Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

It’s finally here. The biggest show of the year, the night that tends to have the best crowd, the biggest happenings and often career defining moments. It’s time, for Wrestlemania 31.

I am crazily excited about this one, because as you will see in just a bit, a lot of the matches are quite difficult to call. That level of doubt makes for a more exciting match I find, and it will be easier to get sucked into the drama of it all. But the focus of Wrestlemania isn’t how excited we are, it’s about the show itself, so let’s get right into the predictions!


All images courtesy of wwe.com
All images courtesy of wwe.com

 This could be a really exciting match, but I can’t help but feel it could have been so much more. Having The New Day and Los Matadores in the match, when they have been losing more often than not and have been nowhere near the title picture, doesn’t exactly give the match a special feel to it. I really hope the champions retain because I am a big fan of both Kidd and Cesaro, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see The Usos walk out a champions.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Tag Team Champions – Tyson Kidd & Cesaro by pinfall 

M. Why, when you’re trying to get the tag division back up there, do you put the title match on the kickoff? Once again, little sense in the booking here. Anyway, this could be a good match but for the inclusion of Los matadores and then new day. The 2 of them are as useful as a chocolate fire guard! I expect the champions to retain here but for the sake of competition I’m going for the Uso’s. Gotta try and get me some points back!! Prediction: Winners   The Uso’s


ATG Battle Royal

A: These kinds of matches are usually a lot of fun, but everyone knows it’s just an excuse to get as many people on the show as possible. I feel a bit sorry for Damien Mizdow that this has been relegated to the pre-show, because he should have had his big moment turning on Miz on the main event. I wonder if they will save it for Raw now. My pick for this was always going to be a returning Sheamus, but again, I feel like they will want him to be on the main card (more on that later). So I’m going back to the obvious train of thought, with Mizdow and Miz as the final two…

Prediction: Winner – Damien Mizdow 

 M: Time of the crap shoot portion of the show. This literally could be anybody who wins this as it means jack shit to the grand scheme of things. Ryback seems to be the favourite but I don’t think he has a shot. It could be mizdow as he gets his moment against the Miz, but my prediction will be slightly less predictable, I have to choose between 2, Curtis axel and hideo Itami. I’d love to pick Itami as it would be massive for NXT if he did it, but I’m going to go with axel, purely because he’s been given some tv time recently to build something and I think this is what it was leading to. Prediction: Winner –    Curtis axel


Rusev Cena

A. Cena wins lol. Seriously, this is the match I’m least excited for on the show, and it’s the second year in a row that Cena will go over a young heel with momentum at Wrestlemania. At least Cena should elevate the United States Championship though.

Prediction: Winner and NEW US Champion – John Cena by pinfall 

M. I hate this. I’ve made it very clear that I’m a fan of Rusev and his winning streak is something to keep going and lose to another up and coming superstar to build for the future. Alas no. They give the streak to Cena. Simply put, he doesn’t deserve it. This will put rusev back a bit, but he has the potential to go places so maybe not too much. Again though, I’m going to go for points here. Cena will win but   Prediction: Winner   Rusev!


Orton Rollins

A. Orton in a quick interview at the Hall of Fame build up said that his was a match that could steal the show, and he’s right. I would go as far as to say that Rollins has been the best thing on WWE TV over the last 18 months, and Orton looks fired up and raring to go. It’s a good story here with a personal element to it, so there’s no reason for it to flop aside from timing. As for the result, as much as I would like to see Rollins victorious, the story is really only leaning one way.

Prediction: Winner – Randy Orton by pinfall 

M. I think this has been built well. Another example of long term booking winning the day. 2 great talents so I’m expecting a great one here. I’m hoping for Rollins to end up a winner at wrestlemania but not in this match! I think Orton will take it. Prediction: Winner –    Randy orton.



A. Well this is cool. It’s nice to see the divas getting a bit of a showcase, even if this will probably be the shortest match of the night. Based on the balance of the show, as well as the thought that AJ is about to leave still being in the back of my mind, I think the heels are going over here. Which is actually a shame, but it would set up so many stories for AJ, and it’s time for Nikki to have a new challenger for the title, which wouldn’t happen if the Bellas lost here.

Prediction: Winners – The Bella Twins  by pinfall 

It was good to see paige and Nikki get 8 mins the other night and they held themselves well. A sign of things to come? Anyway the bellas have been getting the better to the curve recently so I’m going for AJ and paige Prediction: Winners Aj and paige.


