Fantasy Booking Series: Backlash

Here’s the next installment of my fantasy booking series! The last edition covered the week from the Superstar Shake-Up to the Greatest Royal Rumble, and now it’s time to cover the fallout from Jeddah to Backlash. There are quite a few title rematches here which booked themselves on the card, but the big story is that in Saudi Arabia Roman Reigns aligned himself with Paul Heyman. Why? The answers are here…

Monday Night Raw, 30th April

Results: Bray Wyatt defeats Cesaro, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin defeat Rusev & Aiden English by DQ, Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville, Dolph Ziggler defeats Elias, Bobby Lashley defeats Goldust, The Miz defeats Finn Balor

Promos: – Roman Reigns comes down to the ring to start the show with Paul Heyman in tow, carrying the Universal Title. Reigns grabs the mic to introduce the greatest advocate in the history of sports entertainment, and passes the mic to Heyman. Heyman says that he’s aware that the world is asking why he turned on Brock Lesnar to help Roman Reigns win the Universal Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble last Friday. Heyman says that he had the easiest job in the world, because Brock Lesnar was an unstoppable force, he was the beast incarnate. Heyman says that every time he had to wax lyrical about Lesnar people could call him over the top, but Heyman really, truly believed it and Lesnar would inevitably go and back it up in whichever arena in whichever sport he saw fit. Heyman says that there was nobody like Brock Lesnar. Until Wrestlemania. Heyman says that nobody saw what happened to Brock Lesnar after Wrestlemania. For 12 long months, Lesnar had ran through every contender put in front of him like they weren’t even there, but that dominance came to a screeching halt. Lesnar left with the Universal Championship, but he didn’t dominate Reigns in the same way. Heyman says that wounded Lesnar, that left Lesnar doubting himself. Heyman says the Lesnar he was talking to after Wrestlemania was not the same beast, and he knew it. But at the same time.

But at the same time Roman Reigns had shown a fight at Wrestlemania that Heyman hasn’t seen in anyone for a long time. Reigns showed a desire, a dedication that Heyman hasn’t seen for a long time. And even in defeat, Reigns got more confidence. Reigns was coming out on Raw every Monday night and proclaiming that he would slay the beast. Heyman says that despite what the history books will show, Brock Lesnar lost at Wrestlemania and Roman Reigns won. Heyman says that he knew what the result would be at Greatest Royal Rumble, and he simply chose to back the winning party: Roman Reigns. Heyman gives the mic back to Reigns. Reigns says that he told us. He told us that he was going to beat Brock Lesnar and become the new Universal Champion. Reigns says that when all the fans turned their backs on him, Heyman opened a door and welcomed him inside. Reigns says that with Heyman by his side, he will become the most dominant champion in WWE history, and Paul Heyman closes off by saying believe that.

Reigns Heyman Mic

– Elias is in Kurt Angle’s office. He says that the GM has to act after Bobby Lashley has attacked him two weeks in a row. Elias says that Angle has put him in another match against Dolph Ziggler tonight, and since Lashley isn’t in action there’s nothing stopping him from coming out and interfering again. Angle says that Elias has a point, and that he will put Bobby Lashley in a match later tonight too.

– Renee Young is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe asks if we’re forgetting something, because it certainly seems like Roman Reigns has. And now it apparently seems like Paul Heyman has too. Because Joe has a match with Reigns this Sunday at Backlash. This hasn’t been a secret, we’ve known this for weeks. But Joe says he was watching Reigns and Heyman’s speech to open the show and they never once mentioned Samoa Joe. Joe calls that disrespectful. Joe says that he’s actually quite happy that Reigns beat Lesnar, because Joe has beaten the new champ before, and he’s going to do it again on Sunday – and now that means Joe is going to be the new Universal Champion.

– The Miz is in the dressing room with the Miztourage. He says that Finn Balor is the reason why he didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship back at the Greatest Royal Rumble, and this week he’s going to make things right. He says that tonight he’s going to get his payback on Balor, and on Sunday he’s going to defeat Seth Rollins and the most must-see Intercontinental Champion of all time will have his title back around his waist.

– Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and asks AJ Styles to come out and join him. Styles cuts Angle off, and says that things didn’t go the way he wanted them to in Saudi Arabia. Styles says it was supposed to be the end of the story, and even though he walked away as still your WWE Champion, nobody was satisfied with the ending, him included. Styles says that he knows that they’re on separate shows, but he pleads with Angle to give him one more match against Nakamura. Angle says that the ending to the WWE Title match at Greatest Royal Rumble was why he asked Styles to join him in the ring. Angle says he met with Paige after their match, and they both agreed with Styles. So at Backlash, for the last time, it will be AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship.

