Thoughts of a Pleb: Wrestlemania 30

So quite quickly off the back of my column about John Cena’s injury, here’s another one. What could warrant such quick writing in my part? In short, Wrestlemania. And not just any Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 30. When I was writing about Cena’s return at the start of 2014 here, it got me thinking about the potential plans for Wrestlemania. It’s never too early to be thinking about the plans for Wrestlemania season, as evidenced by recent reports that one big Summerslam result was directly influenced by the planned Wrestlemania card. So I thought it would be a bit of fun to put together a possible card. See what you think about this lot…


John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

Ok, so I already wrote a bit about this one in the article about Cena’s injury I linked to above. I’ll summarise it quickly here again though. With Cena potentially being gone right up to the Royal Rumble, I believe the next few months will be used to make Daniel Bryan the biggest face in the company. When Cena comes back, he will be cheered – partly because it’s his return from a relatively serious injury and partly because the fans en masse respect the guy. Therefore, the biggest match the WWE can put on for their biggest show of the year is their two most popular superstars facing off against each other. If WWE plays their cards right I can see them having a Wrestlemania rivalry similar to that of The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a lot of ways. It doesn’t need to have the WWE Championship, but the easiest way of setting it up would be through the belt. They can play up the idea that Cena never got a rematch for the belt, that he never got his win back over Bryan, and go from there. For the purposes of this article (it is after all MY card we’re putting together here) I don’t have it as being for the belt. That would be how I would make the rematch even bigger.


WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs CM Punk

I would have this be Punk’s return to the title. Keep him away from it until Wrestlemania – by that time it’ll be 18 months since he would have held it. I would have Orton walk in with the belt, but I’m not necessarily saying I would have him hold it from now until Mania. We’ve seen Orton and Punk before at Wrestlemania, but not with Orton as a heel and Punk as a face with the WWE Title involved. We know these two can put on a decent match from history, but they can put on a great match in the right circumstances. Being honest, the main reason I paired these two together in the first place was thinking about the top stars, and what there would be for them to do, rather than having some grand masterplan for a feud between these two. But the more I thought about it the more this match seemed right. It features two main event guys, in a big match on the most watched wrestling event of the year. We know they can deliver, and deserve their spots on the card. I think this match would work in well with the other main event matches I’m putting together here.


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

This is the match I write about that actually has the most chance of happening. Allegedly, the main reason Brock went over Punk at Summerslam was because Taker had agreed to this match, and WWE didn’t want Lesnar going into it having lost more matches than he had won since his return. In a lot of ways this match makes sense. They had a feud during Lesnar’s first run in the E, and he won a lot then (including a memorable Hell In A Cell victory). And being honest, what’s left for Brock? He’s gone up against the face of the company, the COO of the company, had a personal rivalry with the second biggest star in the company, and now it looks like he’s going up against THE legend in WWE. Don’t get me wrong, the longer the beast incarnate is in the WWE the happier I am. Facing the Undertaker is the next logical step, and it’s a match that I along with a lot of other people will be looking forward to. At this point, as far as has been reported, I think we can pretty much lock this one in for Wrestlemania. The only other option to face Taker would be John Cena I think, and he’s already taken (though that could be an excellent match to keep Cena occupied in between matches against Bryan…).


Triple H vs The Rock

This is more than a bit of a wildcard. The rumour has been that the current McMahons storyline will culminate in a match between Triple H and Vince McMahon’s handpicked opponent. The original plan was apparently for Stone Cold Steve Austin to fill that role, before the idea was apparently dropped. This match would follow the same idea, only with The Rock in Austin’s place. Now, I have no inside information on this whatsoever, but I believe Austin is retired. I don’t think he will ever wrestle again. He will make the odd appearance here or there, but I don’t think we will see him in another match again. By the time Wrestlemania rolls around again, Austin will be 49. Every year that goes by without a Stone Cold return makes it more and more unlikely to me that he will. The Rock however will be 41, and we know he is in great shape. Who better to replace Austin than his biggest rival? Now, I believe the plan was to have Rock face Brock, but for one reason or another that doesn’t appear to be the plan anymore. It could still happen somewhere down the line. I said at the start this was a wildcard. That is because the HHH/Austin match is apparently no longer planned, and we don’t know if the entire storyline has been dropped too. Plus, I honestly thought it would be another year or two before The Rock returned to the ring. So I think it’s unlikely, but never say never in the WWE.


