We picked the name “Plebs of Wrestling” because of the literal meaning of “pleb”:

one of the common people.

That is all we are. Just some normal people who don’t have any inside information, don’t have any significance in the wrestling community, and don’t have any influence. Because of that, there is really no reason to read our “Points of View” – but thankfully for us you have. This is a forum for anybody and everybody to discuss wrestling – most likely the WWE – without any form of rank or importance.

And let me introduce myself. I am Andrew, the creator of this blog. I have always had an affinity for writing, and was inspired to start a blog after reading others online. I am not expecting perfect articles from myself immediately, and would appreciate any and all feedback. I will try to provide new content for the site as much as possible, but I hope that you guys will accept that sometimes life just gets in the way.

Finally, if you are reading this, thank you. and as always feel free to give your own comments and feedback.


Our Categories

I just thought I would put in a small explanation of what each category means to me, as it might help you streamline what you will want to read from us.

Plebeian Point of View

These tend to be the bigger, opinion piece articles that quite a lot of time and effort has been put into. They will usually be the longer articles in which I express an opinion and try and convince you that it is at least fair and valid, even if I don’t convince you that it’s right.


These tend to be the shorter articles, where I might just put down whatever comes to mind. These articles can focus on a lot more than just one subject in each post, and can be anything from thoughts on news stories to fantasy booking. And I will fall to the urge of fantasy booking from time to time.


These are the articles where Matt and I will say what we think will happen in the upcoming WWE PPV. We run our own little prediction league, and you can track our progress in it by clicking the “Prediction League” link at the top of the blog.


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