AJ Styles WWE Championship

– We see a video package of Sasha Banks attacking her opponents after the bell in the last couple of weeks, with a promise at the end that Banks would explain her actions next week on Raw.

– Renee Young knocks on the door of Roman Reigns’ dressing room and Paul Heyman emerges. Young asks if Reigns has any response to Samoa Joe’s comments earlier. Heyman says his client didn’t see the comments, but Heyman did, and Heyman made sure to let him know. Heyman says that he wants to assure Joe that there was no oversight. The Universal Champion simply does not see Joe as any threat. Heyman says that the champion is dead set on becoming unstoppable and holding on to the Universal Title for the rest of his career, and they both see no reason why that should change when he faces Samoa Joe this Sunday. Heyman says Joe can call it disrespect, but it is simply a matter of fact – Samoa Joe will not beat Roman Reigns at Backlash.

Storyline: – The Usos interfere to attack Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin during their match, causing the disqualification.

– Nia Jax is on commentary during the Alexa Bliss vs Sonya Deville match.

– Tye Dillinger is shown watching Dolph Ziggler vs Elias backstage.

– The Miztourage help The Miz defeat Finn Balor by distracting Balor during the match.


SmackDown Live, 1st May

Jinder Mahal Seth Rollins.jpg

Results: Seth Rollins defeats Jinder Mahal by pinfall, Charlotte defeats Billie Kay by submission, Andrade “Cien” Almas defeats Zack Ryder by pinfall, Baron Corbin defeats Big Cass by pinfall, Daniel Bryan defeats Bobby Roode by submission

Promos: – Daniel Bryan opens the show by coming out to the ring with the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy set up. Bryan says that for two years, all he wanted to do was wrestle. He says he fought and clawed his way back to action, and that was a magical moment. But once he got back, he had to sit and think about what his goals would be, and there was one obvious thing that came to mind. Bryan says he didn’t want to come back to just be here, he wanted to come back to become world champion. Bryan says that winning the Greatest Royal Rumble gives him a title shot, and he doesn’t want to wait to prove that he’s as good as he ever was. Bryan says that he knows that there is already a WWE Championship match scheduled for Backlash, but he wants to cash in his opportunity and make it a triple threat match this Sunday.

– Paige has gathered every tag team except the Bludgeon Brothers backstage, where she tells them that they need to decide new challengers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. She announced a Tag Team turmoil match between them all for Sunday at Backlash.

– Daniel Bryan is in Paige’s office. She asks him if he’s sure he wants to use his title shot on Sunday. She says the match was already agreed for AJ Styles to face Shinsuke Nakamura and that can’t be changed, and there would be nothing stopping Bryan waiting until he could get a one-on-one opportunity. Bryan says he’s sure, and he’s looking forward to it on Sunday. Bobby Roode walks in and talks about how Bryan has been the feel-good story of the year so far with his return. Roode says that while he was wrestling all over the world, all anybody could talk about was Daniel Bryan and Yes-lemania. Roode says he wants to see for himself if Bryan is Glorious, and challenges him to a match later tonight, which Bryan accepts.

Storyline: – Becky Lynch and Bayley stop Peyton Royce interfering in the Charlotte vs Billie Kay match, and afterwards Charlotte hits Natural Selection on Royce in the ring.

– After Daniel Bryan defeats Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura runs into the ring and hits a Kinshasa on Bryan. SmackDown goes off the air with Nakamura standing over Bryan.


Backlash, 6th May

Roman Reigns Samoa Joe.jpg

Results: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin defeat The Usos by pinfall (Pre-show match)

Randy Orton defeats Jinder Mahal by pinfall to retain the United States Championship

Charlotte Flair defeats Carmella by submission to become the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Jeff Hardy defeats Bobby Roode by pinfall

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt defeat Cesaro & Sheamus by pinfall to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

Nia Jax defeats Alexa Bliss by pinfall to retain the Raw Women’s Championship

Sanity win Tag Team Turmoil to become the number one contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Champioinships

Seth Rollins defeats The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Championship

The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) defeat Becky Lynch & Bayley by pinfall

Roman Reigns defeats Samoa Joe by pinfall to retain the Universal Championship

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan to become the NEW WWE Champion

Storyline: – Bobby Roode issues an open challenge, which is answered by Jeff Hardy

– In Tag Team Turmoil, The Revival defeat Breezango, The New Day defeat The Revival (The Revival then attack New Day after the fall), Heath Slater & Rhyno defeat The New Day, Titus Worldwide defeat Heath Slater & Rhyno, Sanity defeat Titus Worldwide.

– Nakamura pins AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship triple threat match.

Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship

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