WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

In typical WWE fashion we have another PPV within 3 weeks of the last one. I seem to remember them doing this last year so at least they get points for consistency! There’s a general feeling that PPV’s will be gone after a while as the WWE network starts to take over. Not sure what that will look like but I’m all for it as, to be honest, things are getting stale.

Anyway let’s get this show on the road.

This actually promises to be a very promising show in terms of the matches and talent on show. For example, I’m actually looking forward to a divas match for the first time since………..well ever!

As per usual myself and Andy will be your guides on this journey so let’s get started.

Cameron vs Naomi

M. I do not agree with matches like this being out on mainstream PPV’s. The whole point is to create an angle on their tv show which nobody watches!! Therefore they are immediately alienating a large part of the audience who could care about this. I’m hoping Naomi wins so that there will be no more of it!

Prediction : Naomi wins via pinfall

A. This heated grudge match between two former best friends… um… isn’t heated. It’s a good thing for the division that there are two divas matches on a PPV night, but I really don’t see a reason to care about this one. Hopefully this is the end of this break-up feud.

Prediction: Winner – Naomi by pinfall

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

M. Another battle royal! Unbolievable! They’re in danger of diminishing the prestige of the royal rumble at this rate! Anyway, there’s a lot of different ways that this could go in that there are a lot of big players in here. Naturally I would be favouring Cesaro here as he’s the guy on the rise and having the IC belt would mean that Heyman would have 2 belts within the next month if Leasnar does beat “Cena” at summerslam, but I will be going in another direction. I’m slowly becoming but am not yet a Bo-liever, however I have a hunch that the recent references to bo’s undefeated streak mean a bit more than just random commentary. It’s likely to be a sneaky finish with maybe del rio and big e left with Bo and he dumps them both at the same time. Whichever way my pick…..

Prediction: winner and new IC Champion – Bo Dallas

A. There are 6 former champions announced for this match, but who will actually win is anybody’s guess. It could be Cesaro, as he establishes himself at the top of the midcard and gives Paul Heyman another reason to brag. It could be Sheamus, if the WWE follows through with the idea to unify the US and IC belts. It could be Dolph Ziggler, if there are any plans to ever have him get anywhere near the top again. It could be Rob Van Dam, if they want to push a young heel towards the belt and would rather do it in a singles setting. Or they may not want to wait and do it in a singles setting, and have a young heel win the belt in fluky fashion here. It’s that last option I’m going for here. It’s a risky one, but until I’m proven otherwise, I won’t stop Bo-lieving.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Bo Dallas

2-Out-Of-3 Falls Tag Team Championship Match: The Wyatt Family vs The Usos (C)</u

M. I’m looking forward to this. They had a great match last time out and I expect this to be better. With the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation, they can play about with some fun spots here but either way, this could steal the show for me. There are long standing rumours that the ascension will be coming up from NXT at some point and I think that they would most likely be booked as heels to start and therefore having a feud with the Wyatt’s doesn’t make a lot of sense right away. That’s my reasoning behind my pick anyway.

Prediction: Winner and still tag champs – the Uso’s.

A. This is a strange one, because they’ve faced each other often enough, and added the stipulation to this one, so it feels like the end of the feud. But it would be strange not to have a heated rivalry over a championship heading into the second biggest show of the year. These two teams have a good to excellent track record, and the stipulation here pretty much guarantees them a lot of time to make this another classic. They will need to give us some kind of new, innovative spot though, because without that I’m not sure there will be enough interest to stretch it to another month. With that and how this series has been booked so far, I’m going with the champions to retain here.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – The Usos by pinfall

Divas Championship Match: Paige vs AJ Lee (C)

M. Here we go. I’m looking forward to this. Not the match itself but the feud that is about to develop from this. This will be a great stepping stone and I’m expecting great things. I fully expect AJ to retain and have Paige turn heel as I think she can pull that off well.

