Wrestlemania 30 Predictions

Welcome… to Wrestlemania! Or at least, the Plebs Of Wrestling’s predictions for Wrestlemania! This is it guys, this is the biggest show of the year! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. As I’ve said a lot over the last week or so, there hasn’t been much wrestling news in the last two months that hasn’t in some way related to Mania. This is the culmination, this is what WWE has been working towards for the whole of 2014 so far. This. Is. Wrestlemania.

There are 8 matches announced for the show including the kickoff match. There are also several notable things about this Mania – for one it’s literally the biggest ever, with 66 performers confirmed for matches on the show. Then add in appearances from the Hall of Famers, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and anyone else who shows up (CM Punk? Sting?). And those special appearances will be the first time we’ve seen some of the biggest names in the history of the wrestling industry on a WWE broadcast in years. And to top all of that off, this is the final event in the Plebs of Wrestling Prediction League! This is the end of the season if you like, and though I hold a fair lead over Matt, you never know what will happen. So, enough rambling about how great Wrestlemania 30 is/will be, let’s get on to the actual predictions!

M It’s Wrestlemania and how can one not be at least a bit excited!? Well it’s a close call for me I’m afraid. There’s a different feel to this year but unfortunately it’s not about the quality of the story lines and talent, but more about the spectacle surrounding the WWE Network promotion and just a downright expectancy that everyone will watch if they make it BIG! I’m a skeptic at heart as I’m sure you know, so I’ll hold my breath on this one till after I see it. The only thing I get excited about at Wrestlemania time is the Raw after it! Anyway, I’m a bit behind Andrew so I’m going all out tonight. Most of these predictions will be strange with added bits all over the shop. If I’m going down, I’m going down swinging!!

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Real Americans vs Los Matadores vs Rybaxel vs The Usos (C)

A: I feel sorry for the guys in this match. After the resurgence of the tag division at the end of 2013, it’s almost becoming an afterthought. The Usos are absolutely the team to build the division around for the foreseeable future, but it just feels a bit flat – and it has ever since the Outlaws won the belts. I feel sorry for them not being on the main card, because that’s presumably a big payday they’re missing out on, and to be honest some of the guys in this match deserve the recognition that comes with performing at Wrestlemania. I also feel sorry for the Rhodes brothers – they were the hottest duo the company had in years, and they’re not even in the tag match at Mania? How does that make sense? They should be in the Matadores’ spot. As for the match itself, I would expect an entertaining bout that goes 12-15 minutes, with the champions retaining.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – The Usos by pinfall

M: What has happened to the tag team division? Los matadores are in this match and the Rhodes brothers aren’t????? Let alone the fact that it’s on the pre show! Just when the WWE looks like they’ve got someone with a creative brain behind the scenes they still manage somehow to be taking direction from that guys slow witted half brother that can’t work a knife and fork yet!!! I expect the Uso’s to retain here but it won’t be that simple……..

Prediction: The Uso’s will win and retain, BUT….. the Matadores will be eliminated first after Ryback pins one of them, then Rybaxel will be eliminated after swagger eliminates Axel with the patriot lock, then the Uso’s will retain after hitting Cesaro with the splash.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

A: I’m not really sure what to say about this match. It will open the show – if only so that they can start the intros in the pre-show. There are maybe 4 contenders to win – Big Show, Sheamus, Big E, possibly Mark Henry. There are only 27 men announced for it, leaving three spots open for returns/debuts/surprises. The thing that’s confusing is, the match is really being pushed as something prestigious. But the only prestigious thing about it is the association with Andre. Winning it won’t really mean anything for the victor long term, will it? And the build hasn’t really been great. It’s mostly been Hogan, with the occasional promo from someone saying they’re entering the match. I would have liked to have heard somebody talking about why they wanted to win, what it would mean to them. I suppose what I’m saying is I would have liked a reason to care about whoever wins this match, winning this match. Unless it leads to a heel turn for my predicted winner. Then I might look back on this and care.

Prediction: Winner – Sheamus

M: Ok so this means something right??……… No, ok then. If there was a title shot in the horizon for the winner, then I’d like to say this would be good but it won’t! To be fair though, it’s hard to predict the winner. The big show has been played up to look unstoppable and with the giant thing p, he must look favourable. Is that being too obvious though? On the other hand someone like seamus has been looking strong up to now so he’s got to be in with a shot. My question is who are the 3 unnamed guys?? This makes it difficult to the point where I don’t know who wins!

Prediction: Well I won’t go crazy here, I’ll just pick someone. I’ll go with Brad Maddox, cause why not??


Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

A: So, is Vickie a face now? She stacked the deck against the heel champion, she must be, right? I really want to say Brie Bella’s gonna win here. I am quite confident that she will. But I’m looking at my predictions, and I only have one heel winning all night. That is way too low. I really think Brie is going to walk out of Wrestlemania as one half of a new power couple. But I can’t only predict one heel win all night. And there’s been no real build for a title change. Why not keep AJ’s reign at the top of the division going for just a little bit longer?

Prediction:  Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ by pinfall

M: So the divas get on the main card and the tag teams don’t? Yeah that makes sense! The half wit brother at work again!!! I don’t care.

Prediction: pfffft I usually go AJ so I suppose I should again. BUT!!… I’ll go with Tamina. Purely cause afterwards it keeps AJ in the picture away from the total diva………people! So Tamina to win via pinfall.


The Shield vs Kane & The New Age Outlaws

A: I have a confession to make, and it’s not an easy thing to say. My name is Andrew… and I believe in The Shield. Ok, I lied. It’s a very easy thing to say! My god the face turn has given The Shield a new lease of life! And I really am loving it. They could probably put off their break-up and implosion until next year’s Wrestlemania if they really wanted to, but I doubt that’ll happen. They have been booked so well since they arrived on the main roster that the fans just want to cheer them, and now the WWE are letting everybody do so. It’s brilliant. There is no way that the Authority’s henchmen should go over here, they’re all winding down in the twilight of their careers, whereas The Shield have more than a decade left as top guys. This is an easy one to predict.

Prediction: Winners – The Shield by pinfall

M: I’ve said from the start, the Shield are the best thing in the WWE right now and they are not proving me wrong. They are essentially 1 of 2 things keeping me watching this “product” every week now and they are worth it! I’m glad they’re sticking together for a little while longer and I’m hoping this will lead up to some sort of stable feud with the authority, kind of like a corporation vs union feud, but better. They go against the authority and then split after HHH turns Ambrose and Rollins, which would lead Reigns to go solo. Anyway this will be an easy prediction.

Prediction: I only see the Shield winning here. I’m going with Reigns to spear Kane for the pinfall!


Daniel Bryan vs Triple H

A: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Finally the WWE got this story with Bryan right. They totally messed it up along the way, but it’s the end result that people will remember most. This will probably be the second match of the night, after the battle royal, and it will be immediately followed by a Bryan-beatdown. It’s all to add to the impossible task that Bryan faces to walk out of Mania as champion, and it will make the fans rally behind him even more. I actually expect this to be the match of the night, it just feels like everything is coming together at the right time for this one to be an epic. This could get half an hour, maybe slightly more including entrances. I would expect plenty of false finishes, with the announcers putting over the idea that both men are absolutely desperate not to lose to the other. Not even necessarily to beat the other, but they couldn’t face losing after all they’ve put each other through. And Bryan will come out on top.

Prediction: Winner – Daniel Bryan by submission

M: I like Daniel Bryan. He’s one of the best in the business. I’m not quite a YES movement follower yet though. Maybe I’m just not that cheesy, but take nothing away from the momentum he has had going for him. I griped a bit about how last year he became a 2 time champion within the space of weeks because it just it devalues the title and what it means. Well maybe it’s time to admit that, that kinda adds to the atmosphere surrounding this. I’m still torn a bit on the overall ending of the night but as far as I can see. Bryan has to win here to make what happens later very memorable.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan wins via submission. BUT are you ready for the kick? I’m going to predict a return for CM Punk here. I think that HHH will have some help during the match to screw Bryan over but punk will intervene to make the save and save Bryan. This should put Punk right into an angle with HHH and maybe even Austin??


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

A: I have a ridiculous amount of faith in this match. If the Bryan-Triple H match isn’t match of the night, this is my pick. It’s had a solid, if unspectacular build, but for me it is so much more important than what we’ve seen over the last few weeks. Cena has been at or near the top of the company for a decade now – it was at Wrestlemania 20 Cena made his Mania debut, and won his first championship. Now it’s Wyatt’s Wrestlemania debut. And I don’t think Wyatt can lose here. Cena will win the feud over the next PPV or two, but Wyatt has to win here. It doesn’t matter what happens after this, what people will remember most is that Wyatt beat Cena at Wrestlemania. It’s also interesting to see Cena in essentially a mid-card match. Maybe WWE have realised that Cena doesn’t need to be around a championship to play a big role. There are so many possibilities for this match – the obvious one being Harper and Rowan on the outside potentially interfering. Again, I expect this to go long – 20/25 minutes, and if it’s anything like Wyatt vs Bryan at the Rumble we are in for one hell of a treat.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

M: I still hold that Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan at the rumble has been the best match so far this year and will take some beating! This however could come close, and that is something considering John Cena is in it!! I Think that time is winding down on Cenas career at the top though, and he may just be used to put over up and comers from now on, nothing wrong with that. I fully expect bray to win here, with a little help of course.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt to win via pinfall after Cena battles off Rowan and Harper.


