Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

It’s the last stop before Wrestlemania, and indeed the last stop before wrestling is changed forever with the launch of the WWE Network! All that means this should be a big occasion, and a damn good show! This is Andrew here with the predictions for the Elimination Chamber 2014, just an hour to go to the show itself! Let’s get to it.

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The Black Pleb Watchers of Wrestling

Ok guys, this is a brand new YouTube show, featuring me and Jamie from Black Watcher Reviews just talking about wrestling for a bit! It will become a regular feature, so keep your eyes peeled for themost recent episodes. This week’s video features us talking about CM Punk, the Elimination Chamber and the WWE Network!


Plebeian Point of View: Why WWE Won’t Miss CM Punk

Has CM Punk waved goodbye to the WWE Universe for the last time?
Has CM Punk waved goodbye to the WWE Universe for the last time?

The big story that has dominated the WWE universe off-screen over the last month is focused around one man: CM Punk. We haven’t seen or really heard from him since the Royal Rumble, and WWE hasn’t commented on him either. What we have gathered though, is that Punk walked out because he wasn’t happy with the creative direction of the company. It has been his ambition to headline a Wrestlemania, and with his contract expiring in the summer this year could have been his last chance. When, at the Rumble, it became clear that Punk wasn’t going to be in the main event of Wrestlemania 30, Punk had had enough. He walked out hours before Raw the next night, and has maintained a radio silence since. I could write an article about how I agree or disagree with what he did (and yes, I think there’s enough on both sides to warrant an article). But let’s face it, most of what we “know” hasn’t been confirmed by either side, and could very easily be wrong. That includes the reports that Punk says he is done with the company. What we know for sure is that WWE aren’t mentioning him on or off screen, they are removing him from clips, taking fans’ signs away, and generally doing all they can to erase Punk from the company. Much as though I admire what Punk did, I can’t see it making much of a difference. Here are some reasons why I don’t think the WWE will miss him at all. Continue reading Plebeian Point of View: Why WWE Won’t Miss CM Punk

Thoughts of a Pleb: The John Cena Effect

John Cena. The most divisive WWE superstar of the last decade, possibly even longer than that, but undoubtedly the top guy in the company over that time. This article won’t be looking at whether he’s good or bad or anything like that. No, this article is about how John Cena is used in relation to others.

I’m not gonna lie, this was inspired by his match with Cesaro last night on Raw. I’ve only actually seen the last 5 minutes of it (video below), but if it really was as good as everything I’m reading says it was, and if the rest of it lived up to those last 5 minutes, then it was one hell of a match. I saw things from both guys that I’ve never seen them do before, which is always a sign that the wrestlers are pulling out all the stops to make it as good as possible.

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Thoughts of a Pleb: Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns – 2012

I just watched this video on YouTube. It was a triple threat match from FCW (WWE’s developmental system, since renamed NXT) two years ago, featuring the three competitors that I’ve named in the title. The winner would receive a shot at the FCW championship the following week. My primary thought after watching it? It was very interesting. Continue reading Thoughts of a Pleb: Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns – 2012

January 2014 News: Month in Review

So this is the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature here. I am going to round up the biggest news stories/moments of the month, and put them all into a list. It will let me cover stories that I wouldn’t otherwise get round to covering, and it may be something to look back on with a bit of nostalgia. I’m going to post this on either the last day of the month, or the first day of the next, so that’s more regular content from the off!

I’ve split things up into three categories: Inside The Ring, Outside The Ring, and In The Industry. The first is what we see on WWE TV, the second covers behind the scenes in the WWE, and the last is anything outside of the WWE basically, in the wrestling industry. This will probably be quite a long article, so let’s get to it!

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