WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

So here we go again for another year. After Andrew’s league win last year I’m determined to get some revenge this time out. I’m not bitter but just remember that I missed a PPV last year so that’s why he won!!!

Anyway……. To business. After a literally unbelievable Wrestlemania season, we start the road again at Extreme Rules. From my memory of this event, it’s usually a good show with a lot of the rivalries from Mania continuing on and new stories starting out. With that in mind, I’m thinking it could be a great spectacle. We have some good story progressions here with The Shield and Evolution plus Cena and the Wyatt’s. Both these matches should be great if they are given the time and of course the highlight of the night will undoubtedly be LANA!! XD

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road. Here are our predictions.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Bad News Barrett vs Big E (C)

M: I’m a fan in part of Barrett. I think he’s a solid performer and is the typical British brawler. I did think he would win the tournament but still remain unconvinced that he will win the belt. He’s had it before and they did nothing with him, much like what they’re doing with Big E. the IC title seems to be a poisoned chalice at the moment rather than a big deal! Big E has been MIA for a while now, in fact, did he have a match at Mania? I honestly can’t remember………oh that’s right, they stuck him In the battle royal. In my view, if they’re not going to make the lower titles a big deal then get rid if them and just have random story lines for everybody or get them all in the WWE WHT picture! It can’t really get much worse right!
Ok rant over.

Prediction: I think Big E by pinfall just to keep him relevant as a loss after being out of the limelight for a while would kill his career and I don’t think they want to do that yet. Maybe Barrett could attack him after so he gets a rematch, I don’t know.

A: So much for Big E looking like a main event player with the IC belt then. He has been reduced, if anything, to a bit part player with the title. Even in the tournament set up to decide who the challenger for this match would be, the focus seemed to be more on Cesaro/Swagger/RVD than the championship itself. On the plus side, it’s good to see Barrett back in action. It wasn’t too long ago I had him pegged as a future world champion. Maybe this will be the start of his return to that level.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Bad News Barrett by pinfall


Alexander Rusev vs R-Truth & Xavier Woods

M: ahhhhh Lana. It’s a pity this match will only last 2 mins as it means cutting down on the time she is on screen. I will say this though, Rusev looks massively impressive. Had he not been a part of that whole shield and evolution bit, he would be even more credible. He reminds me of Samoa Joe. And that is a compliment. He will go far but as long as Lana is with him I’ll be happy! Anyway,

Prediction: Rusev to win via submission. It will be quick and painful!

A: SQUASH. Obvious winner here, for a guy that seems to have flown under the radar a bit since his debut.

Prediction: Winner – Rusev by submission


Steel Cage Match: Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

M: Wyatt is awesome!! He just adds brilliance to everything in the WWE and him and Paul Heyman are the best thing about the business at the moment! (obvious exception being Lana of course! XD) I loved the choir, I love the singing in general and I think he is playing a modern heel very well! The guys in the back should take note and this is how a MODERN heel should be done. It’s not enough anymore to just come out and slag someone off. Nobody cares! You have to be creative. I wonder if we’ll see Bo Dallas here at some point? Anyway I’m going off on one so I’ll get back to the point.

Prediction: winner by pinfall bray Wyatt. I think there will be interference but Wyatt wins here and we get the rubber match next month where hopefully Cena joins the family!!

A: I’m loving this feud. Cena has to sell a different sort of offense, and the Wyatt’s are just so different – so creepy – it’s impossible not to love everything they do. The choir scene last week was excellent, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going. I thought at Mania that Wyatt had to win, and I was wrong. Now that they’re keeping it going though, I can see them doing a trilogy of matches. So here again, the most logical winner would be Wyatt. And with the addition of the cage stipulation, Cena doesn’t even have to lose clean. He can be on top of the cage, but not able to get down because of Harper and Rowan, while Bray sneaks out the door.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by escaping the cage


Divas Championship: Tamina Snuka vs Paige (C)

M: All of a sudden the divas division is looking bright thanks to Paige. The only downside is that AJ is now on hiatus as those 2 could have completely redeveloped the division. Never mind, it’s in good hands with Paige. She has everything, talent, looks, edge, an English accent and most of all, the drive to be a good female WRESTLER! I hope she doesn’t get a spray tan cause she stands out right now and she should stay that way! This is a no contest in my eyes. If the WWE has any brains left, they build this division around her.

Prediction: Paige by pinfall.

