Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

A: Here we are, it’s the Survivor Series! There are a lot of big things apparently happening tonight, which should make this show one to remember. I feel like we’ve been very negative about the last couple of PPVs – and possibly with good reason. But this time round I’m optimistic more than anything. Maybe that’s because I think the product will pick up after tonight’s show, since it always gets better around Wrestlemania season, and Wrestlemania is definitely looming large on the horizon. So, let’s get right to the predictions!

M: And we arrive once again at the 2nd longest running WWE ppv in existence, that’s right, get ready for some elimination goodness as we venture into Survivor Series.

The WWE has been drastically disappointing of late and really hasn’t looked like getting any better really. Both myself and Andy have proclaimed our dismay at the state of affairs but are sticking with it in the ever optimistic hope that it will get better.


AJ v Nikki

A: I really hope the rumours of AJ leaving the company after Survivor Series aren’t true. There have been conflicting reports about it, but all I can say is I hope she sticks around. She has the most developed character of all the women in the WWE, is the best talker by a mile and is arguably the best in the ring. The problem is, I can see a ready-made storyline if she does leave, and Nikki does win the belt. Brie Bella is her assistant for only a few more days after Survivor Series, so presumably those two will resume fighting each other. It would be the most personal feud on the women’s side of the card, so why not put the Championship on it too. But at the same time there have been numerous reports that nobody from Total Divas will win the title. That’s what I’m going for here, and hopefully the champ will stick around for a long time to come.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ by submission

M: This one is pretty easy to predict for me. The whole Bella turmoil has been very underwhelming although relatively interesting. This I feel will just be another chapter in their feud, as the whole ‘slave’ thing will end tonight with Brie costing Nikki the title. AJ has been very much a spectator in this thing which is a shame considering she’s the top female performer in the company.

Prediction: Winner via submission and still champion – AJ Lee.



Ambrose v Wyatt

A: This should be one hell of a match, but I feel the promos have been a tad underwhelming so far. This should be the promo battle of the year, but it doesn’t feel like it yet. I still have absolute faith in both guys’ ability to pull through and deliver a classic. It just doesn’t seem like a main-event feud between two people who have been positioned as main event talents. I think Wyatt is winning here to continue the feud – I reckon it will continue through to the Rumble at least – and hopefully they can pull something out of the bag in the next few weeks.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

M: This very scenario is why I lose faith in WWE. So Ambrose spends months trying to get revenge on Rollins, only to be attacked by Wyatt and now all of a sudden Ambrose forgets about his grudge!? I’m not saying that this won’t be a good feud, even though it’s been less than good so far, but just don’t treat me like an idiot who won’t question it! I think if this is to go further which I’m presuming it will, then Wyatt has to win here or get DQ’d. I think I’ll plump for the former. Regardless, I’m pretty sure this will be an awesome match!

Prediction: winner via pinfall – Bray Wyatt



Tag Titles

A: I will never understand how Los Matadores are in any title picture. But aside from that, I don’t really have any complaints about this match. There is enough talent here to make sure it is a damn good match, and to top it off I’m guessing there will be a title change. I really don’t see any reason to make Miz and Sandow a team instead of a double-act unless they are going to win the titles. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these two, because I can see big – and well-deserved – things in Sandow’s future. The Hollywood Z-Listers for the win.

Prediction: Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – The Miz & Damien Sandow by pinfall

M: I’m expecting good things from these guys. The tag division has more than held their own on ppv’s for over a year now so I don’t know why they don’t invest more on them on a weekly basis. Fair enough Miz and mizdow have had their spotlight of late but the rest just seem to be “there”. I like many will be hoping for mizdow to keep up his standards of being awesome and I’m predicting that his hard work will pay off with a title win. I would imagine this would be the start of the break up where mizdow realises that he’s a co champion and doesn’t need to play 2nd fiddle to Miz and the have a match at the rumble or maybe even keep it for mania!

