WWE Hell in the Cell predictions

Hi guys it’s Matt here. It’s the third PPV in what?……6 weeks?! Some might say that’s a bit too much and I would agree. Especially when you look at the quality of the last 2, which have been mediocre at best!

I’ve been hearing that they are going to stop the whole HITC as a PPV after this and are just going to use the match when a feud deserves it. Again I couldn’t agree more with this, and if they would just do the same with the TLC PPV, I’d be a happy chappy!

Anyway on to business. This does look like it could be a decent show, with some half decent matches and a “promise ” of a conclusion to the wwe championship saga on the card, we can’t really do any worse than Battleground……………..right?
Let’s get started as usual with the pre show then:

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WWE Battleground Predictions

Another predictions column? Are we sure? It doesn’t feel that long since the last one. That’s probably because it isn’t, but due to WWE’s scheduling geniuses here we are again! I’m going to attempt to keep this one short because I’m kinda getting bogged down in some uni work, so let’s get to it! Continue reading WWE Battleground Predictions