Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

Are you ready? Are you ready for the Road to Wrestlemania? More importantly, are you ready for constant pointing at the Wrestlemania 30 sign that will be present in the arena every week? I know I am. There are a lot of questions over the direction the WWE will take over the next few months, and where they go could potentially define the next great era of the business. The unpredictability is fantastic, and nowhere is it more appropriate than the Royal Rumble match. You can never be sure who will turn up, who will turn on who, and sometimes even who will reign supreme. This really is the best time of year to be a wrestling fan, and it properly starts this weekend!

There are 5 matches currently confirmed for the show, with the slight possibility of a Divas match being added too. There’s also a slight change to the rules for this one, as for the Royal Rumble match itself we will not lose any points for any wrong extra guesses. There’s so much that could happen that I thought it fairer to give us a free reign here to pick up as many points as possible. So, without further ado, let’s do this!

Kickoff Match for the Tag Team Championships: New Age Outlaws vs The Brotherhood (C)

A: I do question why this match isn’t on the main card, since the crowd reacts to everything the Rhodes brothers do and this should be a good match. But it is what it is, and it will be an opener that gets the crowd going. I’m finding this one really tough to call, because I don’t see the point in giving the Outlaws this match if they’re not going to win. And there is also the looming presence of Wrestlemania that will affect everything from now on, and it is widely known that Cody and Goldust want to face each other at Mania. On the other hand, I think if there was going to be a title change and a break up of a tag team it would be on the main-card or Raw at least, not on a YouTube show. Now they could tease the dissension and capitalise on it during the Rumble… You know what? As it stands I’m 16 points clear of Matt in our league. When there are only a handful of matches on the card I can afford to take some risks.

Prediction: Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – New Age Outlaws by pinfall

M: It’s a shame this had been put onto the kickoff show. The Rhodes boys have been producing some of the best matches for the past 4 – 5 months and it’s almost like they’ve been demoted here. The outlaws are and always will be one of my favourite tag teams ever! They however are well out of place here. They played well in the attitude era but this is a different time and they aren’t the same. It’s an easy one to call here.

Prediction: Cody and Goldust retain the titles via pinfall.

Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt

A: I don’t think I’ll be the only one who was surprised at the speed of Bryan’s turn against the Wyatts. But it gave us one of the greatest Raw endings I can remember, and really cemented Bryan’s position as the most popular man in the company. He’s managed to beat Wyatt up, but now it’s time for Bryan to get a decisive win in a match against Bray.

Prediction: Winner – Daniel Bryan by pinfall

M: Is he in the rumble or not?? Hmmmm I’d like to think so. Anyway. I’m torn with this feud. It had been good, and that’s largely because of Wyatt’s character. My gripe is the length. It doesn’t feel like a great feud to me and that’s maybe because of my high expectations or love of the attitude era, I don’t know. What I do know, is that you remember the great feuds in history because they burned for a long damn time!

Anyway I’m getting off topic so I’ll come back. The match just doesn’t feel right. Are we actually to believe that the family will not interfere in this? Not this guy!! The shorter it goes I think the more likely it is that Bryan will be in the rumble.

Prediction: Bryan to win via DQ after the family interferes.

Big Show vs Brock Lesnar

A: This is far and away the easiest match to call on the card. For all the WWE wants us to believe that the Big Show can throw Lesnar around like a little kid, I think we all know it’s not gonna happen. This match is designed to give Lesnar a win against a credible superstar, and more importantly make him look good doing it. Lesnar’s strength and tenacity will be on full show here, and I actually think this match will be quite good, in the way that two big guys going out there to beat the hell out of each other is always entertaining.

Prediction: Winner – Brock Lesnar by pinfall after an F5

M: Now for the start of the 2 matches I don’t care about!

I don’t know why WWE thought they needed to make Brock look tougher by beating the big show! He’s already a bad ass and this is a waste of time. Probably more about getting show on the card than anything else but what the hell. Brock will take a lot but still come out on top. If they can pull anything as awesome as a collapsing ring out of the bag then this may make me eat my words!

Prediction: Lesnar wins via pinfall after F5-ing show.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (C) vs John Cena

A: This is another one that I am struggling to predict. On one hand I can’t see Orton dropping the belt here, as a face finally beating a heel for the championship is a natural story for Wrestlemania. On the other you never bet against Cena, and with this being a traditional wrestling match it’s harder to see how he could lose. As I’ve already said though, everything at this point leads to Wrestlemania. And to put it simply, there are no top heels aside from Orton himself that could challenge for the belt.  And it’s because of that idea that I don’t think Cena will walk out as champion.

