WWE Night of Champions Predictions 2014

M: Right here we go again. Night of Champions is back upon us and it’s looking like another mediocre card again. I don’t want to start in a negative fashion but I’m really struggling to find good things to say about the business nowadays. On that note, I’ll be putting in as much effort to my predictions as WWE creative have been putting into their writing and booking of the shows……..very little.

The big news is that Roman Reigns has been sidelined for a few months with a bad hernia which throws up a few uncertainties going forward but I think that may work in his favour as I just feel that he was in danger of getting stale and boring. (Not his fault!) So with that in mind, what happens to Rollins? Well the obvious thing is an Ambrose return, but will they have had enough time to develop a match between them or will they go with the all out brawl? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

So let’s get down to the predictions. I’m not going to be putting much into these this month I’m afraid as I’m currently on holiday in Ireland and nothing that’s going on in WWE right now makes me want to disrupt that!


Mark Henry vs Rusev

Images courtesy of WWE.Com
Images courtesy of WWE.Com

M: I still kinda like Rusev as a character because he’s being built up well and is believable as a heel. If anything he’s one that wwe creative have done right because they have invested time and energy into him and not made him jump right in at the top. eg Bray Wyatt. When he gets the nod to go top level, he will be a believable challenge for even Brock Lesnar I believe! Anyway, Henry is just another brick in the road so this will only go one way. I hope they don’t do a rematch, Im really sick of American patriotism being flaunted needlessly for cheap pops, and after our own failings as a country recently, as a Scottish man, I’m in no mood to over do the “we the people” crap! More on that later though.

Prediction: Rusev via pinfall. I think pinfall because he’ll have to do something big to put away the “World’s Strongest Man”

A: I’m still bored by Rusev. His superkick is impressive, but is character is cliché, the Camel Clutch/Accolade is a weak finisher, and hearing Lana saying essentially the same thing every week (in a similar way to Bray Wyatt actually) is getting repetitive and boring. Nevertheless however, WWE seems intent on pushing the guy. This will be a win over an American Olympic athlete. Here’s just hoping the man to conquer the Bulgarian-Russian will be our Olympic Hero. You know who I’m referring to. Yes, him. It’s true. It’s damn true.

Prediction: Winner – Rusev by submission


WWE Divas Championship: Paige (C) vs AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella

Divas Title

M: I once said that paige and AJ would save the dwindling divas division but I have to now concede that it is unsavable. Nobody really gives a toss about the Bellas and their feud! I can’t stand how WWE keep pushing Total Divas storylines into Raw and Smackdown! I’m not writing anymore because it really doesn’t deserve anymore!!

Prediction: I don’t really care, Paige via pinfall.

A: Well at least we are at the stage where there are more than two divas in the company getting attention from the writers. On the downside that has left us with the catty Bella feud. I fully expect Brie to get involved somewhere along the line here, to cost Nikki the match. It would probably be a better way for a heel to win – by taking advantage of a situation after someone has been taken out – than a face. So because of that I’m going with a heel win, and Paige to retain her title.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – Paige by pinfall


Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho


M: 2 solid performers but if you asked me to give you a backstory to this feud, I couldn’t really do it. It just came from nowhere. There was something about an attack in the training room then they had a match I think but that’s it. Jericho is apparently leaving after tonight so usually that would mean a loss but I’ll just mix it up and go for a win and have orton punt kick him afterwards.

Prediction : Chris Jericho wins via pinfall and Orton then punts him in the face!

A: I feel sorry for Bray Wyatt here. Yes his feud with Jericho was beginning to stagnate, but the ending to their feud in the cage match on Raw felt so underwhelming. Especially when you consider he was bumped to give a 12-time World Champion some momentum back. Jericho is scheduled to finish up with the company after Night of Champions, so there could even be an injury angle or post match attack to write him out for the foreseeable. That could be a good way to put over how vicious the viper can be again after seeing him repeatedly come up short against Roman Reigns. Until next time Mr Jericho, it’s been a pleasure.

Prediction: Winner – Randy Orton by pinfall


WWE US Championship: Sheamus (C) vs Cesaro

US Title

M: The midcard just really doesn’t get a shot does it. Saying that, at least these two can do their talking In the ring. I’m ok with this match because they will have a good one not doubt. I hope they get 15/20 mins to go cause that would be good but I’ll bet the Bellas get longer!!!! I think a title change is coming and I hope it is because Cesaro has been shafted recently and deserves a boost so that’s why I’ll pick him.

Prediction: New US champion Cesaro via pinfall.

A: These two generally put on a good match, but I’m hoping they’ve saved something special for a PPV show-stealing moment. They are both good enough to, and both superstars’ stock has fallen since around Wrestlemania time. Cesaro won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and became a Paul Heyman guy, but since splitting from Heyman has faded into obscurity somewhat. And Sheamus just hasn’t quite felt like a main event guy since he returned at the Royal Rumble, despite him never being too far away from the WWE Title before his injury last year. Perhaps he has been one of the bigger casualties of only having one World Championship. I get the feeling that a show stealer here is just what both men need to push on. I don’t even think there needs to be a switch either.

