Money In The Bank Predictions

It’s nearly here, the Money In The Bank pay-per-view is tomorrow night and it’s one I’m really looking forward to – partially because it’s one I’m watching, and partially because I’ve always been a fan of ladder matches. I ran down who I thought was likely to win a week or two ago, and I will evaluate the 3 additions to the World Title MitB match later in my predictions. There are only 4 announced matches on the card, which makes me hopeful that all 4 will get a good amount of time, even with the expected addition of a squash or divas match.

World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Sin Cara quite simply is there to be thrown around the ring (and if last year is anything to go by, through ladders). With questions still apparently being asked about his future with the company, I would be very shocked if the masked man were to triumph here. Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes have always been my favourites to win here (I even picked them out before they were officially in the match) but picking between them has been difficult. On one hand, Dolph has been nearer the main event, having already had several title matches to go with a very brief World title reign. On the other, Cody is no longer restrained by the Intercontinental Championship and is just as ready to make the step up. Arguments could be made for both to need it more than the other as well – Cody needs it to make the breakthrough, and Dolph needs it to be taken seriously as a threat after having lost all of his previous opportunities. In the end my prediction could have gone either, but I went for the Show Off.

Prediction: Winner and New Briefcase Holder – Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus (C)

Finally… we get a one-on-one encounter between these two. Theoretically, this has had 3 months of build for what should be a red-hot feud, but the fact that this match hasn’t happened earlier owes purely to Daniel Bryan and injuries. Even though Alberto had been rumoured to be dropped to the upper mid-card earlier in the year, he has consistently been in and around the title picture, so the WWE brass obviously still believes in him for the moment – but as a world champion? My prediction here is based solely on the lack of heels in world title matches at Summerslam if the WWE Title picture plays out as I expect it too.

Prediction: Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Alberto Del Rio

WWE Title Money In The Bank Ladder Match

All of this will echo my previous article. Big Show and Kane should only be used to put over younger talent, and both have had their good grace title runs as a thank you from the WWE for their work over the years. Therefore, I don’t think either man has a chance here. I don’t think Jericho will be present enough over the next few months to have an effective run with the briefcase, and anyway I don’t see him in the world title picture much if at all. That only leaves one man – John Cena. Of course, you should never bet against Cena in any situation. I’m just not sure this is the best way to get him back into the championship scene because of how established he already is. It would be very easy for him to slide back in without the briefcase, which leads me to ask whether or not it would be more beneficial long term to put it on someone looking to make the breakthrough instead of a 12-time world champion. Regardless, this is the situation we have, where Cena will announce on this coming week’s Raw that he will challenge the WWE Champion at Summerslam.

Prediction: Winner and New Briefcase Holder – John Cena

WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk (C) with AJ as the Special Guest Referee

Does anyone think that AJ will call this one right down the middle? It’s gotta be a possibility, hasn’t it? While we have seen these two put on technical classics in the past, don’t expect that to the same extent here. The ending will be all about the angle, and AJ’s influence will be felt throughout the whole match. BUT, given a lot of time, there is always the possibility of getting the best of both worlds in this match. I really don’t know what will happen to Bryan after this match, but I believe Punk will win here, and we will finally get definitive closure to the one-on-one series between Punk and Cena that was just kind of dropped last year.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Champion – CM Punk

I’m expecting a lot from this event, and with the 1000th Raw imminent and Summerslam on the horizon we may be pulling clear of the annual post-Wrestlemania lull that we’ve been experiencing – which can only mean good things for every WWE viewer.

Do you agree with my predictions? Are we about to see better times for WWE television? What does the future hold for Daniel Bryan and AJ? Let me know in the comments or by emailing

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