Prediction: winners and new tag team champions – Miz and Mizdow via pinfall.



Divas Elimination

A: In one way I’m happy to see some more spotlight being given to the Divas. In another I’m expecting 7 eliminations here in about 3 minutes. And to top it all off, most of these Divas are actually decent. Aside from Cameron, the rest can pull off a decent match. I’m going for the heels to win for two reasons – 1) Natalya never wins, and 2) I’m going for AJ Lee to retain the belt, and assuming the Bellas will resume their feud the next contender for the Divas Championship will come from this match. The way I would do it is to have Paige be a survivor for her team to keep her strong, but I would have her be joined by Summer Rae, who would go on to be AJ’s next challenger.

Prediction: Winners – Team Paige

M: I still don’t know where this even came from! Shows how much these guys matter doesn’t it. Paige has slipped away hasn’t she? I even hear that she’s joining total divas!!??? Just shows you doesn’t it, wrestling comes 2nd, and that’s why none of these women will now ever be regarded as good in ring performers or technicians. God forbid they break a nail!! Ok so it’s a coin toss for me but I’ll go for…..

Prediction: winners – Alicia Fox’s team.



Cena v Authority

A: One question on this before I get into the story: is Cesaro on Team Authority? He’s not on the graphic on, and he isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article on this match. If this is 6 vs (apparently) 5, I fully expect Randy Orton – or even maybe Sting – to even up the numbers. If it stays 5 vs 5, then we have our teams, and an extremely likely outcome. I had been all set to go for a Team Authority win. It seemed to me that it was too random for Vince to come out, announce that stipulation, Team Cena to win and that be the end of The Authority. Plus, I expected the power wrangle to last until Wrestlemania, where Vince would finally succeed in removing Triple H and Stephanie from power. That was all until Smackdown this Friday though. Triple H announced that if Team Cena loses, all members of Team Cena (aside from Cena himself) would be fired. Don’t get me wrong, it makes sense from a character point of view. They are trying to get Triple H sacked, so it makes sense that he would want to fire them. But to me it is a ridiculous stipulation in that it makes the whole thing entirely predictable. There is no way Team Cena loses now, though don’t expect Rusev to get pinned or submitted. By the way, how great was the whole Erick Rowan thing? It’s for things like that moment that I keep watching/following Raw. But anyways, Team Cena to win, with Cena and Ryback the survivors – unless they want to really hammer home the point and do a clean sweep.

Prediction: Winners – Team Cena by pinfall

M: The face team won this last year so it makes sense for the heels to do it this time! Lol I’m just kidding. Imagine if I just figured out how they pick their winners though eh?
Anyway, there’s a lot going on here that I’m really not sure what to make of it all. Rybacks return has been stale, the Wyatt family returning on opposite sides is inspired, these stipulations have made sense and to top it off, I hear Sting might show up!!! I’ll give WWE something, what they lack in common sense and general writing ability, they more than make up for in pandering to our need for convoluted main events!! I’m going to go for team authority here. I know there’s the whole getting fired thing, but if Vince is indeed going to play a part in the next run ending in a power battle at mania, then what better way to start than by re hiring or just reversing HHH’s decision to fire some of his best workers!!?? I’m not sure if Orton will return and in what capacity but it would make sense for him to show up early and eliminate Rollins somehow, giving them their start to a feud for TLC. The only question In my mind however, is Ryback. How does he lose without making him look bad? That I do not know, although I hear that they might be building to a match between him and trips so he could get screwed somehow, probably counted out.

Prediction : winners – Team Authority.
A: So there we have it. Only 5 matches announced for the show, so hopefully they all get plenty of time to be great. Though if the amount of returns that there apparently could be tonight all happen, I wouldn’t count on it. As I said at the top of this article, I am hopeful that everything in the WWE will be better from tonight. Fingers crossed at least! As always, please do get in touch with your predictions, what you like about how this show has been built, what you don’t like etc etc.




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