Prediction: winner via submission and still Divas champion AJ

A. YES. I am so excited for this match, these two are the best divas we have had in years, and I loved the AJ return! I was legitimately surprised by it, which always helps, plus it was part of a fantastic edition of Raw. It was essentially a double turn, with AJ returning as the triumphant face, while Paige hasn’t quite gone full blown heel yet. It’s coming though. And when it does happen, it will be great too. It may actually help them drag this feud out to an extra PPV, since they will be telling a slightly different story in the future. But I do think AJ has to retain this time round, a three week reign doesn’t really do much for anyone.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ Lee by submission

Jack Swagger vs Rusev

M. Well it’s definitely been more interesting that anything Rusev has done previously. Being a non American, It’s difficult to get really into these anti American story’s, and that makes caring about them all the more difficult. However, there’s Lana! Anyway I like the fit, swagger and coulter make good opponents for Rusev but I don’t think anyone really believes that swags will take this one.

Prediction : Rusev wins via submission

A. I really don’t know what it is, I’m still lethargic towards both these guys. But, this confrontation does make a lot of sense, and Swagger got a pretty big pop when he first came out against Rusev. I just don’t have a lot to say here, because this kind of storyline has been done so often before. The patriot vs the evil foreigner. It’s not enough to get me interested yet.

Prediciton: Winner – Rusev by submission

Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

M. Is it just me or does Jericho have the best returns/entrances?! I really didn’t see the comeback happening and I loved that. It’s made me want to go back and watch videos of his debut in 99. Unfortunately he’s mainly being used to put people over and I don’t see anything different here. I wish wwe had reversed the order and done Wyatt v Jericho before Wyatt v Cena though. They kinda killed his momentum with Cena and this is just about getting it back. Though he needs to change a bit. As much as I love the fact that he’s a great showman, I think it’s getting stale. He needs to back up the talking with some more sadistic behaviour in and around the ring to really complete the picture. Anyway, if Jericho wins then it’s just building to summerslam where they’ll square off again in a cage or something but I don’t think he’ll win.

Prediction: Wyatt wins via pinfall

A. Now this is something I’m VERY excited about! This is the perfect rivalry for both guys at just the right time! The matches here have the potential to be excellent, and the promos should be off the charts! And to top it all off, Wyatt will really be a main event player after going over someone with the pedigree of Jericho. They seem to be playing up the mystery of exactly why Wyatt chose to go after Jericho, so again that will give this pairing legs. These two can create great things, and I’m so looking forward to seeing what they produce.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

M. I can’t wait for this match!!! This will hopefully be epic. I do have a feeling though that, with so many matches on the card that they’re maybe going to have to cut one short, and it can see it with this one. Ambrose has been beaten to a pulp trying to get a hold of Rollins and has been thwarted at every turn, but that has made it exciting! I can easily see Ambrose coming out guns blazing and Rollins backing off of HHH interfering in some way to help Rollins. I think the longer you keep Ambrose from getting his hands on Rollins the better and it could lead to a BIG match at Summerslam with a BIG build up! I’m talking rock vs stone cold build up! Throwing each other off bridges and beating up family members! I hope anyway!

Prediction: Ambrose via DQ.

A. Ambrose has suddenly got huge momentum behind him, maybe more so than anyone else in the company. His long term prospects are looking fantastic right now. His short term prospects – not so good. I can’t see him winning here. He’s not going to look weak in defeat though, he got beaten down on Raw, I think he got beaten up again on Smackdown, and the Authority can always get involved. But the thing is, if anything losing here in a screwy but gutsy fashion will help him. Plus it’ll give Seth a big win that he can always brag about in the future. These two facing off against each other should only mean good things for all involved.

Prediction: Winner – Seth Rollins by pinfall

Fatal-4-Way WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

M. I’m actually looking forward to this the least I must say. We’ve all heard about plan c and that it’s lesnar so what’s the point in the charade?? I expect a good match but the real question is how do reigns and Orton really establish their feud in this match? I’ll be interested to see but not that interested.

Prediction: Cena retains via pinfall

A. This match isn’t really exciting because all signs point to Cena vs Lesnar for the belt at Summerslam. This is so obviously just filler till then it’s not even funny. It is a continued sign of the WWE’s faith in Roman Reigns though that he is a part of this match, and he is probably the biggest threat to Cena in this match. Again though, this is another match where I don’t really feel like there’s all that much to say, because I’m already looking forward to the next title match, and how the return of the Beast Incarnate comes about.

Prediction: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena by pinfall

Well that’s out lot. A big card tonight and we have high hopes so bring it on. It will be interesting to see if lesnar does appear tomorrow night or if wwe will throw a curveball and play the Brock card tonight!

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