If that last one was a wildcard, these next two are even more so. Now I’m just having fun.


Sheamus vs Ryback

Hoss fight! Sheamus will be back around the time of the Royal Rumble too, and I would use that to set this match up. Have one eliminate the other from that match, then have the other eliminate the first in an Elimination Chamber match. Then at Mania, give them a no disqualification stipulation – maybe a street fight – and just let them beat the hell out of each other. It’s those types of matches where Sheamus really excels, and the stipulation should bring out the best in Ryback. It would only have to go about 10 minutes, but it would be 10 minutes of absolute carnage. I think Ryback would be the face here, due to rumours of an upcoming face turn for him. That could also work out well as I think Sheamus’ bully character would work much better as a heel than as the face it was before he got injured.


World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose

This would just be so awesome. I would use this match as the beginning of the end for The Shield. I would make Ambrose win the belt here, then act like justice has been served. Rollins and Reigns obviously wouldn’t see it that way, since they haven’t reached the pinnacle, and would turn on him eventually. That would turn Ambrose into a face (though personally I see him in a tweener role long-term) and would let Rollins and Reigns continue their team (before Reigns turns on Rollins – he has to be a face when he goes solo). As for Ziggler, he deserves to have the World Heavyweight Championship again. He has worked too hard and is too popular to be booked this badly for too long. However, we’ve seen “internet darlings” being booked just like Ziggler has, and come out stronger for it (yes I’m thinking of Daniel Bryan). Just because of this blip doesn’t mean Ziggler will forever be another superstar who was wasted, and he should regain his rightful place by the time Wrestlemania comes around again.


Well there you have it! I didn’t do a whole card because there are far too many variables with the undercard, and frankly this is approaching 1500 words again already! I do want to hear what you guys think though. Would you like to see this card? Are there better matches out there that I’ve overlooked? Let us know by the usual methods, and as always please share this with every single wrestling fan you know. Believe me, we’ll find out if you don’t.

I honestly don’t know if there will be another post before the next set of PPV Predictions – for Night Of Champions in 3 weeks. I wasn’t planning on posting twice in a matter of days now, but you can never be sure when the inspiration to write will strike again. If there isn’t another post until Night of Champions, Matt and I will see you then.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Pleb: Wrestlemania 30”

  1. I think this is a killer card, but it looks far too interesting and good to be true. Where will over-pushed dullards like Alberto Del Rio fit in? Brock and Taker would be a particular highlight. I wish Austin would just be a good person, do a couple months of training and get in there for one more match. it wouldn’t exactly kill him and it would be just repayment to the fans who made him what he is, and the company who gave him the platform.

    I adore Stone Cold and putting him on the marquee (regardless of the quality of his performance) would be the right way to make the show special. It’s Wrestlemania 30, it needs to be HUGE!

    1. Thanks! Realistically I think ADR is most likely to still be in or around the WHC match, possibly against Ziggler, maybe against Sheamus since they’ll want to push him on his comeback.

      Don’t get me wrong, Austin would sell huge. Think of what The Rock did for sales, you could probably add on another third if it was Austin. As a name he is the perfect fit for an attraction as big as Wrestlemania 30. The fans never really got a chance to say goodbye to him as an in ring performer, so it would be great to see him back.

      It’s just a personal thing, I don’t particularly feel the need to see him back (not really being able to remember him when he was at his peak), and he has had a lot of health issues. I wouldn’t want to see him come back for a one off specialty and do serious damage to an already hurt neck. If he was healthy and the risk of injury was no higher than the norm if be all for it, but I wouldn’t want him to chance it otherwise.

      1. I agree. There is definitely a risk involved, but when you compare it to letting Lawler in the ring in his mid sixties for no good reason, I see the value in one risky match lol. As long as they planned it well, and put him in there with a real pro who could take care of him, it may be okay. I’d love to see Punk v Austin personally!

      2. I think WWE learned their lesson with having guys Lawler’s age wrestle with his heart attack scare. He should never have been there in the first place. It’s not quite the same as Austin granted, but I still wouldn’t have thought Vince would want to take any risks.

        I know Matt (my partner in crime here) is a huge advocate of a stone cold vs triple h match, but for me Austin vs Punk is the perfect match. It’s such a natural rivalry, Punk would be able to go toe to toe with him both I’m the ring and on the mic, and is good enough to carry Austin if need be. They claimed Rock-Cena was a once in a lifetime match, I would actually believe that tag line if it was Punk-Austin.

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