Who will win the Money In The Bank Contract Match 2014

This has become a favourite annual column from me, for one of my favourite times of the wrestling year. I take a look at each of the competitors in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match and discuss their chances of winning. Last year two of my outside bets won the matches, and in 2012 I called the winners (though that column was structured slightly differently as not all the competitors had been announced at that point). This year I’m pretty confident I can call who will win, though an injury at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. This column will focus on the contract match, not the title match. We’ll build up to the big prize. But let’s get to it!


Kofi Kingston

*Sigh*. Kofi is here so that he can give us some innovative spot involving a ladder. He will put in a solid performance, be a highlight of the match, but I will never at any point in the match believe he has a chance of winning. It is pretty much certain he will be a career mid-carder.

Chances of Winning: None


Jack Swagger

This guy is a former world champion (after cashing in money in the bank no less), and yet is in the same boat as Kofi. I don’t believe for a minute that he has any chance of walking out with the briefcase. I have quite openly never been a fan of Swagger, and right now I believe the best place for him is the tag division. Obviously that means finding someone for him to partner up with, but it’s better than being bored regardless of what kind of singles programme he’s in.

Chances of Winning: None


Seth Rollins

Ok, let me just say first off, I think the disintegration of The Shield was genius. For months before Wrestlemania, Rollins was the glue that held the trio together, he was the mediator, the peace-keeper, so when the cerebral assassin got to Rollins, it reinforced the power and influence Triple H has, while at the same time giving Ambrose and Reigns no reason to stay together as a team.

Theoretically, Rollins should win this match. He should have any and all advantages Triple H can give him, he is on the rise, the briefcase is a great weapon for a heel to have, and he has all the ability to be a main event player. Plus, if Roman Reigns ascends to the top of the WWE around Wrestlemania time next year, what better first feud for him to have than with his former Shield cohort? However I do think the feud between Rollins and Ambrose has some legs in it, and I can see a recurring theme of this match being those two costing each other. I’m still not totally writing him off, but he’s not my favourite to win.

Chances of Winning: Possible


Dean Ambrose

While we’re talking about former Shield members, we may as well get Ambrose out of the way. It’s a very similar story to Rollins in all honesty, I think they will both stop at nothing to prevent each other winning the match, and neither will come out on top.

One of the really understated effects of Rollins turning on the Shield and not Ambrose is that it gives Ambrose an excuse to appear even more unhinged, a role he really excels in. He is the most natural heel out of the three, but his character really wouldn’t have fit in with any alignment with the authority. Jealousy, as teased at the start of the year? Absolutely. Siding with the McMahon-Helmsley regime? Absolutely not. Where will Ambrose go after the Rollins rivalry ends? I would like to see him go up against Randy Orton (while Reigns moves up to Triple H himself). Orton has portrayed a similarly psychotic character in the past, so it would be a nice clash, all the while giving Ambrose an extremely established name to face off against.

Coming back to this match though, as I said, Ambrose is in the same boat as Rollins. I’m not completely ruling him out, but he’s not in my top two picks.

Chances of Winning: Possible


Rob Van Dam

I am so tempted to write “see Kofi Kingston”. He is here to put in a solid performance, without ever legitimately threatening to win. The difference between RVD and Kofi is RVD’s pre-existing pedigree. He is a former Money In The Bank winner with a long history of ladder matches, a former WWE Champion, a former ECW Champion (when that was still kind of a big thing), and one of the most exciting superstars in the immediate post-Attitude era. RVD is a credible opponent to put over younger talent. Kofi’s not quite in that role yet – he can put people over but he seems to be a step below RVD. But yeah, Rob Van Dam won’t win this.

Chances of Winning: None


Dolph Ziggler

Did anybody else find it really interesting that Triple H mentioned that a lot of people think Trips doesn’t like Ziggler? Could this be the start of something for Dolph? He has been facing off against Rollins a lot over the last couple of weeks as well – a place of prominence compared to where Ziggler has been recently. There’s really no reason not to push him. He is almost entirely a product of the WWE developmental system, has never had any substance abuse issues, and is one of the best in ring workers in the entire company. I read recently that there are worries that he is injury prone after suffering two concussions in the space of a year, but the likes of Edge had numerous injury problems and was still one of the most decorated superstars in history. Ziggler became a force through Money In The Bank, he can do it again. This could very potentially be the start of a new wave of success for Dolph.

Chances of Winning: Dark Horse (second favourite)


Bad News Barrett

Come on, this is just perfect for Barrett’s gimmick. An epic, gruelling match where the babyface comes out victorious in a hard fought effort, when Barrett comes out saying “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…”. It’s a perfect scenario for him. He has been close before. I believed he was going to win last year before a shoulder/arm injury kept him out. I’ve been a fan of Barrett for a long time, I have always believed in him as a future World Champion. And now Drew McIntyre has been released, he is my only hope for a British World Champion. I believe that this is his time for the briefcase. He apparently suffered an injury at the Smackdown taping on Tuesday though, but nothing has been announced as to whether or not he will still be competing. Fingers crossed he will be okay.

Chances of Winning: The Favourite



So just to be absolutely clear, my pick is Barrett. If he isn’t in the match because he can’t compete, my pick is Ziggler. But there is a lot of talent and experience in this match, and so I have high expectations for this. Higher than the WWE Championship match anyway, though I suppose that could just be because I’m more excited about the outcome of this one.

Do you agree with my pick? Is there anyone you feel I’m being overly optimistic about, or even writing off too quickly? Who else would you have liked to have seen in this match? Let us know by the usual methods you can find below.


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