A: Oh my god Paige. So awesome – everything from her music, to her Britishness, to her winning the Divas Title on her Raw debut. While I am kind of disappointed that we haven’t gotten to see the Paige-AJ feud (since AJ is currently on hiatus), that one may be best kept on ice until Wrestlemania season, especially when you think it is probably the best possible match they can have. So in AJ’s absence, it makes sense that Tamina is in her place. They almost teased a split between Tamina and AJ anyway, where Snuka would try and make it on her own, so that is what we are seeing. It is a tough test for the young champion on paper, but I can’t see Paige losing the belt any time soon.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – Paige by pinfall


Triple Threat Match: Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam

M: This is a weird match set up. I get the Real Americans feuding. I get Heyman and Colter feuding. But wtf is RVD doing in here? All of a sudden him and Heyman have beef cause RVD beat Cesaro. It’s just lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I think this could be a good match but it just makes no sense in my eyes. I fully expect Cesaro to win this as he’s on a roll big time, but what happens after? It just makes no sense. Ah well.

Prediction: Cesaro via pinfall. I heard its elimination as well so I think Swagger gets pinned first by RVD then Cesaro pins RVD.

A: Is it wrong of me to expect really good things from this match? Cesaro is on a roll, RVD is good at what he does, and while I’ve never really been a fan of Swagger, he can go. It’s an interesting dynamic here, as it’s not just a random triple threat that so many of these types of matches seem to be nowadays – everybody has a legitimate gripe with one another. I do think though that RVD is only in this match so that Cesaro won’t get the total face reaction against Swagger – putting him with Heyman is a sign they’ll want to keep Cesaro heel. But at the same time, it’s a showcase for him to look dominant in.

Prediction: Winner – Cesaro, eliminating both guys (Swagger first, RVD last) by pinfall


Evolution vs The Shield

M: Wow. What a match we have here!!! I, alongside many others I’m sure, thought the SHIELD were over. I’m so happy they’re not! Bringing Evolution back to face them was brilliant too as it gives the SHIELD a genuine test as a trio. This will be a great match I feel and I’m plugging for a face win here. I’ve heard that Batista is to leave soon for film stuff so it’s unlikely that Evolution will win. Saying that though, HHH has lost his last couple of matches and the Authority have been on the downturn recently. This wouldn’t shock me if they pulled it off. In fact, I’m going to bet on them purely based on the fact that I expect Bryan to win and I don’t think they will have 2 main events where the faces are victorious.

Prediction: Evolution via pinfall.

A: Wow. Who would have thought a couple of months back that this is where we were heading. The Shield seem to have united again for now, but I would still expect them to have broken up in a years’ time. Turning face has given them fresh legs though, and going up against Evolution gives us plenty of scope for fresh matches. I expect this to be a good match – you wouldn’t expect anything else from the guys involved. With the rumour mill ticking over that Batista will be taking some time off after this to promote his movies, we may see an injury angle here – or else he takes the blame. Either way, that has swayed me into thinking The Shield will win – this time.

Prediction: Winners – The Shield by pinfalll


Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship: Kane vs Daniel Bryan (C)

M: It’s been an absolute roller coaster for Daniel Bryan recently and I can’t for a second imagine how he’s managed to deal with it all and I really hope they don’t use his fathers death in a story! This will be Bryan’s first test as champion and it’s a good one. I really liked the tombstones to Bryan as it made Kane look strong but then they ruined it by playing the whole demon thing, and the under the ring thing with Brie, who was clearly auditioning for a part in a 1980’s horror movie!! In this day and age, people don’t buy gimmicks too much and Kane’s is the most gimmicky of them all. Just say he’s a demented lunatic, that will be more believable and people may fear the guy. This ain’t the 90’s anymore and Vince Russo has long gone. Let’s be a bit more grown up about it and be more realistic with the characters. And let’s please stop Sandow from watching x men films!!!!!!!!

Prediction: Daniel Bryan to win via pinfall.

A: Bryan has been unlucky that he’s had so many extenuating circumstances that has meant he has been featured so little in his first month as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It does kind of feel like the 6-man-tag match is the real main event, just because it’s been featured last on Raw so often. But as for this match, can’t these two just hug it out? It worked before. They have been trying to build Kane up as a monster again, and that’s something I can see continuing in this match. I expect Bryan to go through hell (may Kane just bring out the fire again?). But I think that’ll be more so that Kane still looks like a threat when they go back to this match at Payback. Bryan to retain in true, traditional, plucky underdog fashion.

Prediction: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Daniel Bryan by pinfall


So there we have it. Let’s hope I can get a good start and get a lead to protect. I was a bit dry with the articles last year but this year will be different. I’ve got 1 or 2 on the burner and I’ll be putting them out there soon so watch this space.

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