Going Mainstream

This may be a big statement, and it may even seem a tad ridiculous. But I think it can fairly be said that WWE is as mainstream as it has ever been at this moment in time.

Now as I said, that may sound ridiculous. Of course wrestling isn’t as mainstream now as it was before! You had Hulk Hogan in movies, Randy Savage in commercials, Andre The Giant on the most popular late night talk shows. You had the biggest sporting stars, the biggest actors, people like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Mr T, Cyndi Lauper making guest appearances – not the z-list “celebs” we get nowadays like Snooki. There isn’t the same crossover appeal – WWE Superstars starred in outside movie projects. Edge was in Highlander, The Rock became the Scorpion King. Now you just get token wrestlers in WWE Studios productions. Continue reading Going Mainstream