Taker Wyatt

A. I have been going back and forth on this match in so many ways. Taker is someone I have written extensively about since last year’s Wrestlemania, and I really believed he was done. In fact, part of me hoped he was. But on the other hand, I’m delighted that he is back, and the last image we see of him may not be the broken man mirroring the broken streak. It would be so cool to see him go out on a high whether that’s this year or next, he absolutely deserves it. But at the same time, Wyatt’s promos have been outstanding, and the way the story has been set up it makes sense for him to win. The streak isn’t an issue any more. I really don’t know who will win, this could easily have been a flip of a coin. All I know is, I am so incredibly excited to see what does happen.

Prediction: Winner – Bray Wyatt by pinfall

M. This is a difficult one to predict. With the streak no longer in play, there is no logical decision to come to here. Bray probably should win to give him a boost as he’s been obsolete for a while now, but can we really have the undertaker lose 2 Wrestlemanias in a row? Ultimately I think neither will happen. To save them both, I think this match will end in a DQ due to interference from Seamus. I think he gets involved and sets up a program,e going forward with bray Wyatt.Prediction: Winner –   Bray Wyatt via dq.


IC Ladder Match

A. This is my pick for match of the night. There is so much talent here, and the ladder match environment  is perfect for just about all of them. My only question mark is over R-Truth, but I have a solution. Remember earlier on I mentioned Sheamus’ return would likely be saved for the main show? I think he’s going to take out Truth and take his place in the match. That doesn’t change my pick to win though. WWE can deny some of these guys a main event spot, but they can’t deny their popularity, or any success at all. The main frustration over the last couple of years has, of course, been D-Bry.

Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Daniel Bryan 

M. This I’ll be match of the night, easily. I can’t wait for it. With the exception of r truth and maybe stardust, this could easily go any way. I know the rumours are for seamus to come back but I’m going for broke and disagreeing. Mainly as I’ve predicted him to come back in the undertaker match. Anyway. I’d love Bryan or Ziggler to win and I’d be happy with a Barrett win but I’m going to go for the other one in the group. Just because. 

Prediction Winner –   Dean Ambrose.


Sting HHH

A. This is going to be such a cool moment. The first time we have ever seen Sting in a WWE ring for a match. Let’s face it, it’s about 14 years too late, he should’ve had a legendary career in the WWE alone. But that has all meant that this moment means so much more. The match itself might not be a classic because Sting is that little bit older, and Triple H hasn’t been in a match in around 10 months himself. But seeing Sting take his rightful place on the biggest show in wrestling will make it one of the most iconic images from Wrestlemania this year.

Prediction: Winner – Sting by submission

M. I don’t expect a long match here nor a great one, but it will be epic. No matter what generation of wrestling fan you are, Sting is an icon and just oozes legend. I love the fact that he’s back and will feature at mania.its difficult to look past him here it really is, and if the scores were more even I would be picking him here to win, but as I’m going hell for leather I’ll go the other route. 

Prediction: Winner –       Triple H


Lesnar Reigns

A: Well here we go. As much as there has been complaints over how we got here, it is now Reigns’ moment. And just when we all thought it was a guarantee that Reigns would walk out as champion, Lesnar went and threw a spanner in the works by signing a new contract. Suddenly, Brock retaining is not in any form out of the question. But, I do think WWE has suffered from not having their champion around on a weekly basis. And WWE will want a face run out of Lesnar before he does eventually leave. I smell a double turn…

Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE Champion – Roman Reigns 

M: This is what it all comes down to. The big one. Now let me start by saying that i am. It a fan of reigns at the moment and its not his fault. The wwe has pushed him too hard, too quickly. I don’t like that, I prefer people getting opportunities after working hard and paying their dues. I’m not saying reigns hasn’t, but there are more deserving candidates to be here instead. E.g. Bryan, Ziggler, Wyatt. Let’s get back to it then. I think this has screw job written all over it. I was originally going to predict a Lesnar win but no more. I have the feeling that Paul Heyman might be about to switch sides. He has put a lot of effort into making us aware that he knows the reigns family and has talked him up quite a bit recently. I think it’s perfectly set up for Heyman to screw over lesnar and for reigns to turn heel and win the title. It’s all set up and I think it will be big!

Prediction: Winner    Reigns via pinfall.

BUT THEN!!! I am predicting it again. I think that this is the moment that Rollins will choose to cash in his money in the bank contract and win the title from reigns. Possibly even with an assist from lesnar!

A: I’m excited. I would imagine you’re excited. I’m also excited to win the Plebs of Wrestling Prediction League for the second year in a row. It’s the small things. I’ll be watching the show, which should be a great spectacle, and I’m sure there will be more content up here in the coming days in reaction to the biggest show of them all: Wrestlemania 31.


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