WWE Fastlane Predictions 2015

So we’re a month or so from the granddaddy of them all, therefore it must be the annual filler PPV. For the record I am massively in favour of scrapping PPVs named after matches ie. Elimination chamber, TLC, HITC, as I think it restricts the creative possibilities of using these matches at other points of the year when they could have meaning in feuds.
This one is their newest offering, Fastlane. I don’t mind this card at all really as I always see it as the only PPV that will genuinely continue the longevity of big storylines that were started at the Rumble.
Feeling slightly more optimistic about this one so we’ll crack on. Once again though I’ll be sticking with the whole philosophy of putting as much effort into the writing as they have. Continue reading WWE Fastlane Predictions 2015

WWE TLC 2014 Predictions

After the highs of Survivor Series and the potential that it promised, here we are back to the usual rubbish that WWE seems to be so good at throwing at us. We have a couple of potential great matches in here however and I’m more interested in them being decent than any story at the moment. (Probably the way it should be anyway!!!)
So let’s get to the predictions

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

M. Looks like AJ is done with WWE and probably for the best. Nothing to to with her, cause she really has been the divas division for the last few years but why stay on a sinking ship?

Prediction: Winner and still champion – Nikki Bella

A. So it definitely looks like AJ is leaving. The rumours have gathered momentum, and her Slammy acceptance speech really felt like a farewell. And with the likes of Charlotte appearing on TV, they may be getting ready to replace AJ. How random was Brie Bella’s heel turn by the way? Anyways, no reason for a title change here.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champioin – Nikki Bella by pinfall

The New Day vs. Gold & Stardust

M. I just don’t get these guys yet. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Big E just doesn’t quite fit in this group? I can’t quite place why but it just looks odd. Anyway, they’ll win for sure. New group momentum and all that jazz.

Prediction: winners by pinfall – the new day.

A. So yeah, this is happening. Easy win for the new team to establish them.

Prediction: Winners – The New Day by pinfall

United States Champion Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

M. Again? Seriously? No one believes Swagger will win! WWE need to be careful here not to drop the heat with Rusev. He has appeal and people are invested in him as a strong heel so putting him against mid card faces constantly does him no favours. My dream at the moment would be for him to get back at the Rock for earlier in and build to a match at mania where he wins. But that isn’t likely!

Prediction: winner and still US Champion – Rusev via submission

A. Jesus, how often do we need to see Swagger lose to Rusev? The fodder is getting repetitive. Again, no reason for a title switch here, so Rusev to retain.

Prediction: Winner and STILL US Champion – Rusev by submission

Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler (Ladder Match)

M. This is one of my picks for match of the night. These 2 guys have fantastic chemistry in the ring and are 2 of the better performers on the roster. I don’t know what happens to Ziggler here though. He seems destined to lead the midcard forever. If he wins, he’s back to IC champ and doesn’t move but if he loses, he gets pegged back again and all the momentum built up over the last month goes with it. Maybe if he wins it here and then drops it to rusev at the rumble, that could be interesting as it would be seen as a step up for Ziggler, it gives a fresh opponent to rusev and makes the IC title a bit more unattainable, seeing as how it’s on rusev. I’m reaching here but I’m going with optimism rather then sense.

Prediction: winner and new IC champion – Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.

A. Ok, so here’s the thing. I absolutely believe this match could steal the show. But Ziggler doesn’t seem to be able to move past this level. He has been booked well in recent weeks, but I can’t look ahead to Wrestlemania with the same level of optimism, and I can’t see Harper losing the belt here. I worry that Ziggler will suffer from losing again, but at the same time there might not be much to gain from a win either. He’s in a really awkward position on the card. Maybe another run with a briefcase can finally get him to the next level.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Luke Harper

Erick Rowan vs. Big Show (Steel Stairs Match)

M. Stairs match? Eh? Ok I’ll let that slide but only because I’m really more upset about the way the Wyatt’s have been discarded! There was no story behind the break? Really? What a waste! I like the guys don’t get me wrong but they have no hype or image around them. Maybe they’re just going to build themselves, which is fair I suppose, but still! I suspect the big show will win here, however it could go either way.

Prediction: Winner via pinfall- Big Show

A. Um, what? What even is a stairs match? Jesus. I’ve been confused by the booking of Rowan, on one hand they’ve given him a small spotlight and are attempting to build up his character, on the other hand he isn’t being put into positions where he can look dominant. And this is another one of those. For some reason I can’t look past Big Show here. He’s just turned heel, and will probably have to face off with bigger names than Rowan soon just to give them someone other than Seth Rollins to work with, so he needs to win. It’s unfortunate for Rowan, but for me he’s in a no win situation here.

Prediction: Winner – Big Show by pinfall

The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. The Usos — WWE Tag Team Title Match

M. I don’t see Miz and mizdow losing here. They seem to be building to something, and the titles are a pivotal part of that. It won’t be a long match and probably not a good one, which is a shame considering the Uso’s are in it.

Prediction: Winners and still tag champs- Miz and Mizdow

A. Again I’m a bit conflicted here. Miz and Mizdow are seriously entertaining, and probably deserve a title reign. But at the same time a vignette for The Ascension aired during Smackdown, and if they’re debuting on the main roster soon they will win the titles. They also won’t be faces, which you would think means they will be squaring off against face champions. Maybe a multi-team match at Wrestlemania will be the ascension of… The Ascension. Which means Miz & Mizdow can keep the belts. For now.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Ryback vs. Kane (Chairs Match)

M. Can anyone say “yawn”!! Don’t care.

Prediction: winner – Ryback via pinfall

A. This really isn’t an exciting prospect, is it? I don’t expect this one to last long, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a lot of carnage. Kane is almost an enhancement guy at this stage, but because of his legacy will always be a credible threat. Still, Ryback for the win.

Prediction: Winner – Ryback by pinfall

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (Tables Match)

M. I have high hopes for this match. I’m hearing and Orton return could be on the cards so if that’s the case then I’m pretty sure Cena walks away victorious here. Not really much more to say on it though, it’s a Cena match so nothing is a lock.

Prediction: Winner – Cena

A. This could be a great match. We’ve seen before that these two have good chemistry, and I think the stipulation might help them here. If this was a normal one-on-one match, there would be no doubt that Cena would walk out victorious. As it is, I still think Cena will win, but having lost Tables Matches before (and at this event too) there is a bit more doubt. Have WWE had second thoughts about another Cena-Brock match? No. I highly doubt it.

Prediction: Winner – John Cena

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

M. This is the other candidate for match of the night. They have been lacklustre of late and their fued has lacked any bite,( as so many of them do nowadays) but they are both still capable of pulling out a performance. The fact that it’s a TLC match aswell, means there’s no excuse really. I’m plugging for Wyatt here, purely because ambrose has a feud to fall back on that he will win I.e. Rollins, and I don’t think Wyatt can afford to lose another big one.

Prediction: winner via pinfall – bray Wyatt.

A. I can’t make up my mind as to whether I like this feud or not. It does seem to have essentially the top billing though, which I think is a good thing. Here’s hoping they can tear the roof down, these two are both unorthodox enough to come up with things we’ve never seen before, especially in this kind of environment. Ambrose needs to win though. He hasn’t won on PPV since June 1st, which was when The Shield defeated Evolution at Payback. That’s right, Dean Ambrose hasn’t won on PPV since The Shield broke up. I think he desperately needs a win, so for that reason alone, I’m going for an unstable victory here.

Prediction: Winner – Dean Ambrose by pinfall

WWE Night of Champions Predictions 2014

M: Right here we go again. Night of Champions is back upon us and it’s looking like another mediocre card again. I don’t want to start in a negative fashion but I’m really struggling to find good things to say about the business nowadays. On that note, I’ll be putting in as much effort to my predictions as WWE creative have been putting into their writing and booking of the shows……..very little.

The big news is that Roman Reigns has been sidelined for a few months with a bad hernia which throws up a few uncertainties going forward but I think that may work in his favour as I just feel that he was in danger of getting stale and boring. (Not his fault!) So with that in mind, what happens to Rollins? Well the obvious thing is an Ambrose return, but will they have had enough time to develop a match between them or will they go with the all out brawl? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

In typical WWE fashion we have another PPV within 3 weeks of the last one. I seem to remember them doing this last year so at least they get points for consistency! There’s a general feeling that PPV’s will be gone after a while as the WWE network starts to take over. Not sure what that will look like but I’m all for it as, to be honest, things are getting stale.

