Money In The Bank 2014 Predictions

A: It’s one of the more exciting periods in the WWE calendar, it’s Money In The Bank time! This year is historic, since it’s the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be contested in a MitB ladder match! But of course, you already knew that. This can often be the time of year where we see where the future of the company is headed, and this year should be no different. With potential breakout performances from Cesaro, Reigns, and the chance to make a huge impression in the contract match, this could be a huge night! But there are obviously more than two matches on the card, so let’s get on to talking about them all!

M: Since I started watching again regularly is has been my favourite PPV of the lot, purely because I love the concept of the briefcase. It also has at least one ladder match, which is always a good thing. This time around there’s 2 and they couldn’t be more important! With some of the guys who would usually be in the briefcase match being in the WWE Title match, this will open the door for another up and comer to take the spotlight! Those 2 matches are the only thing going for this show I’m afraid. The tag match should put up some fight but with 2 ladder matches of massive importance on the card, of course everything else will suffer. Anyway here we go.


Divas Championship Match: Naomi vs Paige (C)

Divas Title
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A: This should be a very good divas match. With a couple less matches on the card due to the ladder matches, this could get a lot of time, and they are two of the most capable divas in the company. Since AJ seems to have left, you could say they are two of the top three along with Natalya. So needless to say, I’m hopeful of very big things. It seems obvious that they are going to split the Funkadactyls up, but I just hope Cameron isn’t too involved before the finish. Naomi and Paige can have a great match, but if Cameron is getting involved every other minute it will ruin it. By all means split them up, but don’t do it at the expense of a high quality match. Anyway, I see no reason for Paige to lose the belt here, and the most likely scenario for Cameron to turn heel is by costing Naomi the match. So that’s what I’m going for.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – Paige by submission

M: This will be a better matchup for Paige than Alicia fox but I think it’s still a far stretch for anyone to really believe in this! I have a feeling that this is going to be a catalyst for the Funkadactyls to break up rather than anything else so I expect a few seeds to be planted here along those lines. The smart thing to do is to keep the title on Paige until AJ gets back, so let’s hope they get smart.

Prediction: Winner – Paige via submission


Big E vs Rusev

Big E v Rusev

A: Why exactly do we need to see this again? They had next to no interaction in the immediate aftermath of their last encounter, which Rusev won quite easily. Talking of their last match, I wrote in the preview of that that I wasn’t impressed by Rusev. I’m still not. Except for that kick. That’s his one saving grace. But yeah, this will go exactly the same way as the last one.

Prediction: Winner – Rusev by submission

M: Yawn……zzzzzzzzzzzz…..cough….cough….hmmm, what…..oh hey look there’s Lana! That is all this match will offer. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Rusev is a phenomenal athlete and is built like a brick shithouse but he’s already beaten Big E and it makes no sense for him to lose here so why not just move on??! They did this with Ryback and look what happened to him.

Prediction: Winner – Rusev via submission


Stardust & Goldust vs Rybaxel

Dusts v Rybaxel

A: Ok. Cody Rhodes is now “Stardust”. This is not the best use of him. But, he is at least now getting TV time, he is winning again, and it’s something! He could very easily get lost in the shuffle as a singles superstar right now, but this gimmick change has kept us all talking about him. And it’s a test, if he can get over with the Stardust gimmick, it’s another notch added to his successes with bad gimmicks. I mean, this is the guy who got a reaction just by growing a moustache! And remember Dashing Cody Rhodes? That wasn’t good either (but it did lead to the psychotic, masked Cody Rhodes, which I thought was fantastic). Every time something like this is thrown down in front of him, he charges through! The Dust brothers should pick up the win here.

Prediction: Winners – Stardust & Goldust by pinfall

M: Not really sure what is going on here, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that the Rhodes brothers would be feuding by now but alas no, we have stardust. There’s nothing here other than a reason to get them on the card. If doesn’t matter who wins and it could go either way so let’s go……

Prediction: Winners – Goldust and Stardust via pinfall


Money In The Bank Contract Ladder Match

MITB Contract Match

A: I wrote an article dedicated to this match on Thursday night. You can read my thought on it here. We are still none the wiser about Wade Barrett’s status after he suffered an injury at the Smackdown tapings though, so since he was my pick to win I’m putting both him and my second choice as my prediction, depending on whether he can compete.

