Prediction League

This was the reason I started doing monthly predictions for PPVs. And now, it’s finally happening: a prediction league between me and my fellow contributor to the site Matt Mahoney. This page will feature the rules, and the latest standings. I doubt I’ll put each PPV’s results up, because that will take up quite a lot of space after a while. The season will run from Extreme Rules to Wrestlemania.


  • 1 point for predicting the winner of a match
  • 1 point for predicting the method of victory – eg. pin, submission, dq, count-out (bonus points may be awarded for predicting specific circumstances, however if wrongly predicted a point is deducted)
  • 1 point for predicting the loser in multi-man matches
  • 5 points for correctly predicting a Money In The Bank Winner
  • 1 point for correctly predicting a cash-in
  • 2 points deducted for wrongly predicting a cash-in
  • 5 points for predicting the Royal Rumble winner
  • Extra points for predicting the order of elimination in Elimination Chamber matches, if the sequence is right for every elimination a bonus point will be awarded for the winner

I realise “specific circumstances” is quite vague, but these points will be awarded/deducted after a discussion between me and Matt and hopefully it won’t be long before a precedent is set. Once it is I’ll put examples up here.

Final 2013-14 Standings

Matt: 100 points

Andrew: 117 points


Final 2014-15 Standings

Andrew: 116 points

Matt: 89 points


2015-16 Standings

Andrew: 0 points


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