WWE Battleground Predictions

Another predictions column? Are we sure? It doesn’t feel that long since the last one. That’s probably because it isn’t, but due to WWE’s scheduling geniuses here we are again! I’m going to attempt to keep this one short because I’m kinda getting bogged down in some uni work, so let’s get to it!

There are 9 matches announced including the pre-show, so it’s good to see the short time between events wasn’t used as an excuse to not announce a full card for tonight. The pre-show is the former two time World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler in action against current Mr Money In The Bank Damien Sandow. This is the definition of a throwaway match, so I’m not giving it it’s own little properly formatted section. I’m going for a Ziggler win via pinfall. Matt’s going with a Dolph win via pinfall.  It’s 50-50 and I like him better.

Santino Marella & The Great Khali vs The Real Americans

On paper this actually makes a lot of sense. An “Italian” (Santino’s actually Canadian) and and Indian going up against a team attempting to defend America from foreigners. And there could be a few possibilities for the finish here, owing to the rumours that Cesaro may be about to get a face turn. I’m just going to go for the predictable option though.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winners – The Real Americans by Submission

I have no words to describe how pointless this is. Literally a free roll. I’ll go Real Americans after swagger locks in the ankle lock on Marella. I’m only going against them because of the shambles of a spectacle on Smackdown that involved snake charming. Worst…..thing……ever!!!

Matt’s Prediction: Real Americans by Submission

Divas Championship: Brie Bella vs AJ Lee (C)

Well, I predicted Brie would get the win last time round, and she’s still in the title picture here, so I wasn’t too far off. But my prediction has changed this time round, I just think if they were going to take the title off AJ they would have done it last month, and it looks like Brie is going to be used in the Bryan-Authority storyline, so the Divas Championship would do better to stay away from that to give it more of a spotlight by itself.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ by Submission

AJ wins simple as. Don’t know why they bother. I’ll say pinfall as I’m not sure Brie knows how to properly take the black widow. And AJ has been pulling off the running knee lately.

Matt’s Prediction: AJ by pinfall

Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt

Hopefully this is another feud, or at least the start of some sort of programme, for Wyatt. This does seem to just have been thrown together once they remembered the had called Bray up and he was actually a wrestler, not just some guy in a vignette. Should be a win for the weird one here.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

Meh, again just thrown together. I’ll go Wyatt. Just cause he needs to keep momentum for………………well something!!!

Matt’s Prediction: Wyatt by pinfall

Intercontinental Championship: R-Truth vs Curtis Axel (C)

NOBODY CARES. And it will show.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Curtis Axel by pinfall

Why? No build up, no rivalry just the most lazy of booking. And people wonder why the IC title wasn’t what it used to be. I thought there were “creative” writers in the WWE!???

Matt’s Prediction: Let’s just say Axel via pinfall

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Shield (Reigns and Rollins)

PEOPLE DO CARE. And it will show. Personally, I would have gone about this a slightly different way, which Matt and I have discussed, and I think we both believe would have made Cody into a bigger star than he is even at this point. For me, the biggest issue here is that HHH doesn’t come across as the evil, tyrannical owner of the company. He’s given Cody and his family too many opportunities to get his job back, it looks like HHH doesn’t want Cody to leave. If Trips had just washed his hands of the whole thing and ignored the fact that Cody wasn’t there, it would have put him over as essentially a boss who doesn’t care about any of his employees, except his hand-picked favourites. Then it would have been a real battle for Cody to get back on screen, and the fans would have loved him even more for sticking it to this owner they really hate. Maybe this is a deliberate move on WWE’s part for some reason, but I think Cody – and the Rhodes by extension – needed to be missing for longer for the fans to care more. For this match, I’m predicting a Rhodes brothers win, because it’s the WWE and they like to rush things.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winners and WWE Employees – Cody Rhodes and Goldust by pinfall

Definitely looking forward to this. I really like Goldust! Always have and it’s great to see him back. Love the story and it has to be a Rhodes win. No doubt there will be some sort of Dusty moment where he lets someone have the bionic elbow but it will end with a win for the good guys.

Matt’s Prediction: Rhodes to win by pinfall. To try for extra points I’ll say Cody pins Seth.

