Who will win the World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match?

This is the second of my columns focusing on the Money In The Bank matches this Sunday. The first was my assessment of each competitor in the All-Stars match’s chance of winning. This will follow the same structure, but will focus on the World Heavyweight Championship MitB match. Here we go!

Jack Swagger

The only man in this match to be a former World Champion, I have never really seen the potential in Swagger. I never watched him properly in ECW, so most of what I’ve seen from him has come in the role of jobber. I see so many comments about him not being used properly, but I don’t see anything that makes me think he should be pushed harder either. For me, the best thing they can do with him is put him in a permanent tag team, which may be about to develop with Antonio Cesaro. As for his actual chances here instead of what I’d like to see, he’s certainly a contender. As I say, he is a former world champion, so they’ve had enough faith in him to push him there once, they may do so again. Plus, it seems as though he may be positioned as the premier superstar in the Zeb Colter stable, so his character should be interesting enough. Can he plausibly be World Heavyweight Champion again any time soon? Personally I’m clearly not convinced, and after losing so much momentum even over the last few years, I would be surprised if WWE thought so.

Chances of winning: Unlikely

Antonio Cesaro

While we’re talking about the Colter faction, we may as well move on to Antonio Cesaro. He certainly has impressed me more in the ring than Swagger, and I think he’s more entertaining than people backstage are apparently giving him credit for. He has huge potential, and should be a main even played in years to come. But, his problem is that there doesn’t seem to be an established hierarchy in the Colter kliq, and if either he or Swagger is to progress to the main event level one of them will need to be seen to be the major player. As I touched upon with Swagger, I see a tag team between these two to be more likely than either winning, but Cesaro has so much quality I can’t rule him out completely.

Chances of Winning: Unlikely

Cody Rhodes

Well, while we’re talking about tag teams… it’s all tying in nicely isn’t it? Cody Rhodes is someone who a couple of years ago was in exactly the same position as Dolph Ziggler, and still has that amount of potential. I think he needs to become relevant as a singles competitor again, and winning Money In The Bank is certainly a way to do it. We have seen Ziggler ascend to the top of the card via the briefcase, and there is no reason Cody can’t do the same. He showed against Randy Orton a year or two back that he can have quality feuds with top talent, so he is more than capable. This could very easily be Cody’s chance to break through, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s possible. Unfortunately though, I have him in an admittedly extremely close second.

Chances of Winning: Possible

Damien Sandow

Well we are talking about tag teams. The other half of team Rhodes Scholars has been one of the more entertaining characters on WWE programming since his debut. And recently, he has feuded with a former top level guy in Sheamus. Now to a lot of people it’s just a throwaway feud designed to give Sheamus some momentum back, but I think there’s more to it than that. The feud got an awful lot of TV exposure to not lead to something bigger for either superstar, and lets not underestimate the significance of a guy like Sandow working with someone on Sheamus’ level. It is feuds like that that can change careers. At the same time though, entertaining though he definitely is, I’m not sure if the current incarnation of the Sandow character can take him to the main event. It just seems slightly… gimmicky, to be taken seriously as a top contender for a world title. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’m not saying it’s likely.

Chances of Winning: Possible


Now on to someone who I think epitomises my last point regarding Sandow. Fandango has all the ability and potential in the world, but I just can’t for the life of me see a dancer gimmick at main event level. Adding in the fact that he has lost a lot of momentum since Wrestlemania, and you could practically write off his chances here. But at the same time, it is pretty well accepted that he was going to win the Intercontinental Championship before his concussion. Would they be willing to push him one step further? It’s possible. With the briefcase they would have time to build him up again before finally cashing in. But I still maintain he would need a character shift before that happens.

Chances of Winning: Unlikely

Wade Barrett

The single biggest case of dropping the ball I believe WWE has done with talent over the last two years is with Wade Barrett. This guy was on fire as the leader of the Nexus. He even managed to survive The Corre to build a singles push that led to a good feud with Randy Orton. Then he got injured, and WWE didn’t know what to do with him when he got back in the ring. Barrett is a big powerful guy who can go in the ring and is good on the mic – and his accent distinguishes him from everybody else in the ocean of the WWE roster. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be a world title holder already, except from bad booking. And that has been his downfall. Right now, no-one in the WWE universe believes Wade has a chance of winning because he has lost so much recently. Again, winning the briefcase could be used to build him up again, but for the foreseeable, I think the damage has been done.

Chances of Winning: Unlikely

Dean Ambrose

The clear leader of The Shield now and, as you may have surmised, my pick to be Mr Money In The Bank. The Shid are beginning to become stagnant. They are still winning, but not so much, not over the top stars on the roster and not to the same impact as they were before. The Shield will forever be awesome because of the talent there, but holding a briefcase will give the group – and Ambrose – something fresh to work with again. He is more than capable of working at the top of the card, and the sooner they can push a talent like Dean Ambrose to the top the better. This could easily be the way to do it – The Shield beats down the World Champion, then Ambrose cashes in. If they wait a while to do it, it could also plant the seeds of dissension in the camp, leading to their eventual break up. Ambrose vs Rollins at Wrestlemania 30 for the World Heavyweight Championship? You heard it here first.

Chances of Winning: Dean Ambrose

Notice I didn’t write anybody off completely? That’s because I believe everybody has a legitimate chance of winning. Storyline wise, and based on recent track records, I think Ambrose is the most likely winner, but I really cannot stress enough how close I came to picking Cody Rhodes.

If you’re interested in seeing my thoughts for the other MitB ladder match just go back to the home page and go down a post. I’m not sure if there will be a predictions for Money In The Bank; Matt’s been very busy this week and I’m not sure if I’ll have Internet, but I’ll certainly try. If you’re in the UK enjoy watching the PPV this Sunday free if you’re a sky customer, I’ll be watching it on Tuesday or Wednesday likely. No spoilers please!

What do you think of my assessment? Let me know by commenting below or emailing the usual address. And as always share, like, tweet blah blah blah

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