The Misuse of Dean Ambrose

A big opportunity that I believe that WWE has failed to take advantage of is Dean Ambrose. Back when The Shield was together, in my opinion, Dean Ambrose was the natural heel and Roman Reigns was the face, thus leaving Seth Rollins in a state of limbo – and that’s pretty much how I liked The Shield.

Reigns was by far my favourite member and Ambrose was definitely my least favourite with Rollins ending up somewhere in the middle. However since the destruction of The Shield this has all rapidly changed. Rollins is by far my favourite member of the former stable (and you can’t blame me as he is both an incredible wrestler and an amazing heel) and Reigns has become my least favourite. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Reigns, I personally enjoy watching him, I just think that WWE are pushing him the wrong way and I believe that he doesn’t deserve the hate he is receiving because of it.


However this article is about the 3rd member of The Shield: Dean Ambrose. Continue reading The Misuse of Dean Ambrose