Summerslam predictions

Hello again one and all!
It’s August and that can mean only one thing…………that’s right, the return of the Barclays Premier League! “COME ON UNITED”
Oh yeah, and it’s also the time of year where we get ready for the 2nd most explosive WWE PPV of the year!

This one is by far one of the most anticipated cards that myself and Andrew have been looking forward to and for good reason. Good match ups, really good build ups and probably the most exciting thing of all, the genuine feeling of ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.’ Something we haven’t really had in a long time. So without further ado, here’s the way Andrew and myself think this will go down:

Dean Ambrose (C) vs Rob Van Dam


This could be an excellent rivalry. The Shield’s promo on Raw was about how they are ushering in a new era, and what better way for them to go about it than by taking out the veterans in the company at the minute. RVD is a cult legend from the 90s, a prime example of the “old guard”. And Ambrose and RVD (when he gives a damn) can put on some excellent matches. Unfortunately the rumour is that this will descend into chaos leading to the 6-man-tag match we saw on Smackdown. So, my prediction here is going to e something that you’ve never seen from me before…

Prediction: No contest


The rumours all say that this will turn out to be a 6 man tag match in order to get the rest of the shield involved but most likely to get mark Henry involved in the card. And let’s face it, he does deserve to be on it. The downside is that it’s likely to make this whole scenario lead to a farcical brawl that the big show will dominate on his return to the ring and leave the shield running for their lives. I’m not looking forward to this as I think that it going to take it away from an excellent match between Ambrose and RVD. But as I have to officially predict, I’m going for…..

Result: Ambrose retains title via dq after the shield interfere. RVD, Henry and big show win the resultant 6 man tag

Brie Bella vs Natalya


The Total Divas match. My prediction? Well Natalya never wins does she?

Prediction: Brie by pinfall


I almost couldn’t care less about this! It’s a waste of time and talent, specifically from Natalya, but nevertheless I must predict.

Result. Meh, just to be different I’ll go Natalya.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow


This could be one of the most personal feuds we’ve had in years. Unfortunately the only way WWE knows how to book faces nowadays is through forced comedy. We’ve seen no face passion or fire from Rhodes, and he actually looks like he’s enjoying himself too much. He’s angry with Sandow, yet instead of exacting revenge being his focus, he wants to humiliate him. He wants to play games. That’s more of a heel move. And as fans, Cody doesn’t look too concerned, so why should we be concerned for him. If Cody doesn’t care, why should we? It’s so frustrating. I think Sandow should win to make Cody’s moment even bigger.

Prediction: Sandow by Pinfall


Interesting feud this one, but one that could be so much better with time. Best friends and betrayal is like Goldust when it come to back story’s and with the talent of Rhodes and Sandow, in ring and on the mike, it could be one to remember in years to come. However from what I’ve seen so far, it’s unlikely to be that. There’s not enough emotion here to make it believable and you get the sense from watching their segments that the fans aren’t believing it too. It’s gonna need to build for a while longer to get any traction back and I can’t see that happening if Cody wins.

Result: Sandow by pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs Big E Langston & AJ


Right after I’m complaining about a face’s booking, I have to say I’m really confused by Langston and AJ’s booking. Not too long ago the two along with Ziggler were in the main event scene, or at least on the cusp of it. Now their segments don’t feel important. They feel too much like just another part of the show. Look at how big of a moment Ziggler’s cash in was, all that hype has gone now. Whereas Cody’s booking is frustrating, everyone’s involved in this match is just disappointing. There seems to be some dissension being teased between AJ and Big E, which has made this match slightly easier to call.

Prediction: Ziggler and Kaitlyn wins via pin after a spear


Really not sure what to make of this. Along with the Brie vs Natalya ‘thing’ it’s a pointless venture. Ziggler should not be here full stop! He should be riding a lot higher on the roster and probably challenging for the title, if not defending it by now. The A.J. And Kaitlyn story has some merit and is one of the better divas ‘bits’ in a while but being part of this match almost belittles it. Still their rivalry may be what saves and ends this match.