Hardcore Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio (C)

Rumour has it RVD is taking off for a bit after tonight, which should make this one a no brainer. Then you think, what else is there for Del Rio to do? That’s where Damien Sandow comes in, and suddenly this is not as clear cut as you may think. Sandow has been a joke since he won the briefcase, but I wouldn’t put it past him. With him likely losing to Ziggler earlier in the show, Del Rio looking to regain what he will see as his belt, as well as Cody Rhodes potentially returning to the scene to pick up that feud where it was left off, putting the belt on Sandow strangely makes sense. We haven’t had three challengers actively gunning for a title at once for a while, so it could really freshen up the World Title picture, and hopefully give us a storyline to care about that doesn’t involve Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. I’m also going to predict Sandow beats RVD though, because if RVD gets injured and then loses the belt it’s an easy way to write him out, as well as potentially setting up a feud for his return – with or without the title involved.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winnner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Rob Van Dam by pinfall

AND Damien Sandow to cash in his Money In The Bank Briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Championship

I predicted last month that Ricardo would turn on van dam and I was wrong, so I’m gonna try it this time. It’s hardcore rules so they have the platform.

Matt’s Prediction: Ricardo screws van dam and hits him with a chair for del rio to get the victory by pinfall.

CM Punk vs Ryback

You know how I just mentioned that we need a storyline to care about that doesn’t involve Daniel Bryan or CM Punk? I’m really starting to lose interest in the CM Punk vs Paul Heyman feud. It just feels like it’s gone on too long, and with Punk having to go through Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel, Heyman himself and now Ryback it’s overkill. This feud has essentially been going on for 4 months now, and with very little progression. The only thing that’s changed is who Punk has to go through to get to Heyman, and he shouldn’t have had any problems with that while he was only up against Axel and Heyman. I just want this to end now, but I know it’s not going to.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winner – CM Punk by disqualification

Slightly tricky but I’ll go with Ryback. It’s not like punk to lose twice in a row in ppv’s but with Ryback just established as a Heyman guy it’s not likely he loses.

Matt’s Prediction: Ryback via pinfall

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Speaking of overkill, how many times do we have to watch Daniel Bryan finally reach the pinnacle of the WWE, only to have the belt taken away from him? How many times do we need to see him get beaten up by The Shield and Randy Orton before WWE thinks we’ll have sympathy for him? The answer to both of those questions should have been 0. Ok, maybe one for the first question to allow for Orton’s cash in. But Bryan should have been screwed out of winning the gold last time round, not screwed out of a reign after he had already won it. Again. The timings in this feud have been all wrong – in the build up to the first match Bryan got beat down too many times, now I would argue that the heels don’t look strong enough, because Bryan has already proven he can overcome the odds – twice, he was against the odds against Cena too – and come out victorious. Why should we care if he does it again? We knew he could do it, why should we have any reason to believe that this time is different? In my mind, Orton doesn’t look like the threat to Bryan he should be. Even then, there should only be one outcome here.

Andrew’s Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE Champion – Randy Orton by pinfall

They’ve played this wrong. I was very excited for the way this was going and they’ve ruined it in my eyes. Again where is creative on this?? I hope Orton wins here, just to put Bryan down again. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bryan, he’s one of my favourites, but to have him be a three time WWE champion within a month??!! No way! That’s the problem with titles in the first place. We all know WWE is scripted therefore there is no merit in being a 10 time world champ. You didn’t earn it, the writers decided you could have it. Keep the title off Bryan and keep building.

Matt’s Prediction: I’ll go Orton by pinfall. In the spirit of repeating I think I’ll also predict that the win for Orton will come after the big show interferes. Not sure if he’ll be heel or not but he will do something. Ahhhhhhhhh screw it, I’ll go big show ko’s Bryan and Orton pins.

This will not be a good PPV. Not because the quality is lacking, but because nobody cares. I think Matt sums it up pretty well here: “No real interest in this PPV at all. With the exception of the Rhodes family angle, and the winner of the WWE title, there’s not much to rave about here.” He also said afterwards that it was a struggle to get through these predictions. I agree with him.

There are columns from both of us in the pipeline I believe, but my one will probably not be until the end of the month because of uni work. I will try for before then, but I’m making no guarantees. Until next time, and as always, let us know what your predictions are for the PPV, and if you agree with our analysis, either by emailing the usual address or by commenting below.

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