WWE Night of Champions Predictions 2014

M: Right here we go again. Night of Champions is back upon us and it’s looking like another mediocre card again. I don’t want to start in a negative fashion but I’m really struggling to find good things to say about the business nowadays. On that note, I’ll be putting in as much effort to my predictions as WWE creative have been putting into their writing and booking of the shows……..very little.

The big news is that Roman Reigns has been sidelined for a few months with a bad hernia which throws up a few uncertainties going forward but I think that may work in his favour as I just feel that he was in danger of getting stale and boring. (Not his fault!) So with that in mind, what happens to Rollins? Well the obvious thing is an Ambrose return, but will they have had enough time to develop a match between them or will they go with the all out brawl? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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