News in Review – March 2014

It’s the end of the month, so it’s about that time where I look back at the biggest stories in the world of wrestling during March. Hopefully you’re getting to grips with the format by now, but in case you haven’t seen this column before, I use three categories – “Inside The Ring” for what we see from the WWE on TV each week, “Outside The Ring”, for the backstage happenings/rumours in the WWE, and “In The Industry”, for everything else non-WWE related.

This month it very much felt like everything we saw on TV from the WWE was Wrestlemania focused – as you would expect – so there’s not actually that much in that category this time around. And I should probably also say that this was put together before the go-home Raw, since I’m in the UK and that Raw is in April for us Brits. But let’s get right into it! Continue reading News in Review – March 2014

News In Review: February 2014

It’s a new month again, and that can only mean one thing here at the Plebs of Wrestling – a nice, comprehensive round up of the biggest news stories from the last month! This feature debuted last month, and I’m keeping the same three categories to sort all the news items into Inside the Ring, Outside the Ring, and In the Industry. I think they’re all pretty self-explanatory, but if not you’ll get the idea soon enough. Anyway, by it’s very nature this is quite a big article, so let’s not waste any more time and get right into it! Continue reading News In Review: February 2014

January 2014 News: Month in Review

So this is the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature here. I am going to round up the biggest news stories/moments of the month, and put them all into a list. It will let me cover stories that I wouldn’t otherwise get round to covering, and it may be something to look back on with a bit of nostalgia. I’m going to post this on either the last day of the month, or the first day of the next, so that’s more regular content from the off!

I’ve split things up into three categories: Inside The Ring, Outside The Ring, and In The Industry. The first is what we see on WWE TV, the second covers behind the scenes in the WWE, and the last is anything outside of the WWE basically, in the wrestling industry. This will probably be quite a long article, so let’s get to it!

Continue reading January 2014 News: Month in Review

Plebeian Point Of View: Why WWE Should Buy TNA

A story that hit the headlines in the wrestling world recently was that of the potential takeover of TNA. I don’t think I’ve ever written about the number 2 wrestling company, but maybe I’ve mentioned them in passing. There were reported to be several parties interested in purchasing TNA from the Carter family, but despite assurances from Janice Carter that they were not interested in selling, the reports refused to go away. There was even specuation that discussions were at an advanced stage, or else they wouldn’t have come to light in the first place. Naturally, this news immediately led some to believe that it was only a matter of time before WWE stepped in and took over their “competition”, much like WCW and ECW over a decade ago. I think WWE – or perhaps to be more accurate, Vince McMahon – should do exactly that: buy out the competition, buy TNA. Here’s why… Continue reading Plebeian Point Of View: Why WWE Should Buy TNA