WWE Summerslam 2014 Predictions

It’s just about time for the biggest show of the Summer! Summerslam 2014 is here, and in a lot of ways it is the start of a new era for the WWE. We are getting the new logo (which isn’t really new, it’s the one that has until this point been used for the Network), a single WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt (which is basically just the old WWE Championship belt with the updated logo), and we get to see such fresh new faces in prominent places on the card like… John Cena? Fresh new matchups like – what? Half of the card are rematches from other PPVs? Oh. Well one thing that we know doesn’t change is WWE promoting a show like this one as if it’s going to be the best thing ever (aside from the WWE Network of course, how much is it again?), without ever giving it a chance to reach those dizzying heights. But anyways, we can only deal with what’s put in front of us. So! Let’s! Get! Predicting!


Kickoff Match: Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam

All images courtesy of WWE.Com
All images courtesy of WWE.Com

A: This totally reeks of “hey, those two guys aren’t doing anything at this show, let’s put them in a match together!” Please say I wasn’t the only one who thought awesomeness when I typed “totally reeks of”. I’m not even going to say this will be a good match despite the amount of talent involved here, purely for the reason it’s on the kickoff show. 9 times out of 10 those matches go 6 or 7 minutes max. Just surprise us WWE, you have half an hour to play with. Let them go nearly 20 minutes, and put on an excellent match. Have it overrun to the start of the PPV. Just do anything to give people any air of unpredictability for these kickoffs – then I might actually have an interest in watching them. RVD might be on his way out for another break, you can never be too sure with him. Cesaro to win. He needs it at this point.

Prediction: Winner – Cesaro by pinfall

M: Not really sure if this is even worth predicting but if it get extra points then why not!? I’ll just go for Van Dam, as Cesaro has been on a RIDICULOUS losing streak of late and it might as well continue.

Prediction: Winner – Rob Van Dam by pinfall


Flag Match: Jack Swagger vs Rusev

Swagger v Rusev

A: I thought I would just get this one out of the way, since I think I’ve established my lethargy towards these two well enough by now. This feud makes sense, and the match type makes sense, but I’m not excited for it. Swagger to win to end the feud (hopefully).

Prediction: Winner – Jack Swagger

M: Probably more interesting than most of the matches on the card. At least there’s been some credible build up and it makes sense for once! I don’t think the match will be any good but at least I’ll be interested enough to care about the outcome.

Prediction: Winner – Swagger. I’m not sure how this match works so I don’t know how he’ll win but he will.


Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt (Harper & Rowan banned from ringside)

Jericho v Wyatt

A: I love how WWE are suddenly making it a big deal that Harper and Rowan are banned from ringside. Wyatt didn’t have them in his matches against Daniel Bryan, and a few of his matches against Cena until they decided to use that feud as a way to move the Family into a feud with the Usos. Wyatt is starting to get a bit boring. He’s as high quality as ever, but it feels like the same thing – with the same style of promo – every week. Just because he’s probably one of the best talkers in the company right now doesn’t mean you overplay the hand. Have him savagely attack somebody. Have him in some kind of match for crying out loud. He only wrestled on PPVs now. But anyway, back to this feud specifically. Jericho came back to put over Wyatt. Jericho won last month, but he will lose here, he will lose in the decider at Night Of Champions, and then he will take off and go Fozzying again. You just have to hope these two can steal one of the next two shows to make Wyatt look awesome again.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

M: Well WWE are definitely consistent. They are now making me bored with bray Wyatt. There should be more to this than what there is but it’s just not interesting at all. The sad thing about that is that Jericho is an icon and Wyatt is the new hope, it should be unmissable but it’s not by any means. If Wyatt loses another feud match then his career is more or less over. I still don’t think his character has recovered from the loss to Cena. 

Prediction: Winner via pinfall – Bray Wyatt


Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (C)

Miz v Ziggler

A: Ok, so here we are. Shall we just move on? Does anybody care? There’s only so many times you can say Ziggler deserves better. I see no reason to move the belt away from Miz on to Ziggler here – if Ziggler was going to end up with the belt why not just have him win the battle royal last month? Miz is at least kind of relevant again now with the title.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – The Miz by pinfall

M: No interest. Poor booking and feud building. People are getting fired left right and centre at the WWE, yet the writing staff are still there?!?!!?! If I continue to put out crap every week at my job, I get sacked or sanctioned so wtf!? They keep racists on board apparently so nothing should really surprise! Ok rant over.

