WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

So here we go again for another year. After Andrew’s league win last year I’m determined to get some revenge this time out. I’m not bitter but just remember that I missed a PPV last year so that’s why he won!!!

Anyway……. To business. After a literally unbelievable Wrestlemania season, we start the road again at Extreme Rules. From my memory of this event, it’s usually a good show with a lot of the rivalries from Mania continuing on and new stories starting out. With that in mind, I’m thinking it could be a great spectacle. We have some good story progressions here with The Shield and Evolution plus Cena and the Wyatt’s. Both these matches should be great if they are given the time and of course the highlight of the night will undoubtedly be LANA!! XD

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road. Here are our predictions. Continue reading WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

News In Review: April 2014

Sorry for the radio silence guys, it’s been a busy month personally. And it’s coincided with quite a dramatic lack of news in the post-Mania wrestling world. Considering how eagerly everybody was clutching to any scrap of any information at the start of the month, it’s one hell of a drop off.

But that doesn’t mean that nothing happened at all – this was Wrestlemania month after all – so this is your monthly news in review column for the month of April 2014! If you haven’t seen this format before, it’s pretty simple to pick up. I divide the biggest news stories of the month into three categories: Inside The Ring, for things that we see in the WWE on our screens every week; Outside The Ring for the backstage gossip that isn’t really developed on TV; and finally In The Industry for any non-WWE related news stories. Let’s get to it! Continue reading News In Review: April 2014