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

A: I hope this will be an all out brawl. They are two brawlers who excel in physical, no-dq style matches, so why do anything different here? I think the build for this could have been better, for me Lesnar hasn’t come across as enough of a threat. For weeks he has been running scared, or getting bested by Taker. Only this week did WWE make an effort to show that Lesnar could conceivably get the better of the Deadman. It’s too little too late, especially when most of the audience already knows who’s going to win. The only way to make me doubt it would be if every week Taker was getting overpowered, out-wrestled and outshone by Lesnar. Then, if there was a moment when Lesnar looked really dominant in the match – say was about to hit a second or third finisher – then I might believe for a moment that the streak was about to end. But that hasn’t happened. So I probably won’t. And the streak will stay alive.

Prediction: Winner – Undertaker by pinfall after a Tombstone Piledriver to go 22-0

M: I don’t remember the last time I was actually able to predict an undertaker match with so much certainty. I mean I know he is always doing to win, but at least the last few years, they have put him up against people who you actually stopped and went ” well actually, I could see it happening!” This is not one of those times. Lesnar is a part timer, neither the undertaker or the WWE will gain anything by ending the streak here. It has to go to either a new upstart who will then carry the torch in the future or to a fellow legend who deserves to end it. The preference nowhere being that it doesn’t die!

Prediction: Undertaker wins via pinfall with a tombstone after what will be a brutal match.


Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: ??? vs Batista vs Randy Orton (C)

A: Or at least, we think it will be a triple threat match. I’ve seen so many rumours that whoever loses the Bryan-Triple H match will still be added here to make this a fatal-4-way that it’s as though something has been leaked. Am I the only one who has actually been entertained by the whole HHH vs Batista vs Orton promos we’ve seen over the last few weeks? To me it all makes sense. Orton is the spoiled kid who expects everyone to help him, Batista is the guy who just wants the championship and doesn’t care who he has to go through (I still see his character as more of a tweener than a heel), and Triple H is the leader of the pack, who feels like he’s being forced into doing his own dirty work. It’s also kind of refreshing to see heels who don’t get on. There’s too much “hey, we’re both heels/faces, let’s put all our past differences aside” in the WWE. That’s not realistic. But anyway, back to the match at hand. And to be honest, strange though it may be for the main event of Wrestlemania, I see this being more of an angle than a match. The story of it all will be more about stopping Bryan winning than the actual match quality I think, and as such I would expect a fair amount of interference. That won’t take anything away from the moment – think of Mankind’s first WWE Title win. So much interference there, yet still one of the most memorable moments ever. This will be when Bryan finally reaches the top of the mountain, this will be his moment – without the Authority taking it away from him. He may even be joined by Brie Bella for a double title celebration to end the show. For, Bryan, this is it.

Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Daniel Bryan by pinfall

M: Ok here we go! The big one. First off I’ll start by saying that I’m not completely sold on Bryan winning here. From when Batista came back, all I’ve been thinking about is, what was in his contract?! He came back with the promise of winning the rumble and headlining wrestlemania, but was he promised anything else? That has been plaguing my mind for a while and I’m still not sure. Bryan deserves it, there is no question in my mind about that, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over my time watching this business, it’s that you don’t always get what you deserve. Orton has played his part well, just being in the middle but there’s not a chance In hell of him retaining! I don’t think HHH will be in the match but I don’t think that will stop him for interfering in some way. If Bryan is going to win then I’m gonna predict big!

Prediction: Bryan to win via pinfall on Orton via the running knee. BUT!! I think it’s going to be chaos. The referee will get knocked down and then HHH will come down to the ring to interfere, he’ll attack Bryan. Then SMASH. GLASS SHATTERS and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the ring and stuns HHH and Orton and Batista giving Bryan the victory!
This in future I’m predicting will set up the Austin punk feud as punk will be upset that Austrians return overshadowed punks at mania! BOOM!


A: Wow. I’m so excited. It’s Wrestlemania baby! At this point I’m 85% sure I’ll be watching it live. It’s gonna be awesome. This could legitimately be the start of the next era in professional wrestling. Right here, right now.

M: Ok so I got a bit crazy there with some stuff, but like I said, it’s a shot to nothing. And I really kinda hope the last match plays out like that as it would be awesome. I really hope it will be good. But we’ll see. I’m still more looking forward to RAW though!!!

As always though, we want to know what you think? Who will leave Wrestlemania as WWE Champion? What will be the match of the night? Will Matt be able to catch up on me in the prediction league? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments below, by email, or on Facebook. And of course, look out for new content – and share us on the various social media platforms that there are links to just a little bit further down. I mean seriously, what have you got to lose?


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