Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

It’s finally here. The biggest show of the year, the night that tends to have the best crowd, the biggest happenings and often career defining moments. It’s time, for Wrestlemania 31.

I am crazily excited about this one, because as you will see in just a bit, a lot of the matches are quite difficult to call. That level of doubt makes for a more exciting match I find, and it will be easier to get sucked into the drama of it all. But the focus of Wrestlemania isn’t how excited we are, it’s about the show itself, so let’s get right into the predictions! Continue reading Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

Thoughts on Wrestlemania 31: Revisited

So back in November, I believe just before Survivor Series, I predicted the Wrestlemania card for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row, I got most things very, very wrong. Yes I was moving into pure speculation quite quickly, but at the same time I a lot has happened that I wasn’t expecting. Let’s have a look at each of my picks, way back then… Continue reading Thoughts on Wrestlemania 31: Revisited