Result: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win via pinfall Kaitlyn to pin A.J to keep their rivalry going but hopefully end Ziggler and Big.E’s.

Kane vs Bray Wyatt


I just want to say in public – I’m a huge Wyatt fan. And I doubt I’m alone in that. My friends who are into wrestling probably didn’t believe the hype I was giving the Wyatts before they debuted, but I have faith that they too now, will follow the buzzards. Ok that was ridiculously cheesily convoluted. I apologise. But still, this match – like the Jericho-Fandango match at Wrestlemania – is designed to put the young heel over the veteran face. And ironically, now that this isn’t an inferno match I think it’s more likely that someone – lets face it – Kane, will be set on fire.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt by pinfall


I must confess, I haven’t seen that much of Bray Wyatt before he came to the main roster. That doesn’t make me any less excited by him though. Kane has always been one of my favourites in the WWE ever since he started so this match pains me to predict as I’m pretty sure there’s only one winner and its not him. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what Wyatt can do and if Andrews hype is well deserved or not.

Result: Wyatt via pinfall

Del Rio (c) vs Christian


I was surprised to see Christian win that no 1 contenders triple threat. I didn’t think he would ever make it back to this level. That being said this is the definition of a throwaway match on the second biggest show of the year. Expect Del Rio to retain the belt

Prediction: Del Rio by submission


This is where Ziggler should be. Wrestling for the title at Summerslam! Instead we’ve got Christian making a go of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christian, he’s got a lot of talent and still has the old school attitude, but that’s not going to get you far today without a gimmick. He’ll be fighting for the U.S title or tag titles by the end of the year, that seems to be more his level unfortunately.

Result: Del Rio wins via pinfall

C.M. Punk vs Brock Lesnar


This is the match I think most people are excited for. It’s also the most difficult match for me to call. We have had a good build up, Punk and Heyman’s phenomenal verbal battles over the weeks have built the match up fantastically. Of course, Punk showed that there is some vulnerability in Lesnar’s armour. I think this will be the one-off match for this feud, which should tell you who’s going to win

Prediction: CM Punk by pinfall


What a match! The best vs the beast. This could be the match of the card easily and it’s incredibly hard to pick a winner. I’ve loved the work Punk has done over the last month or so to set this up, and there are arguably no two better people on the mike than punk and Heyman. They just rock! Then you throw Brock Lesnar in and you got chaos. I can’t wait for it and I don’t want to guess too much. I just want to be entertained by it.

Result: gotta be punk via submission then a GTS on Heyman!!!

John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan


So apparently Cena’s injured? Did you hear that? He might be taking time off too. It’s that bad. That would lead one to believe that he won’t walk out of Summerslam with the WWE championship. And I agree with that train of thought. The question then is, who will? Daniel Bryan, or an ever-lurking Randy Orton? My theory, and again I’m not alone in this, is that they will both win the WWE championship tomorrow night. Bryan will beat Cena with the Yes Lock, and then Orton will cash in and pin Bryan after an RKO.

Prediction: Bryan by submission


Orton to cash in and win the WWE Championship


Here we go. The main event! I’m excited for this because Cena will lose, YAAAAAAAAY!!! Apparently he’s injured and has to take time off for his elbow to get surgery. Pfffft don’t really care as long as he’s gone. Anyway, that’s not the main talking point here. The question is, who’s going to walk out as champion. The smart money is on Bryan beating Cena and the Orton cashing in to win. Now there’s one thing I’ve never been called, and that’s ‘smart’. So here we go with how I think it will end.

Result: Daniel Bryan will win the title via pinfall. Orton will cash in but will lose to Bryan via the yes lock.

That’s all from us for summerslam. This looks like its shaping up to be a great ppv. And the last 2 matches should give some talking points for a while. We haven’t been excited about a ppv or the wwe in general for a while but things are starting to look up, and this could be the start of something great to come!

Anyway peace out my friends and enjoy.

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