TLC 2013 Predictions

Well it’s the last PPV of the year and I’m sure we’re all hoping that the WWE believe in saving the best for last. It’s been a slow year but we have to believe that they have used it to set up some great things going forward into 2014 and beyond. There’s a lot of excitement going in to this one off the back of a fantastic ending to raw. The trick now will be to keep that excitement going and actually follow through for once!!

Let’s get started then with the usual shenanigans, A pre show match that nobody cares about.

Kickoff Match – Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

A. Or, in other words, the random match between two guys who WWE wants to do something with, but have nothing actually going on. In these cases, where there are no storylines to affect, you have to go for a face win to keep the crowd happy.

Prediction: Winner – Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

M. I once said that fandango was an exciting prospect and I predicted big things for him. So far I have been made to eat my words. It’s not that he’s not a good performer, it’s that wwe doesn’t know when a gimmick has run its course. Anyway I’m expecting a good match here. Ziggler is a great competitor and I expect him to pick up the win here as he seems to win more when there’s nothing on the line.

Prediction: Ziggler wins by pinfall.

WWE Tag-Team Championship Fatal-4-Way Match: Ryback & Curtis Axel vs Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs The Real Americans vs Goldust & Cody Rhodes (C)

A. First things first: why isn’t this a ladder match? The ladder/TLC matches involving the Hardys, Edge and Christian, and then the Dudleys really put the tag team division on the map 15 years ago, surely it would be a statement to do the same here? Second things second: why is the Big Show and Rey Mysterio in this match instead of the Usos? The fans connect with the Usos, and they’re a legitimate team who epitomise what the division is all about. Show and Mysterio have had, what, 3 matches together? This is why the division died in the first place, putting random main eventers together. But anyway, third things third, this match is between two teams. The champions, and the Real Americans. My issue is, both teams have been rumoured to be splitting up – the Rhodes brothers are being rumoured to face each other at Wrestlemania, and Cesaro has been rumoured to be turning face. If both teams are going to split up, someone else should win the belts, so I’m going for the champs to retain, for now.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – Goldust and Cody Rhodes by pinfall

M. Big show and mysterio????!! Wtf?! If I were the Uso’s right now, I’d be pissed off! The wwe were really starting to bring some credibility to the tag division and moves like this just set them back a few years! I said before at the HITC predictions that they should scrap the gimmick PPV’s and just use the stipulation matches when they have impact, and by that I mean that this would be the perfect opportunity for a ladder match or a tables match or even a full TLC match. Having this match at a PPV called TLC and not having a stipulation is an insult. As Andy says, the hardys Dudley’s and edge and Christian will be face palming all through this. Anyway i think the champs will keep the titles here. There’s no merit in losing yet. I’m pretty sure they’ll use the loss to build for a match at wrestlemania so I’d expect it to come around the rumble.

Prediction: Cody and Goldust win via pinfall.

Divas Championship Match: Natalya vs AJ Lee (C)

A. Oh WWE, saving the best for last eh? This is the best one on one divas match that the WWE has right now. If they get around 10 minutes, it’s going to be the divas match of the year. My pick for this has been complicated by the news that AJ “caused a scene” at Tribute to the Troops, and will be getting punished for it. That makes me think that “punishment” could be losing the Divas Championship. On one hand, punishment could be what’s happened to Dolph Ziggler. On the other, Jack Swagger still got a World Title match at Wrestlemania. On the whole, without AJ Lee as champion, the Championship essentially becomes the Total Divas Championship. The division needs AJ, and it needs her as champion right now.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ Lee by submission

M. Hmmmmmm. This should be a good match as we have the only 2 divas that can wrestle in there. A
Patently AJ caused a scene at the tribute to the troops show and will be punished but I don’t think they’ll take the title off her. They shouldn’t! I’ve gone with AJ so far this year and she hasn’t let me down yet so I’ll keep the faith.

Prediction : AJ wins via submission

Handicap Match: The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan

A. It’s tough to see how two 3-on-1 handicap matches on the same night are going to be booked to be interesting. Presumably Bryan will be the workhorse again here, and in the role of the underdog – which he naturally fits – will put up one hell of a fight. He will come within an inch of winning, only to be outdone by the numbers game. The Wyatts will get their win over a top guy, and Bryan… Well I reckon Bryan will get his revenge through eliminations in the Royal Rumble. At the final PPV of 2013 though, he has to come up short.

