Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions

A: Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome! To the Road to Wrestlemania! We officially get underway tonight, so get ready for two months of constant sign pointing. As always, the Rumble match will be the main attraction tonight, but there is also an extremely interesting WWE Championship match featuring Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Mr Money In The Bank, Seth Rollins. So let’s get to it! Here are our predictions for the first PPV of 2015!

M: This should be the 2nd biggest event of the year but it just doesn’t feel like it any more. Since the WWE Network came out over here I have been constantly watching as much as I can. Specifically Royal Rumbles to try and get in the mood. Alas the more I watch the days of old, the more I realise how pathetic today’s product actually is. Competition from WCW drove the WWF/WWE to do great things 20 years ago. They were forced to go against their grain and their core values to fight for their lives. Little did they know at that point that it would end up saving them and propel the company onto monumental success and eventually a complete monopoly of the wrestling world.

Within that however lies the problem. With no competition, there is no need to change or develop. The middle finger has been raised by Vinnie Mac for a long time now and it is aimed firmly at the audience that once saved his dream from dying. I’m not saying necessarily that it needs to go back to what it used to be, but it needs change and it has to progress. I’m getting closer and closer to just not tuning in anymore. I don’t usually watch Raw or some PPVs until the next day but I can foresee a time soon when I just don’t tune it at all, and it pains me to say that that doesn’t really bother me as much anymore.

I hate doing rants. I wish I had something good to write!!!

Might as well get started then. As always, I’ll spend as much time on the predictions as WWE have.


The New Day vs Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Adam Rose

6 man preshow

A: I really like that Kidd and Cesaro have been put together as a team. They both have similar quarrels, and so should have similar motivations. They are both far too good wrestlers to be kept in the shadows, yet have never been given a real chance to get over. I do have to wonder what the hell Rose is doing here though. I’d imagine he’s only here to be the fall guy, as The New Day seem to have a bit of attention from WWE management, so they will go over. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see most if not all of these guys in the Rumble match later on.

Prediction: Winners – The New Day by pinfall

M:  I still don’t think anyone really know what to make of The New Day. They are just so awkward. Especially Big E. He does not fit! Cesaro is a perfect reason why I hate WWE right now. Just why???? Saying that, Kidd and him should be a good team. As for Adam Rose……meh. That is all.

Prediction: I genuinely flipped a coin for this one, The New Day wins via pinfall.


Tag-Team Championships: The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs The Usos (C)

Usos v Miz's

A: So it definitely looks like they are splitting up the team of Miz and Mizdow. After Raw where we had Damien Mizpac, the seeds of tension have definitely been sewn. I would think it likely that they face off at Wrestlemania. Because of all that, there is really no reason to put the belts on them. The Usos may prove to be transitionary champions in the long term, that that depends on how over The Ascension get. We shall see.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag-Team Champions – The Usos by pinfall

M:  Uso’s win here every day. If things were done right, the ascension should be here instead of the Miz and mizdow. At least then there would be investment. The tag division has been solid for a while but I can’t help feel that it’s slipping again. Something needs a shake up. Could a Dudley boy’s return be that shake up???!!!

Prediction: the Uso’s via DQ after the Dudleys interfere and 3D them. That’s right I just predicted that!! 


Natalya and Paige vs The Bella Twins


A: So this is another Total Divas feud huh? Great. The only good thing that is coming out of this is the increased ring time Natalya is getting. I would imagine that this is leading to a multi diva match somewhere along the line for the Divas title, also involving AJ when she returns. To set that up, someone needs to be established as a contender, so I think the faces will win here.

Prediction: Winners – Natalya and Paige by pinfall

M: Pfffffffffffttt!!

Prediction: Here goes the coin again, Paige and Natalya via submission.


New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension

NAO v Ascension

A: So many tag matches on this show. The Ascension have been incredibly disappointing since they debuted. They just haven’t looked at all impressive, which is pretty much the last thing you want as a powerful, dominating team. And their booking on Raw last Monday was ridiculous. They were buried by a group of old teams. They absolutely need to squash the Outlaws (can we still call them “New” at this point?) in 4 minutes or less. Like, at least 95% offence. Deliver a beating the Outlaws can’t recover from

Prediction: Winners – The Ascension by pinfall

M: The Outlaws? Really? I have recently started getting into NXT and I’m really glad I did because it’s a perfect example of what wwe should be. I hope that those stories of the main roster being jealous of NXT guys is true because they should be. The Ascension are a perfect example of why that is the case. In NXT they destroyed everything. Now they’ve stepped “up” they are just all over the place. If I was them I would’ve been begging to stay in nxt. It’s more progressive and makes the main roster look like a developmental programme!

Prediction: The Ascension via pinfall in hopefully a squash match!


Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (C)

WWE Title Triple Threat

A: Now we get to the interesting part. There are arguments to be made for any of these three walking out of the Royal Rumble with the title. Down one road, Lesnar has been dominant, him losing the belt would be a bigger moment at Wrestlemania and it would also have a sense of comeuppance with it being a year since he ended the streak. Down another road, Cena has been the face of the WWE, so if  a potential use of this years’ Wrestlemania is to have a passing of the torch it should be from Cena.

The final road sees Rollins walking out as champion, which would lead to the best matches at Mania regardless of who he is up against, with a larger selection of opportunities for great storylines. And remember, there is always the briefcase to factor in. Lesnar looked like the Beast Incarnate again on Raw, which I think is to make him look strong so that when he loses it’s as impactful as possible, which would also mean it happens at Wrestlemania. So many dream scenarios, but I think we will end up with the one we’ve expected for a year now.

Prediction: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar by pinfall

M: Ok so not a terrible match but if cena wins, I riot! I like the fact that they are getting Rollins in the picture now as I think it’s a start in terms of the new breed of contenders. I dream of the day when there will be a big title match with 3 or more guys and one of them isn’t John Cena however! His time IS now but it’s not to be champion, it’s to go! He is the main reason why the WWE is stale. Mainly because he’s the default get out of jail free card for WWE writers. He gets put in everything because it’s easy.

Can you think of the most successful story line of the past year? That’s right The Shield break up and Rollins turn. And do you know why it was successful? Because there was no John Cena in sight! it was fresh, new and without predictability! I.e. the WWE produces their best stuff when Cena is not involved. I rest my case. As for this match I really hope Lesnar pins Cena and Rollins cashes in MITB. That would be “best for business”. But the chances of Cena getting pinned are ridiculous. I do think there is a chance that Rollins could cash in here but I’m unsure. If Reigns wins the rumble then I think Rollins will cash in at Wrestlemania after Reigns beats Lesnar. If Bryan wins the rumble then I think he’ll cash now. So…

Prediction: Winner via pinfall, Brock Lesnar THEN Rollins cashes in the MITB to become the new WWE champion!


Royal Rumble Match

RR Logo

A: I wrote an article last night about the question that is on everyone’s minds: will the winner be Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan? You can read my in depth thoughts on that here. For now, I want to give some other predictions.

Most Eliminations: Rusev. It’ll be a year since we were first introduced to the Bulgarian Brute, and it’s time to reinforce that he is a monster. Have him throw 6 or 7 out, and build him up strong for Wrestlemania.

Longest Time Spent In The Match: Dean Ambrose. He has kind of been forgotten about recently, so I think he’ll be thrown in early. He is a good enough worker, and also expendable in that he doesn’t have to be there right at the end, but he could easily be in at 3 or 4, and last a long time.

Surprises: The Dudley Boyz will enter. The rumour was at one point that this was going to be a 40-man match, with a lot of ECW surprises since it’s in Philadelphia. These two are free as far as I’m aware, and would be a great addition to the tag division anyway, so it makes sense. I also reckon we will have a Rob Van Dam sighting, as well as a one-off Chris Jericho appearance. Randy Orton and Sheamus are also likely to appear, but for me they would be less of a surprise and more of a return. And you know what? Since these are free guesses, and he’s apparently in the area… FINALLY… THE ROCK… WILL ENTER, THE ROYAL RUMBLE.

Winner’s Number: 23. Because why not.

And finally…

Prediction: Winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble – Roman Reigns


M: I’ve been getting in the mood and I am still kinda looking forward to this. Purely because it’s a once in a year thing (if you don’t count the Andre the Giant thing at Mania!) There’s been lots of speculation surrounding who’s in and who’s returning so I’ll just do this as a flashpoint style list rather than a spiel. I think we should expect to see:

1. The return of Randy Orton and Sheamus and Chris Jericho

2. Reigns will enter reasonably early and last till the end.

3. The final 4 will be Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

4. Rusev will get the most eliminations

5. The winner will be Daniel Bryan!


M: That’s my predictions anyway. Not a great line up if I’m honest. There’s too many tag matches for one! I didn’t predict, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if we saw Sting tonight or even the Deadman! I might watch this live, I’m not sure, if the rumble and title matches were on first then that would be fantastic as I could turn off and miss the rest of the crap!!

A: I’m not quite as pessimistic as Matt, but I am back in the regular boat of thinking that things can only get better. I’m excited for the final two matches on the card at least, and after tonight we may have a much clearer idea of what Wrestlemania will look like. I won’t be watching live (I have pencilled in tomorrow afternoon to see it on demand, only on the WWE Network). It’s also interesting to see that we have gone for different scenarios. Perhaps Matt is trying to ambitiously close down the gap in the Prediction League with only three events to go…


As always, we want to know what you think. Who will walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Who will leave tonight with a guarenteed championship match at Wrestlemania? Let us know who you’ve picked by the usual means below.

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