TLC Predictions 2012

Hey guys! Yep that’s right I’m still here. I know, what’re the odds! Anyways, WWE TLC is later on tonight, so it’s prediction time again! I’m sure we all remember last year when Daniel Bryan finally cashed in his money in the bank contract and won the World Heavyweight Championship! This year that briefcase is once again the centre of attention, but more on that later. There are 6 matches on the card, so here we go!

I’m not going to put a prediction for the Pre show this time, because I honestly have nothing to say about the divas division as it is. I feel like every time I write about a divas match I’m essentially writing “don’t know, don’t care”. So lets move on to the main card.

Tag-Team Tables match for the No.1 Contenders: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars

This is how you rebuild a division. Granted the titles aren’t on the line tonight, but to have a contenders match at all was unthinkable not too long ago. For one now to be on PPV, after one team winning a fatal-four-way to qualify – divas division, take note. I think Mysterio and Cara will be a team for a long time to come, even though I may be in the minority with that one, and I don’t think it will hurt them much to lose here. Rhodes Scholars on the other hand need a win to keep their momentum going, and I can see them winning the belts at the Rumble, if not before. This should be a fun match to watch, especially since its been a long time I think since we’ve seen this stipulation. I expect the heels to go over.

Prediction: Winners and Number 1 Contenders, Team Rhodes Scholars

United States Championship Match: R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro (C)

I don’t know why this feud is still going. I don’t see the point to it, Cesaro has already beaten Truth enough to keep him out of the title picture – and surely Cesaro’s reign is more impressive if he beats nearly every American challenger the roster has to offer, rather than beating a few and then R-Truth 3 or 4 times? The way they’re booking it it’s as though Cesaro’s going to drop the belt… Surely not?

Prediction: Winner and STILL US Champion, Antonio Cesaro

Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston (C)

Remember a year ago when Barrett was in a main event level rivalry with Randy Orton? Amazing to think just how much an injury can set you back. Barrett was on his way to the top, no doubt about it. Whether it was by sheer momentum or by winning MitB, he was getting there. Now I could still say the same thing, but with everything happening a year later. Kofi is stale, but there are plenty of people on the roster in the exact same situation, and Kofi is still getting decent pops from the crowd most of the time. Yes he could do with a change of character, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. This is a tough one to call, and I can see it going either way. Being honest, my prediction here is more to do with the rest of my predictions than any other factor – I have a lot of heels going over.

Prediction: Winner and STILL IC Champion, Kofi Kingston

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs Big Show (C)

This stipulation is right up these two guys’ street. It’s going to be an all out war, a hell of a brawl – and that’s exactly what this should be. These two were match of the night two months ago, and last month at Survivor Series was more to set up tonight than anything else, but there is also the possibility of a MitB cash in happening tonight. As it is, Ziggler still has the belt, and I’ve heard one scenario I liked where Ziggler cashes in before his match with Cena – which then becomes a WHC match. It would be a star-making night for Ziggler, and exactly what he needs to break through to the next level. Even though it feels all too familiar to last year for me, I’m going on the assumption Ziggler will cash in after the match.

Prediction: Winner and NEW WHC, Sheamus

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
6-Man TLC Tag Match: Ryback and Team Hell No vs The Shield

I know what you’re thinking, two matches? TWO MATCHES? In one prediction? To contrast Mr Ambrose, yep. The reason is this: what I have to say applies to both matches. The heels simply CANNOT lose. If WWE has learned anything from Nexus 2 and a half years ago, if they have learned anything from The Miz’s fall from grace, if they have learned anything from their own mistakes – it is that the heels cannot lose here. All 4 of them can become stars tonight. It’s make or break for all of them. The Shield need a good showing to prove they can do it on the big stage, and to keep any momentum they have. Ziggler needs to keep the briefcase to show that the people backstage have faith that he can do it, and he can become the second biggest heel in the company by beating Cena and cashing in on the same night. It means nothing for Cena. A win will mean nothing for Kane or Bryan in the long term. The only downside with this is Ryback. Three losses in successive PPVs should not be the way to build the next star of the business, but because of the context here I don’t think it will hurt him as much. Especially if The Shield are revealed to be working with a certain WWE Champion, which has been widely anticipated. He is still getting huge pops – just look at the end of Raw this past week, the crowd were chanting for him at least a minute before he appeared. That’s a very good sign. So yeah, in case you haven’t gotten the message, it pretty obvious who I think (should, at least) emerge victorious.

Prediction: Winners, Dolph Ziggler and The Shield

TLC has a hell of a lot of potential – potential to be one of the best shows of the year. WWE also has a great opportunity here to make new superstars, and give us a glimpse of the next generation. Here’s hoping everyone involved delivers.

This was later than it should have been because I was hoping for a different format to take off. I was hoping that I would finally be joined by another writer, who would help to prevent new content stagnating on the site as it has done a couple of times this year. If you’re still reading this, thank you, and since I don’t know if there will be anything new up for the rest of this year, happy holidays. 2013 will be a better year – for WWE programming and for content on this site – the second of which I promise.

As always, please share this with any wrestling fans you know, and remember that we want to know your views! You can let us know what you think by commenting below or by emailing

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