Prediction: Winner and STILL US Champion – Sheamus by pinfall


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs The Miz

IC Title

M: At least they’ve tried doing new things in the feud but it’s still pathetic the way this title is treated nowadays. I kinda liked the Damien Sandow thing but they ruined it by doing the same with r truth. (Why he came back from TNA I still do not know) anyway I don’t think the title will change here, there’s no sense In it.

Prediction : Dolph Ziggler retains title via pinfall.

A: This is a match I’m quite undecided about. I want Ziggler to retain, but the way he’s been booked along with the rebirth of The Miz mean that I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped the title here. I do expect this to be the end of the feud on PPV at least, so in that sense you would think the face would come out on top. In the end I’m basing this on what speculation I’ve heard for future feuds. And I’ve heard next to nothing about what Miz is going to do next.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Dolph Ziggler by pinfall


WWE tag team championship: The Usos (C) vs Goldust and Stardust

Tag Titles

M: The title will change hands here I think. I like the Dusts as a heel team but they could be so much more. Heels are supposed to be nasty, crazy and unrelenting in their skulduggery, (yes I just said that) but they aren’t really allowed to anymore which is why nobody is really buying into anything WWE does. Bray Wyatt = perfect example. Bring back chair shots and the problems will be sorted!!!!! It should be a good match as these two are great performers so I hope they get 20 mins.

Prediction: New Tag Team Champions the Dusts via pinfall.

A: Well this was an interesting and unexpected heel turn by the duo formerly known as the Rhodes brothers. I’m not sure if they’re going to be champions again though. They are an excellent team to have around – these two tag teams have carried the division for the last year, and I’m hoping for good things from this match. There’s just been an awful lot of speculation about a certain NXT team ascending to the main roster. And I get the feeling that The Usos are just keeping the belts warm for them. So I’m going for an Uso title retention in a good match.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Tag Team Champions – The Usos by pinfall


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs John Cena

WWE Title

M: Anyone actually believe Cena can do it?? Of course not! Will he? It’s bloody likely because Vince has a massive man crush on him! I’m still gonna go with Lesnar though because there would be no point in taking the title from him now. The only question would be who’s next to challenge him? I expect him to keep it for a while so it has to be someone believable but who won’t suffer from losing. Big Show or Mark Henry would probably be the best choices. Anyway Lesnar retains here I’m certain.

Prediction: Winner by pinfall Brock Lesnar

A: I, along with many other people, was amazed by the booking of the Summerslam main event. And I, along with many other people, absolutely loved it. It was a great way to show how dominant Lesnar really is, and it opened up a whole new array of possibilities for the John Cena character. I’m not convinced it actually will be though. There have been a few times where I could see the possibility of a more serious Cena character in recent years, and every time it lasts for about a week before Cena is back to his good old self again. I really hope it will be a new dawn of inner turmoil and change for the John Cena character, but until it happens I won’t be convinced. In an ideal world, I think this match would end by stoppage, where Lesnar has finally broken Cena to the point he cannot physically continue. Or even by submission, where the main who proclaims to never give up does exactly that. I really do believe that the only possible outcome here is for Lesnar to retain. He has to walk into Wrestlemania as champion. I realise that means I’m predicting every champion to retain tonight, which is always a risk, but I don’t see anything wrong with having a clean sweep of retentions. This particular match will be closer than Summerslam, but I think it will have the same result.

Prediction: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar by pinfall


A: It seems that Matt and I disagree on a few of the match results, which is always a good thing for the league. I have to say though, I do agree with him in that the writers haven’t been delivering a compelling product as of late. Things will pick up as always in January, but there are still three months to go before that, and I’m struggling to see where the excitement is going to come from. All I can say to the writers is please fill the show with the Ambrose-Rollins feud. At least until Daniel Bryan makes his return.

On another note, I wanted to mention some tweets we have seen this week. WWE’s account teased that the Next Generation is coming, alongside tomorrow’s date. This led to speculation that there may be a more regular NXT presence on Raw and Smackdown. Superstars such as Cesaro and Roman Reigns have tweeted about it, as well as Paul Heyman, and finally Sting. Knowing that at least three of those four names have worked closely alongside the WWE 2K1? franchise leads me to think that it is something to do with the game. But you never know. We could just see Sting lead a stable of NXT talent into Raw on Monday. I’m excited to find out.

On a less speculative and more general note, I am planning on watching Night of Champions live tonight. If I make it through to the end, I’ll probably also be live commenting on our Facebook page, which you can find the link to below, so make sure to check that out.  Until next time, the Plebs of Wrestling sign off here.


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