Prediction: I’ll go Ziggler wins via dq but Miz keeps title. What the hell eh!?


Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

Reigns v Orton

A: Am I the only one starting to lose a bit of faith in Reigns? His promos really need work, and I haven’t seen him do anything really impressive in a while. They need to stop making him do promos until he can really deliver them – he got over as the muscle in The Shield, and he would really thrive right now as the strong, silent, intimidating badass. But instead they’re making him cut promos every week. In the ring I already feel like there’s a danger of him becoming John Cena – you have the spear, the superman punch, the dropkick on the apron… is he still doing the powerbomb? I honestly can’t name any other  move he does. The bright side is of course that he is over, and the fans are ready for him. But unless he can improve both in and out of the ring, I’m not convinced the inevitable push isn’t coming too soon, and that in 4-5 years we will be sick of him. Conversely, though his ascent may be coming just a little too soon, I think this feud has suffered because it has been dragged out too long. Reigns should have gone through Orton and moved on to Triple H by now – after all, that’s who he’s really been antagonising this whole time, right?

Prediction: Winner – Roman Reigns by pinfall

M: I’m not really excited about this match. I get the feud but I still can’t help shaking that they’re suffering because Lesnar gets top billing. Reigns is a weird one for me. I’m not really sure if I buy into him yet. He was credible and exciting in The Shield but it just feels too rushed and fake right now for me. Then again what isn’t in WWE these days?!

Prediction: Winner – Reigns via pinfall


Lumberjack Match: Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Dean v Seth

A: A lumberjack match. Great. If Ambrose picked the stipulation, why wouldn’t he make the match for the Money In The Bank briefcase? Does he not want to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Aren’t we always told that if you don’t want to be champion then you’re in the wrong business? See WWE, this is why the internet hates you at times. I get that Ambrose would want to make sure Rollins doesn’t just leave, but there is no reason not to have the briefcase on the line, and it’s illogical not to. These two have the quality to steal any show, but with this stipulation they’re just not going to. With lumberjacks, they like to play up the involvement of the lumberjacks themselves. The question of who will win very much depends on another question: is this the end of the feud? I don’t think so. Therefore, what’s the best route to go down? If Ambrose wins, he could happily move on. Rollins could go to HHH, but Trips seems distracted with “more important” things right now. If Rollins wins, Ambrose will still be out for revenge. And there will be nothing Seth can do to stop the crazy train from coming at him.

Prediction: Winner – Seth Rollins by pinfall

M: Was hoping for a no holds barred match but I suppose this will do. Should be a good match and I like to see that it’s a continuing feud going on 3 months now. Still I feel there could be more. There’s just not enough hate there yet. Where’s the outdoor attacks? Where’s the attacks on family? They’ve done some stuff which has been fun but still lack that cutting edge. That’s WWE’s fault though, not these guys.

Prediction: I would love to see Ambrose take it here but I just feel that Rollins will find a way. So I’m going for Rollins via pinfall.


Divas Championship Match: Paige vs AJ Lee (C)

AJ v Paige

A: I’ve liked what’s been happening here. Paige looks a lot better being more aggressive. And I also like that AJ hasn’t just stood there looking innocent and taking it all, she finally snapped and went on the aggressive herself – albeit not on Paige. Yet. These two haven’t exactly set the world alight like a lot of us had hoped, but they are putting a spotlight back on the division, and the heel turn of Paige has meant AJ is not the only diva with a character anymore. I want this feud to continue for another month or two yet. It may just be because I’m a fan of Paige, or it might just be wishful thinking, but I reckon she has a real chance of taking the title.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Divas Champion – Paige by pinfall

M: One of only 2 matches I’m looking forward to. Paige is awesome. She’s been such an awesome heel. She does it very well indeed. It makes all the difference though if they can back it up In the ring, which she definitely can. We were all looking forward to the AJ return and subsequent feud and so far they have not let us down. This I expect to be along the same lines.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Champ – Paige via submission


Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon

Steph v Brie

A: I strongly suspect (read: pray to god) that this will be more about an angle than the actual match. The rivalry has been built up well. Probably a bit too well, it already feels like they’re running out of ideas. This feud was actually main eventing Raw? I mean… come on, really? I would have said Brie was a certainty to win this. But then she got her job back. I was expecting that to be the stipulation here. Now that that’s happened, I really can’t see her winning. It could be Triple H, Kane, Claire Lynch V2 or a heel turn from Nikki Bella. But something or someone will distract/cost Brie the match. Never bet against Cena? No, never bet against a McMahon.

