Random Thoughts: 17/7/16

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been trying to think of what I could write, and I have a few ideas, but nothing that really seems plausible for a decent length article on its own. So instead of letting them go to waste, I’ve put them together as a collection of shorter thoughts that could become a recurring article.

First off, The New Day. There have been signs in recent weeks that the WWE World Tag Team Champions may be about to split, and with the draft on Tuesday anything is possible. I would like to think that if the trio aren’t kept together then the two that do end up on the same show continue teaming. So if they are separated, who should go solo?


The one it absolutely cannot be for me is Kofi. The only thing I can see him doing on his own right now is returning to the same role he played pre-New Day, only with different opponents. It would be nothing new, and it would just be absolute proof that he has peaked as a solo wrestler. Even as a heel, I think he would need a mouthpiece, so why not just keep him as part of the New Day where he is comfortable talking alongside Woods and Big E?

Big E would be my pick to go solo if any of them were. He looks so much more relaxed now than he did in his last solo run, and has potential to be a very effective face or heel. A lot of people have said he has main event potential, and while he’d be way down the pecking order right now, I could see him getting there at some point.

For me the interesting one is Woods. He’s somewhat of an unknown quantity inside a WWE ring, but we know he is entertaining. He has shown he can be annoying as a heel or funny as a face. And he has potential mass crossover appeal with the work he is already doing on YouTube. Woods would be the risky choice to go solo, but he may also be the most rewarding. I have to say though, all of this is hypothetical, because if I had the choice I wouldn’t break them up at all on Tuesday. They have too much value as a top team in a division that needs to build up some strength in depth.

Next up, Charlotte. Charlotte Champ.jpgAs I make it, today is day number 301 as champion for Charlotte. Does that number sound familiar? 301 is the number of days in Nikki Bella’s record Divas Championship reign. WWE doesn’t classify it as a record because of the switch in lineage from the Divas Championship to the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania, but Charlotte is about to become the longest reigning female champion since Trish Stratus held the old Women’s Championship for over a year from 2005-2006. This is a great achievement, and I think it shows real progress in the treatment of women in the company, and also a sign of just how highly Charlotte is seen by WWE officials. I look at it as an unofficial record reign, which interestingly just happens to be preceded by the last two record holders.

Finally, Roman Reigns. He has four days left on his suspension, and will compete for the WWE Championship in a triple threat match next week at Battleground. Most critics seem to be in agreement that he will go full heel upon his return, which seems to be the only option from here. The fans have been booing him anyway. So how about this: Roman Reigns returns next Sunday as a heel, and walks out WWE Champion.

I can already hear the groans and the “please, no’s” but that is exactly why I would be tempted to do it. It actually now makes a lot of sense to me. Can you imagine the fury of the crowd and the internet if he were to waltz back in after a Wellness Policy violation and beat their hero Dean Ambrose? It would be genuine hatred. It wouldn’t be a feeling that he didn’t deserve it that made fans boo him, it would be utter outrage. Which is exactly why it might be a good idea.

RR Champ

In the same way that Vickie Guerrero was a fantastic heel because her voice and character were genuinely annoying, this would be real emotion against Reigns that could put him on a platform unrivalled by other heels in the company. Ironically, the best way to present Reigns as a heel would be exactly what they have been doing for the last year. You don’t have to have him side with Stephanie McMahon. You don’t have to have him completely abandon who he has been presented as. Just have him win. That’s all. Every time he wins, fans will be more desperate for someone to beat him. And whoever eventually did would be over huge because of that win alone. There is potentially massive money on the table with Reigns as a dominant heel, and true heels are sorely lacking in WWE right now.

So what do you guys think? Which member of The New Day is best positioned to go solo? How has Charlotte’s kind-of-kind-of-not record breaking championship run been? And is there a very real chance WWE capitalises on Roman Reigns’ suspension and has him walk out with the belt next Sunday? Let me know!

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