Predicton: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Randy Orton by pinfall

M: And now for number 2. At least show vs Brock will be entertaining in some places.

The crowd have not been enjoying this, yet they keep flogging the dead horse! I think Orton keeps the title here and will keep it at least till mania. The only question is how? Does he beat Cena clean?…………. you must be joking! Cena would never allow it. Since I’ve already predicted a DQ ending I’ll say he hits him with a belt after the ref gets knocked down. We haven’t seen it in a while so why not!!

Prediction: Orton retains via pinfall after hitting Cena with a belt.

Royal Rumble Match

A: Ok. The first thing I want to say here is that the winner should be Daniel Bryan. It’s the best and right story to tell, and he would finally get his real moment at Wrestlemania 30, which would be a huge deal. I would even go as far to argue that if he won it wouldn’t matter if the champion was John Cena or Randy Orton, as both would be great stories. As it stands right now however, Daniel Bryan isn’t it the match. He hasn’t mentioned it on TV, and he’s not on the list of confirmed participants. And that my friends, is a huge shame. For me it was between him and one other superstar for the winner, so the way it stands right now makes my decision very easy. I was going to pick Bryan to enter in the first 5 and last all the way to the end, but the workhorse role this year goes to CM Punk as the number 1 entry. So, my official predictions are as follows:

Most Eliminations: Roman Reigns – I think that much like Survivor Series, he will be allowed to shine, and dominate large portions of the Royal Rumble Match.

Longest time in the match: CM Punk – it’s an obvious one considering he’s in first. I also think it’s likely that someone associated with HHH will eliminate him in some controversial fashion, even though I’m not officially predicting that.

Sheamus will return – He’s been out for 4 months with an injury, and was always scheduled to return around this time. He hasn’t really been mentioned much on TV, so there’s a good chance his return will be a legitimate surprise for a lot of people who may have forgotten about him. Where he goes from there is up for discussion, but I know a lot of people want him to be a heel.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts will enter the match, and will get eliminated by Dean Ambrose – it would be a real feel-good moment knowing how hard Roberts has worked to get there, and it would make sense for Ambrose to eliminate him based on him getting snaked back at old-school Raw.

Roman Reigns will eliminate at least one of his Shield cohorts – The Shield is beginning to crumble. That much is obvious. This is the perfect match to further their break up, as they can always come back to this after leaving it for a week or two if they want to drag it out a bit.

The winner will enter at number 26 – I have no reasons for this. But why not? It could happen. It’s never happened before, so there’s got to be a first time for everything.

That is probably enough. The only thing left is the actual winner…

Prediction: Winner – Batista

M: Now for the big one!

The word on the street is that Batista will be victorious. Well I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Batista, but like others whose views I’ve read, I think someone who comes in the week before shouldn’t win this match when guys like Punk and Bryan, who have carried the company, are left on the sidelines. This could be a great rumble however with so much going on with different groups and people it could be fun. We’ve got free reign with our predictions here (good idea Andy) so I’m gonna get going with my predictions.

First off my winner: unfortunately Batista.

And now for the rest:

Sheamus will return and likely be in the last 4. I’d actually go as far to say that he’ll be in there last.

CM Punk will get screwed over by HHH in some way. I’m guessing one of Trips’ cronies will help out. I’ve heard Diesel will be there so I think he’ll get the job done. Illegally though, maybe Punk eliminates him then Diesel comes back in and takes him out.

The Shield will have a tough one. There will be tension, I’ll say that Reigns ends up eliminating Rollins and Ambrose eliminates Reigns.

Roman reigns will get the most eliminations.

The Wyatt’s will dominate for a while until the Uso’s eliminate them at the same time, setting up a great feud.

It’s tough to predict anything else as there’s not much going on with anyone else.

M: I’ll leave it there. I’m excited about the match, it’s fun to watch and usually doesn’t disappoint. I know everyone, including myself has predicted Batista to win but I would never rule out Bryan taking it, if he enters. Let’s hope it’s good enough to take away from the dud that will be the Orton-Cena catastrophe!! Peace out.

A: As I said at the top of this article, this is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. Things are looking up for the foreseeable future, and I’m excited to see what happens.

Who do you guys think will earn that championship shot at Wrestlemania? And who do you think they will face? Let us know in the comments below or by emailing us at

And for a change I can actually promote some new content! There will be at least one new article up in the next week, probably either Thursday or Friday. It’s one I’ve been thinking about doing for months now, and I’ve finally gotten round to it, so stay tuned for that!

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