Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

A: Here we are, it’s the Survivor Series! There are a lot of big things apparently happening tonight, which should make this show one to remember. I feel like we’ve been very negative about the last couple of PPVs – and possibly with good reason. But this time round I’m optimistic more than anything. Maybe that’s because I think the product will pick up after tonight’s show, since it always gets better around Wrestlemania season, and Wrestlemania is definitely looming large on the horizon. So, let’s get right to the predictions!

M: And we arrive once again at the 2nd longest running WWE ppv in existence, that’s right, get ready for some elimination goodness as we venture into Survivor Series.

The WWE has been drastically disappointing of late and really hasn’t looked like getting any better really. Both myself and Andy have proclaimed our dismay at the state of affairs but are sticking with it in the ever optimistic hope that it will get better.

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