The Misuse of Dean Ambrose

A big opportunity that I believe that WWE has failed to take advantage of is Dean Ambrose. Back when The Shield was together, in my opinion, Dean Ambrose was the natural heel and Roman Reigns was the face, thus leaving Seth Rollins in a state of limbo – and that’s pretty much how I liked The Shield.

Reigns was by far my favourite member and Ambrose was definitely my least favourite with Rollins ending up somewhere in the middle. However since the destruction of The Shield this has all rapidly changed. Rollins is by far my favourite member of the former stable (and you can’t blame me as he is both an incredible wrestler and an amazing heel) and Reigns has become my least favourite. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Reigns, I personally enjoy watching him, I just think that WWE are pushing him the wrong way and I believe that he doesn’t deserve the hate he is receiving because of it.


However this article is about the 3rd member of The Shield: Dean Ambrose. As a member of The Shield I really didn’t like him, his character just seemed too slimy and dirty in a way, and one of the best decisions I think WWE has made recently is not making him a heel. With Ambrose being the natural heel and Reigns being the face it seemed that Rollins would get lost somewhere in the middle and be forgotten about. But making Rollins the heel and having Ambrose as an anti-hero if you will (this again popped into my head during his match against Cena match for the US Title), although he is a face he definitely seems to be doing his own thing. Furthermore putting Ambrose and Rollins in a feud together was brilliant on WWE’s part and is by far in my opinion the best feud of the year, but since then he has been misused.

Just look at the facts, since Payback (the last PPV before The Shield broke up) Ambrose has not won at a single one. Whether it has been a legitimate loss or a disqualification Ambrose has yet to win at a PPV. The two feuds Ambrose has been involved in against Rollins and Bray Wyatt have been very different. While the Rollins feud did both men justice and showed off their skills as wrestlers, I found the feud with Wyatt largely unnecessary and a tool to make Wyatt look ready for his Taker match at Mania, which although I think Wyatt did well in (I mean he did carry the rivalry for 2 months on his own) I don’t think the feud with the Lunatic Fringe did him any favours.

Ambrose Wyatt

When it comes down to it, since the destruction of The Shield Ambrose has been in 2 feuds which he has lost (Rollins and Wyatt) and if he hasn’t been in a feud for PPVs he has been in either Money in the Bank (which Rollins won and rightfully successfully cashed in), or the ladder match for the IC Title (which though Ambrose seemed to spark it via a feud with Bad News Barrett, resulted in Daniel Bryan walking away with belt at Wrestlemania).

To cut a rant short I believe that WWE are wasting one of their best wrestlers whether as a heel or a face. I get the reasoning behind Bryan winning the IC Title at Mania but he personally does not need it, The IC Title is what I believe could bridge the gap between Ambrose being a mid-card competitor to a bona fide main eventer, which I think he has proved that he is more than capable of with his feud with Rollins. Having him feud with a name as big Daniel Bryan for just a legendary prize could boost Ambrose’s career a lot, especially with the anti-hero persona he has had going lately against Bryan’s popularity. It could hinder Ambrose for a while if WWE don’t take advantage of this opportunity – and that would be a huge mistake on their part.

Ambrose taped up

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