Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions

It’s time for the first PPV since Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules! In recent years Extreme Rules has actually been quite a good show, often giving us good versions of the underwhelming Mania predecessors. This is also one of the few occasions in recent years – with the exception of Wrestlemanias or Summerslams – that we appear to have a full card announced before the show starts. There is 8 matches, plus one on the pre-show. But this show is a little different here in this blog, as this is the first time predictions will actually count towards something. This is the first event that counts towards our brand new prediction league, that will feature me and the newest addition to the blog, Matt Mahoney! A full list of the rules we will be using and the updated standings are available on the also new page!

The pre-show this time round is the randomly thrown together Cody Rhodes vs The Miz, to which Matt predicts Cody will win because of his mustache, but I think Miz will win because he’s supposed to be the face, and theoretically a win for him would get the crowd going heading into the show. So now, on to the main card! Continue reading Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions