This blog is for whatever wrestling-related thing happens to come to my weird mind. I’m Andrew, a reporter by trade who’s been blogging about wrestling now for six years. That doesn’t mean they were all good years. But now I kind of feel like I’ve gotten the hang of these long form articles, and I have a couple of regular features, and a couple less so,  that hopefully helps to satisfy your wrestling fix.


So I used to do full on predictions for every match on every PPV, but they got extremely time consuming to put together and there were a lot of matches I didn’t care enough about to write anything substantial. Instead, I thought it would be a better idea to pick one match out of every PPV, and later TakeOvers, to go really in depth on the build, the character development, the match expectations and possible fall out for. Occasionally I’ll look at more than one match (for example in 2018 I looked at both Royal Rumbles, and in 2017 I did one per day in the run up to Wrestlemania), but at the very least there will be a single preview.

Retro Spotlights

After doing those articles for a few years, I realised I could be making use of the WWE Network to do spotlights on historical things. Whether that was a superstar’s development, an individual match or a rivalry, I could take the same format as I did for the regular PPVs and apply it to that. Because these can be far more in depth in terms of what I need to prepare to write it, these are rarer, but I would happily take requests or ideas of what to look at.

Talking Points

As a UK resident, it’s quite impractical to watch Raw and SmackDown on a regular basis. But equally, there seems to be a lot of filler if you’re catching up. So every week, I compile the best/most noteworthy moments of Raw, SmackDown and NXT into one article, with clips where possible, to condense that catching up process into one, easy to read post. Depending on what time I have available to me, and where the show goes after the Mixed Match Challenge finishes, I may add 205 Live to this run down in the future.

WWE’s Brit(ish) Report

A weekly round up of all the UK and Irish involvement in WWE. In some ways these are similar to the Talking Points style posts, but instead of pinpointing the best segments of the week, it’s a focus on the Brits. Whether they’re in matches, cutting promos, on guest commentary, whatever. These articles are the place to keep up with everything on and off screen

Fantasy Booking

There are times we all think we can do a better job than WWE Creative, and I decided to put my money where my mouth was. I set out what was in store for the men’s division on both Raw and SmackDown last year, bringing them up to Wrestlemania 34. I set myself some parameters: I couldn’t just call up anyone at any time from NXT, I couldn’t just turn everyone face/heel immediately, I couldn’t change stories that were already in progress and that sort of thing. I detailed the matches each week, scripted promos, and other specific interactions to further stories. I loved putting it together so I will almost definitely revisit this concept, but because I book months ahead they can’t be regular columns.


The bread and butter, why does this superstar deserve better? What’s going on with that superstar? What isn’t clicking with a division? Anything and everything that comes to mind, if it doesn’t fall into any of the other categories, will likely end up here. The frequency of these posts tend to be related to my enthusiasm for the product, so if I’m watching a lot and liking what I see then I’ll likely be more motivated to write something about it. In other words, if I don’t write, that’s WWE’s fault…

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