MITB 2013 predictions

Hello folks, it’s mid July which can only mean one thing……..that’s right Money In The Bank!

This time it’s me Matt that will be your author as Andrew is away on some musical escapades at T in the park. Lucky sod.

Anyway let’s get cracking as we’ve got a big card to get through.

We’ll start with the first match on the kick off.

The Shield vs The Uso’s WWE Tag Team Championships

It’s no secret that the tag titles have been severely lacking in quality competition and have been for a long time. This therefore leads me to not really care too much about this match in terms of it’s overall impact on the division. Having said that, I do think that these 2 teams are capable of putting on a good show. There’s only going to be 1 winner here.

Matt’s prediction – The Shield win by pinfall

Andrew’s prediction – The Shield retain via pinfall

The Miz vs Curtis Axel WWE Intercontinental Championship

Another nothing match really, the only purpose I’m sure is just to put Axel over and further his momentum. He looks a decent prospect but I just hope this isn’t the start of a bad booking phase that so many of the other promising talent have suffered. Anyway for me, there’s only 1 outcome:

Matt’s prediction – Axel retains via pin

Andrews prediction – Axel to beat Miz by pin

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

This is definitely the most pointless match of the night. There is nothing more going on here that WWE using Jericho to put Ryback over for a long needed win. I referred earlier to bad bookings, well Ryback is a prime example of bad booking. Anyway, Ryback wins. Lets move on.

Matt’s prediction – Ryback wins via pinfall

Andrews prediction – Ryback to beat Jericho by pin

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn WWE Divas Championship

I’ve kinda enjoyed this storyline purely because its almost a throwback to the way they used to run feuds in the women’s division. In order for it to succeed they need to have a more independent role on the show rather than being a side attraction. But hey, that could be said about any title. Anyway,

Matt’s prediction – AJ retains title via submission to continue the rivalry a bit longer.

Andrew’s prediction – Kaitlyn wins the title via pinfall

WWE World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match

Now we get down to business. btw I’m only going by the order on the wwe website, I’m not sure what order the matches will run. So, this one is really hard to predict. All these guys are around the same standing with maybe the exception of Ambrose, but there is so much unpredictability here. I’m excited by 2 things here. 1. The fact that they are all heels. 2. I’m struggling to pick a winner. There’s a a case to be made for each guy here, but since I have to be quick to get this written up and I could go on and on, I’ll just get straight to pint point. I had to take a guess here as to who I could see a developing storyline with, and that person I chose was:

matt’s prediction – fandango. It’s random I know but he had some heat before the concussion, And I think that having the briefcase could give him some more momentum, plus a Ziegler fandango match would be a decent one I feel.

andrew’s prediction – Dean Ambrose wins

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler WWE World Heavyweight Championship

These guys have had a good run so far and are really good performers so I’m expecting a good match here. To be honest this is another one that could go either way but I’m pulling for Ziggler to win.

Matt’s prediction – Zigler to win via pinfall

Andrew’s prediction – Del Rio to win via pinfall

WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match.

The big one!! This should be the match of the night and I have high hopes for it. The big question alongside who wins, will be who, if anybody, will replace Kane. I do not have an answer for the second one and could only guess. They could bring in Wyatt but it wouldn’t have an impact on the result. Id say that there are only 2 possible victors in my opinion. Orton and Bryan, with the latter being the favourite by far. The thing that swindles me though is that Bryan is being tipped to face cena at summerslam, and I don’t think he would be going into that with the briefcase, unless he cashes it in and wins before the event. I’m again torn but I will make my prediction.

Matt’s prediction – I’ll plug for Bryan.

Andrews prediction – Bryan.

John cena vs Mark Henry WWE Championship

Another bloody John Cena match and another chance for him to show how indestructible’ he is. This will probable be a very dull match no doubt ending with Cena hitting the AA on Henry to show everyone how strong he is. However I’m gonna go on and predict something further here.

Matt’s prediction – Cena wins via pinfall after he hits the AA on Henry. Here comes the doozy, Bryan to cash in the contract and win the title from cena to finish. BOOM!

andrews prediction – Cena to win by submission.

Thats all folks. Hopefully I can get some points on the board here to catch up with Andy. Lets hope it’s a good one.

catch ya later.

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