winner and New Champion, Beth Phoenix

Tuxedo Match – Ricardo Rodriguez vs Santino Marella


Prediction: Winner in whatever this match that there is very little reason for is, Santino Marella

Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes vs Christian (C)

I always seem to be saying things like this, but given time this match could steal the show – it features two great workers, give it time and it could be fantastic. It looks as though the belt is starting to regain some of its prestige too, after a certain future world champion in Cody held the belt for the vast majority of a year, followed by a former two-time world champion holding the belt for what I see as the foreseeable future making it seem important again. Especially as Money In The Bank, which Cody has to be one of, if not the, favourite for, is only a month away and holding the briefcase will do more for him than the IC belt. This should be Cody’s last match in the upper-midcard before he makes the jump to the main event.

Prediction: Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion, Christian

World Heavyweight Cgampionship Match – Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus (C)

I must say, it’s refreshing to see Dolph in a one-on-one world title match at an event not named “Royal Rumble”. Hopefully this is a permanent elevation, and he won’t drop back into the midcard hell that he has been in since February. When he said that he was better than that, practically every wrestling fan on the internet agreed with him. My only complaint (for lack of a better word because I still like what has been done with him so far) is that, after Randy Orton got suspended they had the perfect opportunity to turn Ziggler face. He could have blamed Vicky for his match with Orton falling through on-screen, and claimed she was holding him back. Vicky gets so much heat, Dolph wouldn’t have to do much, just turning away from Vicky’s managerial services would get him cheered. It would have been very fresh seeing as Dolph has been a heel all of his career, and it would have filled the gap while Orton is suspended while balancing the heel:face ratio once Randy comes back. Looking at this match though, I still believe the WWE is looking to build Sheamus as a dominant champion, so I think his run will continue for a while. Ziggler will be world champion at some point, possibly this year, but not yet.

Prediction: Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus

WWE Title Triple Threat Match: Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk (C)

Remember the article I wrote two weeks ago? I said Kane had no chance of winning. I stand by that. I said Bryan had a chance, but it was unlikely he would beat Punk. I’m not sure about that anymore. I’ve started to think that Bryan might actually do it. It’ll all come down to AJ in the end, that much I’m fairly confident about. It’s how she will be involved that I don’t know. She could conceivably try to help any one of these three, and end up being the deciding factor in their win or cost them the belt. Based on that, I think it’s most likely she’ll try and help Punk. And as we saw on Smackdown when Punk attacked Kane because he was carrying AJ to the back, he cares for her and will respond. I’m going back and forth with this in my mind, but I can definitely imagine one scenario. AJ comes down to help Punk, but somehow Kane corners her. Punk makes the save and takes Kane out, only to turn around to a chair shot or a LeBell Lock from Bryan…

Prediction: Winner an New WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs Big Show

What I find most intriguing about this match is that John Laurinaitis is legitimately no longer the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations behind the scenes. That role has been taken by HHH. It looks as though he will be used solely as an on-air performer in the company. Based on that, Big Show will win and Cena will be fired, right? WWE have already gone down the “fire Cena” route before (hi Nexus), and he didn’t even sell the storyline for one night before he was back on Raw. I’m going with the old rule for this one: never bet against Cena.

Prediction: Winner and still employed by the WWE, John Cena; John Laurinaitis will be fired as GM of both Raw and Smackdown

As I’m rounding off these predictions, the pre-show is on and I hear there’s going to be a fatal-four-way tag team match to decide the number one contenders to the titles. I don’t know if that will be on the pre-show or on the PPV, and I missed the teams that are in it. Oh well. I’ll find out when I wake up I’m sure, since I’m not watching this one live.

Do you agree with my predictions? What do you think if the mini-storylines I’ve suggested? Let us know either in the comments or by emailing

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