Anyway let’s get this show on the road.

This actually promises to be a very promising show in terms of the matches and talent on show. For example, I’m actually looking forward to a divas match for the first time since………..well ever!

As per usual myself and Andy will be your guides on this journey so let’s get started.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

So here we go again for another year. After Andrew’s league win last year I’m determined to get some revenge this time out. I’m not bitter but just remember that I missed a PPV last year so that’s why he won!!!

Anyway……. To business. After a literally unbelievable Wrestlemania season, we start the road again at Extreme Rules. From my memory of this event, it’s usually a good show with a lot of the rivalries from Mania continuing on and new stories starting out. With that in mind, I’m thinking it could be a great spectacle. We have some good story progressions here with The Shield and Evolution plus Cena and the Wyatt’s. Both these matches should be great if they are given the time and of course the highlight of the night will undoubtedly be LANA!! XD

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road. Here are our predictions. Continue reading WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

TLC 2013 Predictions

Well it’s the last PPV of the year and I’m sure we’re all hoping that the WWE believe in saving the best for last. It’s been a slow year but we have to believe that they have used it to set up some great things going forward into 2014 and beyond. There’s a lot of excitement going in to this one off the back of a fantastic ending to raw. The trick now will be to keep that excitement going and actually follow through for once!!

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WWE Hell in the Cell predictions

Hi guys it’s Matt here. It’s the third PPV in what?……6 weeks?! Some might say that’s a bit too much and I would agree. Especially when you look at the quality of the last 2, which have been mediocre at best!

I’ve been hearing that they are going to stop the whole HITC as a PPV after this and are just going to use the match when a feud deserves it. Again I couldn’t agree more with this, and if they would just do the same with the TLC PPV, I’d be a happy chappy!

Anyway on to business. This does look like it could be a decent show, with some half decent matches and a “promise ” of a conclusion to the wwe championship saga on the card, we can’t really do any worse than Battleground……………..right?
Let’s get started as usual with the pre show then:

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Summerslam predictions

Hello again one and all!
It’s August and that can mean only one thing…………that’s right, the return of the Barclays Premier League! “COME ON UNITED”
Oh yeah, and it’s also the time of year where we get ready for the 2nd most explosive WWE PPV of the year!

This one is by far one of the most anticipated cards that myself and Andrew have been looking forward to and for good reason. Good match ups, really good build ups and probably the most exciting thing of all, the genuine feeling of ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.’ Something we haven’t really had in a long time. So without further ado, here’s the way Andrew and myself think this will go down:

Dean Ambrose (C) vs Rob Van Dam


This could be an excellent rivalry. The Shield’s promo on Raw was about how they are ushering in a new era, and what better way for them to go about it than by taking out the veterans in the company at the minute. RVD is a cult legend from the 90s, a prime example of the “old guard”. And Ambrose and RVD (when he gives a damn) can put on some excellent matches. Unfortunately the rumour is that this will descend into chaos leading to the 6-man-tag match we saw on Smackdown. So, my prediction here is going to e something that you’ve never seen from me before…

Prediction: No contest


The rumours all say that this will turn out to be a 6 man tag match in order to get the rest of the shield involved but most likely to get mark Henry involved in the card. And let’s face it, he does deserve to be on it. The downside is that it’s likely to make this whole scenario lead to a farcical brawl that the big show will dominate on his return to the ring and leave the shield running for their lives. I’m not looking forward to this as I think that it going to take it away from an excellent match between Ambrose and RVD. But as I have to officially predict, I’m going for…..

Result: Ambrose retains title via dq after the shield interfere. RVD, Henry and big show win the resultant 6 man tag

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MITB 2013 predictions

Hello folks, it’s mid July which can only mean one thing……..that’s right Money In The Bank!

This time it’s me Matt that will be your author as Andrew is away on some musical escapades at T in the park. Lucky sod.

Anyway let’s get cracking as we’ve got a big card to get through.

We’ll start with the first match on the kick off. Continue reading MITB 2013 predictions