Prediction: Winner – Stephanie McMahon by pinfall

M: So this has had the most airtime of any feud leading up to Summerslam and I still don’t know why. To be fair, it’s actually been interesting and something that hasn’t been done in a while, although if you’re going to include Daniel Bryan in a feud about his wife, then INCLUDE Daniel Bryan in a feud about his wife. This either ends with Brie winning clean or most likely Nikki turning on her. So…

Prediction: Winner via pinfall – Stephanie McMahon


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena (C)

Cena v Brock

A: I feel like they really missed a trick with Lesnar. Think Wrestlemania time: Lesnar was the most hated man in every building he went to. He was getting more heat than I can ever remember anyone getting. Then he disappears for months, and comes back to face the one guy he will just about always get cheered against – John Cena. Beating the streak should have made someone an uber-heel, but when Lesnar walked back into a WWE ring as Plan C he was cheered. I’m not going back to the argument that Lesnar shouldn’t have won at Wrestlemania, I get why they did it and I do think it was logical. I just think they could have capitalised on it better.

And let’s face it, the build for this match hasn’t been great at all. Neither man has been around enough, squared up to the other enough, for it to really work. These two brawled all the way up to Extreme Rules 2012, and it worked. I don’t get why they haven’t touched each other this time round (a strategy I think would have been better applied to the Ambrose-Rollins feud). The other thing I think that’s missing from this is a stipulation. We know these two aren’t going to put on a technical spectacle, yet they’re fighting in a traditional wrestling match. I know they did No Holds Barred back in 2012, but some other variant of that could have really helped this match.

As it is, we’re left with a big question: will WWE put the WWE Title on a part-timer? Well, we already know the answer to that. Yes. They’ve already done it with The Rock. And they’ll do it again here. What I’m not so sure about is the report I read earlier today, saying that if Lesnar won he would hold the belt all the way till Wrestlemania and drop it to Reigns. But that’s probably a column for another day. Right now, I’m tipping the one in 21-1, to become the one WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar by pinfall

M: Ok so blah blah blah I hate Cena and so forth and so on. Well that’s true. Yet I’m looking forward to this match. Probably because there’s the chance that Cena could drop the title. I hope that Lesnar wins I really do. I know a lot of people don’t think he should because he’s only part time, well I disagree. He may be part time but he’s also the only true character in WWE let alone the only true heel. I genuinely get excited when Lesnar is on the scene because I know good things will happen, Just like when Austin and The Rock made an entrance. Nobody else really does that anymore and that’s the reason why nobody is signing up to the network. I really hope that they take more hits so that they buck up their ideas and at least start to think about putting out a decent product for once. Ok rant over again! Anyway…

Prediction: Winner and NEW Champ – Lesnar via submission!!!!!

So Matt had a couple of rants in there, and I wasn’t exactly positive for a lot of it either. A lot has been said about the dreaded Summer downturn that happens every year, but this year I know I for one am really feeling it. It might not even have as much to do with the WWE as much as it is my focus just being on other things, but wrestling is doing very little to reel me back in. The most exciting thing that has happened in the wrestling world over the summer is the signings of Kenta, Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen, and we’re still unlikely to see any of them on WWE TV in 2014. It says a lot when three behind the scenes signings do more to grab my attention than the product, but that’s just the state we’re in.

And so we come to the generic ending segment. Who do you think will win at Summerslam? Would it be a mistake to put the WWE Championship on a part timer like Brock Lesnar? Is there a more exciting way to end every article than with three questions people hardly ever respond to (seriously, it’s like you’re not even getting this far or something)? Let us know by either commenting, or by using the contact details below. And as always please do share us on all the various social media platforms there are buttons for below – as well as the secret social media platform: talking (about us).

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