Prediction: Winners – The Wyatt Family by pinfall

M. This one has me stumped. Everything I read says Bryan will lose here. I can totally see why that would happen but I just think he’s too hot to go down. I’m not sure how it will happen but I think he’s going to pull it off here. Hopefully he gets some time with Harper, because those 2 work well together.

Prediction: Bryan wins via pinfall pinning bray Wyatt.

Handicap Match: The Shield vs CM Punk

A. The way I, and many others, can see this going is the further deterioration of the Shield. Reigns will be a face either before or at the Rumble, Ambrose will still be a heel, and it remains to be seen whether Rollins will go his own way. Reigns could make the turn here, in which case he presumably spears Ambrose into the middle of Raw tomorrow night. If not, it will be a miscommunication or a mistake that furthers the dissension. Either way, Punk is going to be able to pick up the “unlikely” win.

Prediction: Winner – CM Punk by pinfall

M. The shield seem to be splitting up which is a shame, but at the same time probably the right thing. They have been really good since they arrived and it was obviously felt universally judging by the slammys. I expect them to implode tonight to some degree, possibly with reigns spearing Ambrose. Whatever happens, I expect punk to win here because of the chaos.

Prediction : punk wins via pinfall

Intercontinental Championship Match: Damien Sandow vs Big E Lanston

A. This has got to be the easiest match to call of the night. There is no way Langston is leaving without the IC Title. I still have high hopes for Sandow though, and the fact he is receiving this shot suggests to me that WWE officials are still high on him too. He is potentially a future US Champion after Ambrose eventually loses it.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Big E Langston by pinfall

M. Not much to say here, big E will win. Hopefully we’ll have a good match here.

Prediction: big E wins via pinfall.

TLC World Title Unification Match: John Cena vs Randy Orton

A. There are so many possibilities for this match. So in that sense, it’s exciting because you can’t be sure what’s gonna happen, and unpredictability is a good thing. On the other, none of the possibilities are particularly exciting at this point. Obviously this is going to have huge ramifications on the Rumble winner and Wrestlemania, but if my pick for the Rumble does win, he could easily face either man in this match. There have been discussion that each man will leave with one belt, and even that Triple H will somehow walk out the undisputed champion. For this though, I have to work under the premise that there will be a clear victor (even if it’s not a clean finish). And unless Cena turns heel (could it happen?), then he will get screwed by the Authority. Looking back at Jericho’s title unification in 2001, it makes sense for a heel to win. They will brag about it, and make sure everybody remembers that they did it. If a face won, they would be too humble to remind everybody of it every 5 minutes, and it would soon be forgotten. Heels need to be first in these things.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Undisputed Champion – Randy Orton

M. I don’t think I’ve actually cared about a Cena match till now, so well done wwe, you’re getting better! After Raw this one just gets the blood pumping. So many questions so little time! Who will win? Will it be Cena, Orton or HHH? Or even someone else?? Will there be 1 title or 2 hanging? Will Cena turn heel? (of course not, what are you, stupid?) I’ve been over all the different ways this could end and each time the one that makes sense is an Orton win. There’s nobody else really around for Cane to feud with as all the big players apart from Orton are baby faces like Cena so it makes sense for Orton to pick up the V here.

Prediction: Orton wins via pinfall.

A. After the good Raw, and especially the brilliant ending, it looks like WWE could be on the rise again. This time of year they really pick up steam, the New Year’s Raw is usually very good, and then we’re on the Road to Wrestlemania. Plus, the chants for Daniel Bryan have visibly affected each of the last two Raws, so I don’t really see how WWE can ignore them anymore. I mean, he beat John Cena in the biggest popularity contest of the year – the Slammys. If he’s more popular than Cena at this point, then he has got to be pushed. It’s a good time to be a WWE fan, there’s so much promise right now!”

M. Well if this goes well and has a finish anything like raw last week, then my optimism and even my faith could be restored. I’m really excited to see where they go with reigns and what they’ll do with punk and HHH. Could we see a dx vs punk and Bryan set up??? That would be too awesome I think for the wwe creative team so no.
Anyway, that’s all from us just now. A lot of the same predictions so I’m not likely to gain much on Andy if at all.

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