News In Review: April 2014

Sorry for the radio silence guys, it’s been a busy month personally. And it’s coincided with quite a dramatic lack of news in the post-Mania wrestling world. Considering how eagerly everybody was clutching to any scrap of any information at the start of the month, it’s one hell of a drop off.

But that doesn’t mean that nothing happened at all – this was Wrestlemania month after all – so this is your monthly news in review column for the month of April 2014! If you haven’t seen this format before, it’s pretty simple to pick up. I divide the biggest news stories of the month into three categories: Inside The Ring, for things that we see in the WWE on our screens every week; Outside The Ring for the backstage gossip that isn’t really developed on TV; and finally In The Industry for any non-WWE related news stories. Let’s get to it! Continue reading News In Review: April 2014