WWE Hell in the Cell predictions

Hi guys it’s Matt here. It’s the third PPV in what?……6 weeks?! Some might say that’s a bit too much and I would agree. Especially when you look at the quality of the last 2, which have been mediocre at best!

I’ve been hearing that they are going to stop the whole HITC as a PPV after this and are just going to use the match when a feud deserves it. Again I couldn’t agree more with this, and if they would just do the same with the TLC PPV, I’d be a happy chappy!

Anyway on to business. This does look like it could be a decent show, with some half decent matches and a “promise ” of a conclusion to the wwe championship saga on the card, we can’t really do any worse than Battleground……………..right?
Let’s get started as usual with the pre show then:

Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel (C) – Intercontinental Championship

M. Everyone loves something for free and why not a IC title change. In my day IC title matches were main eventing some PPV’s, now…………….well I don’t need to tell anyone about the state of it nowadays. The main draw here seems to be Big E turning face. There just isn’t enough in it for me however, like everything else it’s rushed but I’m going with a BIg E win here just because Axel has been a shoddy IC champion and the only way to get anyone to care about this is to change the title.

Prediction : Big E Langston to win by pinfall and become new champion.

A. Curtis Axel is defending the IC belt. Who cares? Big E is now a face. Who cares? We don’t see enough attention getting devoted to the mid card to really be able to invest in any “feud”. I’m not convinced Big E will work as a face just yet, simply because the fans didn’t hate him enough as a heel for a turn to feel like a big deal. He certainly has the quality to make it work, but will creative give him the time to connect with the audience? The thing is, Axel has had time if not opportunity, and he’s not working as IC champ. It’s time to try something new.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Big E Langston by pinfall

Brie Bella vs AJ Lee (C) – Divas Championship

M. Here we go again, Brie gets another shot. By rights AJ should retain as there is nobody good enough to take it yet but wwe doesn’t work like that. So far I’ve gone with AJ and I’ve been right so I’ll stick again.

Prediction: AJ retains title via submission.

A. I think we’re all agreed that AJ should hold the belt for as long as it takes to build up a credible and worthy challenger – with most people thinking that the title change should happen at Wrestlemania. That is what should happen. But since when has WWE ever done what makes sense?

Prediction: Winner and NEW Divas Champion – Brie Bella by pinfall

The Usos vs The Shield vs Goldust & Cody Rhodes (C)

M. This one has been a good story. It’s peaked my interest for sure. I’m think the Rhodes holding the titles will bring a bit of credibility back to the division and the feud brewing with the shield could be really good. This is all just going to build to a match between the brothers at wmxxx and I like that. The Uso’s in this will hopefully make it a decent spectacle but overall I’m feeling a Rhodes win here.

Prediction : Rhodes to win and retain via pinfall.

A. This should be the match of the night in my opinion. Give them 15-20 minutes and this will be a classic. All three teams have great chemistry, and individually all of them can go. I read a piece online that suggested this 3-team feud could end up with a TLC match in December, and now I’ve thought of that possibility I so hope it does. It would be a fantastic spectacle that we haven’t seen for a while. But onto this match. I can’t really see any outcome other than the current champs retaining. The feud with the Shield can continue because of the Authority’s influence, and The Usos have time and time again proven themselves to be the best of the rest. I expect them to be the next champions, but not yet.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – Goldust and Cody Rhodes by pinfall

Los Matadores vs Real Americans

M. I don’t know what to say here, just meh!

Prediction: I’ll give it to Los matadors via pinfall.

A. For all the positivity I was displaying about the tag division earlier on, it doesn’t quite stretch to these two. Los Matadores to win on their PPV “debut”.

Prediction: Winners – Los Matadores by pinfall

CM Punk vs Ryback & Paul Heyman – Hell In A Cell

M. Ok here we are again. Cm punk vs Heyman with Ryback in the middle. Ever heard the phrase too much of a good thing??! Anyway, let’s hope this is the end after this. I’m pulling for punk here as I don’t think there’s any other way to move on. Ryback is used to losing on PPV’s so why not give him one more?

Prediction: CM Punk to beat Heyman with a GTS and an anaconda vice to win by submission. Ryback will just get beaten up.

A. Just let this end. Short of Brock Lesnar coming back there is no other dimension they can add to this. Punk has beaten everybody Heyman has put in front of him, with the only thing left being the final, feud ending revenge on Heyman himself. Inside the perennial feud ender, this has got to be it.

Prediction: Winner – CM Punk by pinfall, Punk will hit a GTS on Heyman to end the feud

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (C) – World Heavyweight Championship

M. This is where the points are made up or lost. Lol. I’m not sure what the hell is going on here really. The whole Cena thing is just weird. It’s no secret that I don’t like the character but I can’t deny that things have been stale since he left. The question is, what about Sandow? Why is Cena challenging below his level if Sandow is out there with a perfectly good feud, ready to go??? I know Andrew is not gonna make the call but I am.

Prediction: Cena to win title via submission AND Damian Sandow to cash in and leave as work heavyweight champion.

A. If Cena is here to save the World Heayweight Championship from obscurity, then I still see his return as a good thing. Even if he recovered more quickly than expected, ideally I would have given him a month or two off before bringing him back at the Royal Rumble like I have previously discussed. I can understand why WWE are bringing him back as soon as possible though, even if I don’t exactly like it. The thing is, nobody cares about Del Rio as champion. If Cena wins the belt, does that lead to an eventual unification? I’m not sure. If Cena is back on TV then I can’t see him staying at WHC level, but at the same time I can’t see him not winning here. This of course leads to questions over Damien Sandow, and whether or not he will cash in. In all honesty I think he will, but I’m not “officially” predicting it because the league between Matt and I is starting to get really tight, and I don’t think the risk is worth the reward. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me if Sandow walked into Raw the next night as champion though.

Prediction: Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena by submission

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan w/ Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee – Hell In A Cell for the WWE Championship

M. Down to business. There are a few things that could happen here but I’m not in the mood to speculate. I’ll cut it short. There will be a winner here and it looks like Daniel Bryan to win. However I’m gonna throw a curve ball and go for the other guy. People are unhappy at the way the whole affair has been settled and they expect a face victory. I don’t like that fact that If Bryan wins he’s a 3 time champion in the space of a couple of months. This could go on a bit further and with Cena and possibly punk coming into the fray, I think the title needs a heel to carry it. It will also further the authority’s progression and dominance.

Prediction : Orton to win title via pinfall.

A. Well this is awkward. It really feels like WWE has dropped the ball with this entire angle. And now with Cena back you just know that Bryan probably won’t be pushed in the same way they have had the opportunity to these last two months. The problem here is it’s a no win situation – if Bryan wins, we’re just seeing a repeat of a repeat. If Bryan loses, then the viewer doesn’t get the triumphant, feel-good ending. Everything that has happened since Summerslam has been one giant missed opportunity, and it’s just not going to be as great as it could, and should, have been.

Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE Champion – Daniel Bryan by submission

Ok so that’s the predictions. Mostly the same here but I threw in a couple of curve balls just to try and steal a march on Andy.
Risky stuff but I’m gaining ground and he’s scared!!!

All in all let’s hope this one lives up to the hype, and as Andrew says it can’t be worse than the last 2……………….right?

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