Thoughts on Wrestlemania 31: Revisited

So back in November, I believe just before Survivor Series, I predicted the Wrestlemania card for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row, I got most things very, very wrong. Yes I was moving into pure speculation quite quickly, but at the same time I a lot has happened that I wasn’t expecting. Let’s have a look at each of my picks, way back then…

Bray Wyatt vs Sting

Ok, I wasn’t really too far off here. For years when you talked about a Sting match at Wrestlemania, you had Undertaker in the same breath. I just got the wrong one here. This was before Sting debuted at Survivor Series and kicked off a rivalry against Triple H, so as we’ll see later on that match hadn’t really crossed my mind at all. I thought this would be a huge match for Wyatt to be in the ring with a legend in Sting, and you could argue it’s actually worked out better for him going up against Taker. I’m hugely looking forward to Wyatt/Taker, I still haven’t made up my mind as to who my pick will be.


The Wyatt Family vs John Cena & Randy Orton

Well it just goes to show how much can change in a few months doesn’t it? When I wrote this, the Wyatt Family hadn’t broken up, and to be honest I didn’t see a reason for them to. I would still maintain that they would be better off as a tag team right now than where they are. I did get one thing right for this match though: Randy Orton did complete his face turn. Though that was extremely predictable, I can’t really take much credit for calling that. I suppose I also to an extent called that Cena would move down the card for Wrestlemania, though he will face off against another “rising star”…


United States Championship Match: Rusev (C) vs Ryback

Talking of whom, here’s where I had Rusev. At this point, Ryback had broken out on his own again, and was getting some pretty big pops. My thinking was that this match would be undefeated streak vs undefeated streak. Rusev still hasn’t been pinned or submitted. Ryback has. Ryback will be competing in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, while as previously alluded to Rusev will take on John Cena for the US Title. Though being honest, Rusev bored me then, he bores me now, and I think I would have rather seen Rusev/Ryback than Rusev/Cena.


4-Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs The Dust Brothers vs The Ascension (C) vs The Dudley Boyz

So many issues here. The Dust Brothers have broken up (whatever happened to their Mania match by the way?), The Dudley Boyz never returned full time, and The Ascension have well and truly flopped. It’s a strange one, they were so incredibly dominant and over in NXT, but from the start on the main roster they were booked to fail. I think the lack of impact they have had on the main roster has actually got more people worried about the potential fate of NXT call ups more than anyone else. Only positive for me here? The Usos are walking into Wrestlemania (cough*on the pre-show*cough) as challengers for the Tag Team Championships in a 4-way match. And I have to say, I am so happy that Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are in a prominent position, I don’t even mind that I got this one wrong. I do mind that Los Matadores are in there though, as well as The New Day to an extent.


Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

For me this is still a missed opportunity. They never really went back to have a legendary, clean finish to this feud. Of course, I hadn’t anticipated Randy Orton being out of action for as long as he was, I was thinking that his feud with Rollins would be wrapped up by Mania. As it is, both men still have the opportunity to steal the show. Rollins goes up against a motivated, fired-up Randy Orton, and Dean Ambrose is in what should be match of the night, as part of the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.


The Rock vs Triple H

Ok. I have to admit it, I fell for this one. They squared off one week on Smackdown and teased a match, but Rock was probably never coming back for Mania this year. The way things are going, I would expect him back in the next year or two though. Triple H went out of power at Survivor Series, returned to power because of Seth Rollins attacking Edge, and has since been “terrorised” by “The Vigilante” Sting. That match will be an awesome spectacle because it will be Sting’s first match ever in the WWE, but the quality should still be high away from the pure greatness of the moment itself.


WWE Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar (C)

I GOT ONE!!! I mean to be fair, this was incredibly predictable. But Reigns has overcome the roadblock that was Daniel Bryan’s return in January to continue his charge towards the title at Wrestlemania. Here’s a line from the article I wrote in November:

“And much like Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels in 1998, this will be the start of a new era of main eventers. To slightly amend the famous JR quote: the Reigns era will begin!”

This is now less sure than ever. Brock Lesnar last night announced that he was staying with the WWE for a few more years, which opens the door to him retaining. I’m still sceptical of that, but it isn’t a sure thing anymore that Reigns will walk away with the belt. There’s still the Money In The Bank factor to take into account as well of course, but I would say right now is the least likely it has been in months that Roman Reigns will win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 31.


So there we have it. I got one this time around. And this was after giving myself an extra two months. Jeez. This is definitely becoming an annual fixture though, so you can sure I will be back around November time for the 2015 version of these predictions, getting the Wrestlemania 32 card just as if not more wrong.  In two years of doing these matches, I have predicted Triple H vs The Rock the same number of times I have actually gotten something right: twice! And both of those matches I got right featured Brock Lesnar. Thank god he’s sticking around, he gives me a chance next year!

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