Plebeian Point of View: Who Will Win The Money In The Bank Matches?

July 15th. WWE Money In The Bank. The day everything suddenly becomes so unpredictable.

Just look at last year’s event. 2 days before the show, Smackdown’s MitB winner Daniel Bryan lost to fellow match participant Cody Rhodes on Smackdown. And the WWE Title match was an enthralling battle from the moment Punk sat down on Raw with a microphone. Granted Alberto was practically guaranteed to win, but there was still a question over whether or not he would cash in on the same night.

This year, for the first time, the matches will be interpromotional – superstars from both brands will compete in each match, and the briefcase will represent a title instead of a brand. Another change for this year is that only former WWE Champions can take part in the WWE Championship Money In The Bank match. I would expect more men to be added to the WWE Title MitB match (perhaps Rey Mysterio or The Miz), while more qualifying matches for the World Title MitB match have been announced for next week’s shows. We already know 9 of the men who will compete though, so here are my thoughts on the chances of each man in the hunt for a briefcase, starting with the World Title MitB.

Damien Sandow

I’m going to say this straight away – I see a dark horse winning this match. Not necessarily someone you would expect, someone with a lot of potential. All of those apply to Damien Sandow. The beauty of holding a briefcase is that you may be given plenty of time to develop into the main event scene and be seen as a viable threat to win the belt. Sandow is someone that – given time – has all of the abilities needed to be a top level talent. The question is just whether or not the WWE will push him to that height and put him under that much pressure this early in his tenure on the main roster. Personally, I think he could do with another year or two so that he avoids becoming the next Jack Swagger.

Chances of Winning: Possible

Santino Marella

Being completely honest, I was surprised at how amazingly over Santino was at Elimination Chamber. That led to a push, eventually becoming United States Champion. For as long as he is doing the comedy routine though, that’s as far as I see him going. He needs to seem more serious, even just for big matches like this, if they want him to be seen to have a chance.

Chances of Winning: None


The Intercontinental Champion going in to this match, Captain Charisma is the only former world champion currently confirmed for the match. That stat should work against him, as he shouldn’t need the briefcase to return to the world title picture. If he did win though, the WWE brass would have no worries that he would flop. He is one of the most accomplished workers on the roster, he has a great connection with the fans (both as a face and a heel) and since he has been there before there would be no believability issues with his position.He just seems to be in the position of the accomplished superstar who is used more to put younger superstars over right now, and so it would surprise me if he were to walk away with the briefcase.

Chances of Winning: Unlikely


And filling the role of big man in a ladder match in 2012 is… the man formerly known as Albert! There is always someone in his position, who can destroy people and ladders but isn’t really considered a real threat because of their lack of mobility. A couple of weeks ago Tensai attacked Sakamoto, but they were together again on Smackdown last week? They dropped the “Lord” from his name, and quickly replaced him with Big Show in live shows’ main events. They don’t seem to know whether to push him, bury him, repackage him or re-establish him as a top tier talent. Purely because of the uncertainty surrounding his standing, I can’t see him having success when the PPV rolls around.

Chances of Winning: None

Tyson Kidd

This guy has been getting more and more TV time recently – and deservedly so. He is similar to Sandow in that he has the tools to be a star. The only area I’m not sure if he has quality in is on the mic, but maybe I haven’t watched enough NXT. One area he does have an advantage over Sandow in is experience. He made his debut in February 2009, and is a former Tag Team Champion. Tyson could very easily play the role of the show-stealer here. Show-stealers tend not to win these matches though. Most of what I said about Sandow can also be applied to Kidd – given time with the briefcase it is easy to imagine him getting built up into a worthy main eventer.

Chances of Winning: Possible

As you can see I don’t think any of these 5 are likely to win. I think that’ll either be Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler, presuming either or both of them are in the match. Now onto the WWE Title MitB match!

Big Show

The World’s Largest Athlete is in another ladder match? Who thought this was a good idea? In theory, Show should get a big win to solidify himself as a top heel after the demise of People Power. In practice, it would do more for Show’s legacy if he was used to put over younger talent – which there is a distinct lack of in this match. I’m just waiting for the emergence of the re-enforced ladder.

Chances of Winning: None


It will be interesting to see if AJ has any involvement in this match (or the WWE Title match for that matter), or if she leaves him alone now that he isn’t in the title picture. He has shown recently that he can still pull off matches of a high quality, but it will be interesting to see how this match turns out. The dynamic is slightly unusual to say the least – only 4 men so far with 2 of them being big guys. That’s why I would expect someone like Rey Mysterio to be added, to help with the pacing. Kane should do well enough in the no-disqualification environment, but I certainly won’t be expecting wonders if the match stays as it is. Kane has had his final run at the top.

Chances of Winning: None

Chris Jericho

Considering that everything was apparently going to change as we know it, Y2J’s return has been extremely underwhelming. He didn’t win the Royal Rumble, he didn’t win the WWE Title inside the Elimination Chamber, he lost at Wrestlemania, he lost at Extreme Rules and he was pinned by Sheamus at Over The Limit. So he’s going to win here right? Right? Some could say he was due a win, but this is a losing streak like I can’t remember from Jericho. It almost makes me wonder if this is leading to some sort of retirement angle, in which case he wouldn’t be awarded the briefcase.

Chances of Winning: Very Unlikely

John Cena

And what a ground breaking announcement it was, Mr Cena. You spoiled the WWE Title MitB Match for most. It will be a refreshing use of the briefcase when Cena announces he will cash it in a month before he does it.  To do anything else would make the Cena character a hypocrite, something that has never been done before. I am a fan of unpredictability in wrestling, but at the same time this will feel fresh, and Cena hasn’t been in the title picture for almost a year, so it might feel like a fresh face again. I just hope the WWE makes the belt something worth chasing by not putting this match on last.

Chances of Winning: Very Probable

So that is that for the first group of Money In The Bank participants! I will go through the rest of them after they have all been confirmed. What do you think? Who will be added to the matches? Have I under or overestimated someone’s chances? Let me know what you think either in the comments or by emailing

2 thoughts on “Plebeian Point of View: Who Will Win The Money In The Bank Matches?”

  1. Couple of things, tyson Kidd really ? A can’t see him winning it but yet a see where you are coning from. Wade Barrett by any chance ? He could return and win but then again could be predictable. If Cena wins ( huge chance) you can see him cashing it in without announcing it ? A turn to heel maybe ? Or would anyone care because its Cena ? And jericho ? Maye he could win it leave and come back again on a winning streak

    1. I agree that he has more chance if stealing the show than winning (even more so with the addition of both Rhodes and Ziggler), but I just think that out of the faces in the match – Christian, Santino and Tyson – Tyson has the best chance. And did you expect Bryan to win last year? This could be another curve ball thrown at us by the WWE.

      Barrett would have been my favourite to win, especially as he was apparently pencilled in to win before his injury, but I don’t think he’ll be in the match. I don’t know what his current injury status is, but I can’t see him being added last minute.

      Cena cashing it in unannounced would completely go against his character, and would be a huge change. Cena himself has said he doesn’t want to turn heel because right now he is playing a version of himself. With that and the profits he currently makes for Vince, I can’t see him turning heel. As for “would anyone care”, yes. Every little kid that idolises their hero would care.

      Jericho’s various failures throughout the year lead me to believe the WWE are reluctant to get behind him while he is always waiting to leave again. He is touring for the foreseeable, so I doubt he would be pushed to Championship heights again any time soon. And with his stature he can afford to put others over without it damaging his legacy, and credibility that much. He is so good on the mic that he could make up for it.

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