Prediction: Winner of the Money In The Bank Contract – Wade Barrett (or Dolph Ziggler)

M:  Well where do I start? I don’t think they will put the 2 ladder matches back to back, and in fact this could be the first match on the card so I predict some great things to open the show with. I think there’s only really 2 men that could win this, those being Barrett and Ziggler! I know Rollins would be the favourite but having Ambrose there cancels him out I feel. They’re going to have a big feud over the next few months to this will start it out nicely. If any of the 2 are to win here I think it’s more likely to be Ambrose than Rollins, as Trips could put Rollins In the title picture anytime he wants so Rollins doesn’t need it.

Barrett is supposedly injured but nothing has been said about him not competing so at the moment he’s my pick just because he flat out deserves it! He’s been consistently good since he returned and is one of few who can actually get heat from a crowd. However if not him the I think it’s Zigglers time again. He’s been lying at the bottom of the ladder recently but a few good matches with Rollins have surely put him up there now. Plus he always gets a pop from the crowd as he’s a good performer! I won’t spend any time on Swagger, RVD or Kingston as I think they’re just there for numbers and experience in the match. I think it will be good and I’m sticking my neck out for a Barrett victory, or Ziggler if Barrett isn’t competing.

Prediction: Winner – Barrett if in match. If not Ziggler


Special Referee Match: Layla vs Summer Rae

Summer Rae v Layla

A: Who actually cares about this feud? Is Summer Rae supposed to be a face now? Will Fandango ever be relevant in the current roster? So many questions, so little I care…

Prediction: Winner – Summer Rae by pinfall

M: Meh. Nothing more.

Prediction: Winner – Summer Rae via pinfall


WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Wyatt Family vs The Usos (C)

Usos vs Wyatts

A: I’m really not sure what to think about this match. On one hand, it should be a good effort. On the other, it doesn’t really feel new because the Usos have been fending off Harper and Rowan for Cena for a long time now. There have been rumours for a while now that Rowan and Harper won’t actually win the belts, and that the Usos will hold on to them until the Ascension rises up from NXT. Then the Family could feud with the Dust brothers? Is that just wishful thinking on my part? Oh well. I’m going for the champions to retain here.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – The Usos

M: I expect big things from this match. 2 great teams of competitors and 2 completely different styles. I expect the Uso’s to retain here but most likely via DQ than pinfall. This is Rowan and Harper’s first shot as a tag team and I don’t see them racking up a loss so early on, however I don’t see the Usos losing the titles yet. A DQ would be a good way to set up a rematch for Battleground as well.

Prediction: Winners – Usos via DQ.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match


A: This is another one I wrote about earlier this week (you can read that one here). This time I’m not quite as confident about my pick though. The poster for Summerslam was put online, and it featured John Cena vs Brock Lesnar. It has been widely expected that Brock Lesnar will challenge for the WWE Title at Summerslam. Therefore it’s pretty obvious John Cena will win the ladder match, right? Not necessarily. When WWE found out about this, they were understandably not happy. And the backstage rumours now are that Randy Orton will win tonight, after WWE changed plans. The idea is still that Lesnar will face Cena, but it’s less certain if that will be for the championship or not. After all this, and a lot of doubt, I’m still going with my pick in the previous article.

Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena

M:  Ok and now for the big one. All the hype leading in has been about Reigns and him being the next big thing. Well that may be true but I don’t think he’s in line for the title just yet. He’ll have a brilliant match I have no doubt but he’s got Orton and HHH on the horizon so I don’t think it makes sense to put the gold on him just yet. The rumours are that Lesnar will be facing the champ soon so it would make sense for a baby face to win it, and everybody says Cena. (Shocker!!!) well in the spirit of ABC (Anyone But Cena) I will be going in a different direction. And that direction is Cesaro. The reasons are there: Paul Heyman laid down the spoiler line, a feud between Heyman guys would be a great story and because out of the rest of them, he wouldn’t suffer from a short title run and then dropping it. He’s definitely my pick.

Sheamus and Del Rio are purely there for fillers I feel, and Kane and Orton are purely there to upset Reigns. I very much suspect we may see HHH down there at some point and maybe even Daniel Bryan, so I can easily see a scenario where those last 5 are separated from the rest of the match, brawling, at the end leaving Cesaro to capitalise. However it ends, I suspect some feuds to be set up here for Battleground and a great match in the process.

Prediction: Winner and new champion- Cesaro


So there you have it, and I have to say, I was very interested to read Matt’s thoughts on this! Money In The Bank is normally a good show, so while I’m not hugely excited for this I still have high hopes. And as I said at the top, the contract usually leads to a lot of excitement and entertainment, making it one of my favourite times of the year. So here’s hoping this year is no different!

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